Why Movies Anywhere Might Be the Streaming Solution We’ve Been Waiting For

Finally, all of your movies in one place.

Back in the day, it was a point of pride for many of us to display our racks upon racks of DVD cases at home for every visitor to see. People damn near defined themselves by their collections: were you a rom-com person, a kung fu afficianado, an Italian neorealism buff? Were you the type to alphabetize or organize cases by color? I’d venture to bet that some new relationships were made or broken based on a quick perusal of a potential paramour’s DVD fare.

With the advent of streaming, DVD shelves disappeared. While creating a lot less waste and providing a much bigger selection at our fingertips, streaming also brought about the hassle of having to remember where the heck we purchased each film, and switching services and possibly even devices to watch them. No more walking over to the shelf and grabbing the case you wanted, which could be found exactly where you left it. A new service called Movies Anywhere aims to change that, claiming to let you “seamlessly store your favorite movies in one place so you can watch them when and where you want.”

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Microwave what?! Research suggests we’ve been drinking tea all wrong


Here’s something that might make you spit out your tea.

According to food scientist Dr Quan Vuong, from the University of Newcastle in Australia, microwaving your cup of tea is the key to getting more health benefits from the beverage. 

He’s done years of research on the matter, but still, people aren’t taking it well.

“Microwaving is one of the advanced technologies to get more bioactive compounds from the products,” he told ABC News

According to Dr Vuong, the best tasting and most effective method of microwaving your tea is putting hot water in the cup with a teabag, then heating it in the microwave for 30 seconds on half power, and finally letting it sit for a minute. Read more…

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We’ve had enough of these freeloading lottery winners

The American Health Care Act is only 122 pages long. It’s so short that White House spokesman Sean Spicer gave us yet another meme when he compared two stacks of paper to show how lean it was.

Clearly, this is a tight and focused document