CS Interview: Jeff Bridges Talks Only Living Boy in New York

CS Interview: Jeff Bridges Talks Only Living Boy in New York

CS Interview: Jeff Bridges talks Only Living Boy in New York

ComingSoon.net had a chance to chat with Oscar-winning legend Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart, The Big Lebowski) about his new romantic comedy The Only Living Boy in New York, in which he plays an eccentric New Yorker. We also discussed his work in films like Tucker, Tideland, Starman and the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle, as well as a potential new sequel to The Last Picture Show!

Amazon and Roadside Attractions’ comedy/drama The Only Living Boy in New York also stars Callum Turner (Green Room), Kate Beckinsale (Underworld), Pierce Brosnan (Goldeneye), Cynthia Nixon (Sex in the City), and Kiersey Clemons (Dope). It follows a recent college graduate adrift in New York City who seeks the guidance of an eccentric neighbor as his life is upended by his father’s mistress.

Directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man, Gifted) from a screenplay by Allan Loeb (The Space Between UsJust Go with It), The Only Living Boy in New York is now playing in select theaters.

ComingSoon.net: You took an executive producer credit on “Only Living Boy in New York.” What did that entail besides your usual skills as an actor?

Jeff Bridges: I got to be in on the decisions of the shoot and the style of the film. And I got to put in my views, and put in my vote for [lead Callum Turner] who was wonderful for the part really. He did justice for the story beautifully, I can tell you that.

CS: What was something specifically that sparked for you when you saw his tape or his audition?

Bridges: His acting! It was very real.


CS: Yeah, for sure. And speaking of your character, W.F., I don’t want to spoil it for our readers because there is sort of a twist. How did you walk the line performance-wise so you didn’t tip the audience off?

Bridges: Well, you’ve seen the movie – and I love going to movies myself but I try to know as little as I can about movies that I want to see so I get to experience it fresh like the filmmaker intended. And that was how Mark [Webb, the director] and Allan [Loeb] the screenwriter did this. And there’s a wonderful device in the movie where you are wondering because my character is kind of mysterious. I love that the audience finds out that I’m [*redacted for spoilers*]. And so that satisfies the audience’s sense of mystery of who this guy is. That sort of put the kibosh on the surprise, but it is largely due to the fact that you think you discover the surprise.

CS: This movie is very much the kind of movie that Woody Allen and others used to do about Upper West Side, New York literati. Nowadays not only is that world sort of disappearing, but books in general seem to be disappearing as well. Do you think that is accurate?

Bridges: Yeah! It’s a sad thing that bookstores are disappearing. But it’s just inevitable that things change and nothing is permanent. It’s always changing, but you’re always nostalgic for the way it was. But when it changes there’s nothing we can do about that.

CS: Unfortunately not. One of the legendary bookstores still left in the city is The Argosy, which they show a lot of in this movie. Can you speak a little bit to your own relationship which books and maybe which authors had the biggest impact on you?

Bridges: Well the best part of going into bookstores is just being there for hours. Just looking around for books. And one of my favorite movies that I was in that did wonderful things for my career was “The Last Picture Show.” It was written by McMurtry, who was one of the best screenwriters as well writers of fiction and historical fiction. And it was such a wonderful book and I’m hoping that I get to continue the McMurtry saga of my character Duane. There are three more books in that series where “The Last Picture Show” was the first one.

CS: And then “Texasville.”

Bridges: “Texasville,” and then there’s two other books, so I’m hoping those work out.

CS: Are you actually in active development on that?

Bridges: Well, I wouldn’t say active development. I’m having dinner with Peter Bogdanovich tomorrow night so I’m sure we’ll talk about it, we always do. Maybe we can it get fired up. You know, it’s hard to get movies made! Our writer Allan [Loeb] was about to shift careers if this movie didn’t sell. And he had been trying to work with a director to sell the script for 10 years! So it is a tough road.


CS: I remember when this script was on the Black List and this was considered a hot property. I remember when he was considered a hot writer and now he’s a veteran, but, this movie was written when he was much younger, and that brings up an interesting point actually. You have been doing this for a bit; this is not your first rodeo, you have read a bunch of scripts. What do you think is the biggest difference between the writing of an old pro and the writing of a hungry young writer?

Bridges: I don’t think there really is much difference. They can both be open and fresh. For my tastes in all of the arts, the most advanced artists have a freshness where it seems like it’s happening for the first time. When it seems like it’s happening for the first time, you think Picasso or something like that with the big things that you haven’t heard of before. And great writers have that, or you can have “psychic” powers where you could touch what hasn’t been touched before. I don’t know, but if you look at directors who had some wonderful success, especially with first-time directors, I don’t think it gets much better than “Citizen Kane.” Like, how old was Orson Welles when he made that? 25? So it goes the same with arts and artists across the board, the freshness and things like Sidney Lumet’s movies. I got to work with him too, where his later movies were just as fresh as ever.

CS: So if you do get to do the third “Last Picture Show” movie, is the plan to bring everybody back with Tim Bottoms, Cybill Shepherd and Randy Quaid?

Bridges: Sure, if we’re still alive.

CS: Well that would certainly be awesome. I think that what was cool about “The Last Picture Show” is that even when Peter did that movie, it was more of an old-school type of movie. That was during the era of “Easy Rider” and all these other counterculture things and he was doing a kind of throwback.

Bridges: To me, that movie kind of sits by itself. I can kind of see that he had these other peers, but it was made in a time where these kinds of movies weren’t being made and it kind of sits by itself in its own funny way to me.

CS: Yeah and I think now we are entering an era where movies like “Only Living Boy” and “Last Picture Show” are only becoming rarer and rarer when there are less movies about people and more about guys in super suits.

Bridges: But yeah I think we’re going to see more of these types of movies being made – Amazon is a good thing and I think that they’re planning on making more low-budget movies and not ones with $ 300 million budgets. More low-budget movies, I think, are more enjoyable to see.

CS: Yeah, do you they think they would be a good fit for “Last Picture 3”?

Bridges: Yes, that would be wonderful. Have you read those other books?

CS: No, I haven’t.

Bridges: Cool, if you’re a fan of McMurtry, they’re really very terrific stories.

CS: He was one of the best for sure. One of my favorite movies of yours that I don’t really hear talked about much is “Tucker: The Man and His Dream.” The themes of “the innovator versus the forces of Industry” are so powerful and still horribly relevant.

Bridges: You don’t say.


CS: Can you talk a little bit about that movie and also about working with the late Martin Landau?

Bridges: Yeah gosh, I have such fond memories making that movie. My father also was working on that movie. We made a couple of films and it was one of the times I got to work with him as an adult so that was wonderful. And Francis [Ford Coppola], gosh, what working with him was like. What an amazing artist he is. He got me going on that movie. I can talk for hours about how innovative he was, what he did. Martin Landau and I became close with him on that film, he was such a wonderful actor and such a generous person. And Francis, one of the things he did for our relationship in the movie is he said, “How do you think you guys met?” We talked and created this story about how we met on the train, he was an old man and I bummed a cigarette off him, and we started up a conversation or whatever. And then Francis said, “Why don’t we start up an improv of that meeting right now.” And we were going on for about five or ten minutes and he set up chairs for us to use as the train. We did the improv and Francis said, “We won’t do it anymore, it will be just that one time, but now that’s in your brain I don’t have to make up how you did it. You’ve got that story actually in your brain, it really happened.” And that’s an example of what Francis did which brought us a little bit closer together. You know, playing our parts getting to know each other better.

CS: What is interesting for me about that movie is that Martin had been in the weeds career-wise for awhile and that movie very much brought him back. After that he did “Crimes and Misdemeanors,” “Ed Wood” got an Oscar, all that good stuff. You think he knew that that part was a turning point for him?

Bridges: Yes, I think he did know.

CS: I also want to talk to you about a film of yours that I don’t think gets enough ink, which is “Tideland.” That’s a doozy that movie. I’m a huge Terry Gilliam fan and I loved the book the movie was based on, but I think it is a challenging movie for even some of the more hardcore Gilliam people. Are you a fan of that film?

Bridges: I am, it’s probably the weirdest movie I ever got involved with. I must say it’s also the weirdest one of Terry’s, I would think.

CS: Which is saying something.

Bridges: It was so bizarre, but I had a ball doing it. And Terry is a huge master of sublimity. He’s been working on that “Quixote” movie for God knows how many years.

CS: I remember when you narrated the documentary.

Bridges: You are right about that!

CS: But “Tideland” definitely has some people who are passionate about it like me. What do you think made audiences react so violently to it when it came out come?

Bridges: Well, there is this little girl who starts shooting up her dad… starts shoving doll hairs up her father’s carcass. (laughs)

CS: It was a little too much for people, but I love you in it and I love that movie.

Bridges: It was also where I got to sing a song by my friend in the opening scene, and it always puts a smile on my face.

Jeff Bridges i Kingsman- The Golden Circle

CS: I was also lucky enough to get to see the first 30 minutes of “Kingsman: Golden Circle.” It’s very wild stuff, but I think I did not actually get to see any part of your scenes with the Statesman. I was curious, what excited you about doing that project?

Bridges: Well I was a big fan of the first one. It was the best spy-genre-James-Bond-type film that I’ve ever seen. It was executed so brilliantly by Matthew Vaughn, and they do all the special effects now and used them in a really brilliant way like the first one. And when I got invited to be a part of this one — which they never really like to call it a sequel, they always want to call it an extension of the first story — I said “Okay, let’s go.” And I play the head of an organization called the Statesman, which is the American version of the Kingsman.

CS: Yeah, you are with Channing Tatum and all that. It was just interesting to me that you chose that because outside of “TRON” and I guess “Texasville,” I don’t really see you as a big franchise guy. Was it something that you tried to avoid in your career?

Bridges: No, no, I mean, I was in the first “Iron Man” which was a franchise.

CS: True.

Bridges: Also, doing the “TRON” movie was big, but I am game for all of the different formats, you know. I guess I’ll probably do virtual reality when it comes up. The question is if theaters will be taken away soon, will we all be watching movies on our iPhones?


CS: If you were to go over your entire filmography and make a sequel to any one of the movies you’ve done, which one would you want to revisit the most?

Bridges: I was kind of surprised that they never did one for “Starman” because it was all set up for one. Karen Allen is pregnant with the “Star Baby” and there’s a silver ball with the kid. Whenever I see Karen, we always jam about different ideas for a sequel.

CS: Like where did her character go? Where is her kid?

Bridges: I heard that there were talks for making a remake, but I still think that they should have made a sequel and stuff.

CS: That movie was always fascinating, because I am a big John Carpenter fan, and that was one of the only movies he got to make that really showed his breadth, that he wasn’t just a horror filmmaker.

Bridges: Yeah, I think so too.

CS: He had this really great facility with comedy – it was rather Howard Hawksian in that way with the romance there. Do you have any other memories of working with him?

Bridges: Yeah, he was terrific. I remember, I always had these ideas, and I would come up to him with my ideas and then he would look at me sometimes with an implacable expression on his face and he would say, “Yeah, but what do you know?” (laughs)

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Everything that’s totally wrong with that New York Times Brexit tour


Americans have developed a real obsession with Brexit, at least since they started seeing Nigel Farage popping up everywhere

Interest is so high that the New York Times (!) is now ‘offering’ an elite “Brexit means Brexit!” (sic) tour at the modest, totally affordable cost of $ 5,995 (with a deposit of $ 500). 

The six-day, five-night London tour is part of its “Times Journeys” travel service and it ‘offers’ guests the opportunity “to discuss Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the financial, legal and social implications for Britain, Europe and the world,” accompanied by the Times’ London bureau chief Steve Erlanger. Read more…

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Fate of the Furious Featurette Takes to the Streets of New York City

Fate of the Furious Featurette Takes to the Streets of New York City

Fate of the Furious Featurette takes to the streets of New York City

Universal Pictures has released a new The Fate of the Furious featurette, showing off the production’s brief time on the streets of New York City. Check it out in the player below and tune in here tomorrow for the live stream from the Red Carpet Premiere of the film!

On the heels of 2015’s Furious 7, one of the fastest movies to reach $ 1 billion worldwide in box-office history and the sixth-biggest global title of all time, comes the newest chapter in one of the most popular and enduring motion-picture serials of all time: The Fate of the Furious.

Now that Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and Brian and Mia have retired from the game—and the rest of the crew has been exonerated—the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman (Oscar winner Charlize Theron) seduces Dom into the world of crime he can’t seem to escape and a betrayal of those closest to him, they will face trials that will test them as never before.

From the shores of Cuba and the streets of New York City to the icy plains off the arctic Barents Sea, our elite force will crisscross the globe to stop an anarchist from unleashing chaos on the world’s stage…and to bring home the man who made them a family.

Directed by F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) the film reunites Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Elsa Pataky, Kurt Russell, Scott Eastwood, Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren.

The Fate of the Furious hits theaters on April 14, 2017.

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Theme Park Bits: ‘Race Through New York’ Opens, Disney Pandora Invites, and Weird New Patents

race through new york

In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • Watch Jimmy Fallon tour the new Race Through New York ride at Universal Studios.
  • And also watch Fallon “crash” the line for the new ride.
  • A new video explores how Disney Imagineers worked with James Cameron on Pandora: The World of Avatar.
  • Nifty packages have gone out to invite people to visit Pandora.
  • Both Disney and Universal have filed some very intriguing patents.
  • And more!

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon has officially opened at Universal Studios Florida and cameras were on hand for Fallon’s first trip through the finished attraction. While early reactions to the ride have been mixed, one thing is certain: that is one impressively designed queue. And it’s more than just an aesthetically interesting experience. There’s no regular line for this ride. Instead, there’s a “virtual queue” where riders can lounge around the open space and explore, waiting for their time to ride. It’s essentially an evolution on the Fastpass/Express system that has become more common in theme parks in recent years.

And while we’re still on the subject of this queue line, Fallon himself showed up to provide live entertainment to the guests waiting.

Disney has released a new video on Pandora: The World of Avatar focusing on how the Disney Imagineers collaborated with director James Cameron and the rest of the Avatar filmmaking team to bring the new land to life. Not featured: all of the screaming and yelling and crying that goes into any endeavor of this size.

Select members of the press were sent nifty video invitations to visit Walt Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar. Richard Bilbao shared the details on Twitter, offering a look at the packaging and the video itself. With the land officially opening next month, we will soon be seeing a whole lot more.

Legendary Disney Imagineer George McGinnis has passed away at the age of 87. The last Imagineer personally hired by Walt Disney, McGinnis was with WDI for decades, designing Epcot’s great Horizons and working on both versions of Space Mountain. Disney And More has published an in-depth obituary, should you want to know more (and you do want to know more).


Disney has filed a patent for “soft body robots” to interact with guests in their parks. In other words, it sounds like the company is looking to upgrade the entire “people in suits take pictures with your children” thing. Yes, this does sound like Westworld. Anyway, the patent is “designed for reducing collision impacts during human interaction” and states that “Robots can be found providing interactive guidance or entertainment in stores and amusement parks and in more dynamic settings.” While they don’t come and say it, the intentions here are obvious: Disney wants a Baymax character in their parks and they want a literal robot for the job.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! has proven controversial amongst hardcore Disney theme park aficionados, but it already has one fan: Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who sang its praises on Twitter while sharing some new art.

A new stage adaptation of Beauty and the Beast is coming to Disney cruise lines. For a behind-the-scenes look at how the show is coming together, you can check out the video above.

universal patent

Universal Studios has filed a patent for ride technology involving a moving vehicle, a tunnel, and a new projector system. As is always the case with stories like this, it’s not clear if this is something Universal is actually pursuing or something they’re patenting just in case. However, they do have two major vehicle-themed rides in development: Fast and Furious: Supercharged and the Mario Kart ride coming to their upcoming Nintendo land.

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New York City just took a major step toward equal pay


The day after Equal Pay Day, New York City took a major step toward salary equity. 

The New York City Council passed a bill on Wednesday that makes it illegal for employers to ask for potential employees’ salary histories — a milestone in the fight for equal pay. 

The legislation, proposed to the city council by the New York City public advocate’s office in August, prevents employers from asking candidates about their past salaries during job interviews. That’s important, because revealing past salaries can perpetuate the cycle of lower pay for women and underrepresented minorities as they move from job to job.  Read more…

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No vacancy — why New York City is still a big problem for Airbnb


When Airbnb was just two years old, it made a choice to ask for forgiveness from New York, not permission

Back then, the home-rental site had barely raised its first round of funding. Just a year had passed since its founders handed out flyers for Airbedandbreakfast.com at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. 

It was 2010 and the sharing economy was about to take off. At the same time, the housing crisis continued to grow in America’s most expensive cities. In one of them, lawmakers would attempt to quell the crisis with a bill cracking down on unethical landlords

That law, in a few short years, would become the primary tool that the city of New York and the hotel industry used to fight the $ 30-billion company encroaching on their territory Read more…

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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ might be filming in New York in May

According to various reports, Avengers: Infinity War might be filming in New York City beginning May 19. Filming on the movie started at Pinewoods Studios in Atlanta back in January, and is currently taking place on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland where fans got a sneak peek at Vision (Paul Bettany) last week. The shoot is expected to continue through the fall at various locations on both sides of the pond and a recent casting call suggests a portion of that time will be spent in NYC. Though it wouldn’t be surprising if Avengers: Infinity War filmed in NYC, since many of the other Marvel films have too, it should be noted that the originating casting call lists Central Casting as the extras casting company but Central has not posted anything about the project on Facebook, Casting Network, Twitter, their website or their casting hotline. So, for now, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more info to confirm the news. If you have any scoop about Avengers filming in NYC, let us know about it at olv@onlocationvacations.com, too!

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Robert Rodriguez Frontrunner to Direct Escape From New York Remake

Robert Rodriguez Frontrunner to Direct Escape From New York Remake

Robert Rodriguez frontrunner to direct Escape From New York remake

Robert Rodriguez (Sin CityMachete) is now the frontrunner to direct the upcoming Escape From New York remake, according to The Tracking Board. There is no finished deal yet, but Rodriguez is reportedly interested. John Carpenter, who was the director on the original 1981 film, will serve as an executive producer, and The Picture Company’s Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman will produce.

The script for the Escape From New York remake is from Luthor creator Neil Cross. The story will follow, “Col. Robert “Snake” Plissken during an 11-hour mission to find the villainous heir to an agrochemical and biotech corporation as a major hurricane approaches.”

Set in a dystopic future (1997 to be exact), the 1981 original stars Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, an eyed-patched convict sent into a maximum security prison (formerly the island of Manhattan) to rescue the President. Carpenter directed his own sequel to the original, Escape From L.A., in 1996, although that film is decidedly less-beloved by fans of the original. Production on the remake is slated to start later this year.

Rodriguez not only directs, but has worked as a producer, writer, composer, cinematographer and film editor. He’s known for his directing work on DesperadoFrom Dusk Till Dawn, the Spy Kids series, Once Upon a Time in MexicoMachete, the Sin City films and more. He is directing Alita: Battle Angel, which is based on Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita manga. The film is set to be released on July 20, 2018, and is produced by James Cameron.

Are you guys excited for the Escape From New York remake? How do you feel about Robert Rodriguez taking the helm on the film? Are you dying to have a Kurt Russell cameo? Who should play Snake Plissken? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @ComingSoonnet!

(Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

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‘Escape From New York’ Remake Sets Its Sights on Robert Rodriguez

Escape from New York Remake

Remaking Escape From New York is a bad idea and everyone involved in doing so should be ashamed of themselves.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the news. It seems that Robert Rodriguez is the latest director to find himself at the helm of a new version of John Carpenter‘s dystopian action masterpiece. He’s one in a long line of filmmakers to take a crack at this, so anything can happen. However, there’s something else to gleam from this…

This story was broke by Jeff Sneider over at The Tracking Board, who has a strong record with scoops like this. He reports that Rodriguez is the current frontrunner for the gig, which means that no dotted lines have been signed yet. So while many things could still happen, I’d wager that the Sin City and From Dusk Til Dawn director is, at the very least, near the top of 20th Century Fox’s list.

Carpenter’s 1981 classic starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, a criminal recruited to break into the massive prison once known as Manhattan and rescue the president of the United States, who is being held captive there. It’s an effortlessly cool and weird little movie that coasts on a unique attitude that is all its own. It’s the kind of effortlessly badass movie that achieves total badassery by never trying to hard to be badass. You can’t fake that. Trying to recapture that energy feels impossible. Foolhardy, even.

So maybe that’s why this new movie is going the prequel route, following Snake back when he was Colonel Robert “Snake” Plissken on a mission to bring in a wealthy heir with a shady past just as a massive hurricane is about to slam into New York City. Presumably, the events of this film will explain why Manhattan is a walled-off wasteland in the original movie while also explaining why Snake’s military career comes to an end. Hell, we’re probably going to learn the source of that eyepatch as well, because everything must be explained. And then, everyone will be free to actually remake the original plot with the new cast because that’s how things roll now.

The current screenplay is by Luther creator Neil Cross, but this project has been in the works for literally a decade. Len Wiseman was going to make it 10 years ago, and then Brett Ratner wanted to tackle it with Gerard Butler, who was riding the 300 wave at the time.  A few years after that, it was Breck Eisner.

I have mixed feelings on Rodriguez, a director who has made his fair share of entertaining movies and his fair share of junk. Still, it’s easy to root for the guy and hope he can back into the groove that resulted in fun movies like Desperado and Planet Terror. No one should remake Escape From New York, but if it means Rodriguez finding his feet again…

Anyway, here’s something to consider about this. If Rodriguez is 20th Century Fox’s first choice for this remake, what does that say about Alita: Battle Angel, the James Cameron-produced science fiction movie he’s currently finishing for them? That’s surely a sign of confidence, that the studio likes what they see and want to stay in the Robert Rodriguez business. In other words: what if Robert Rodriguez has already achieved his comeback and we haven’t even seen it yet? Would that change any minds about him making a new Escape From New York?

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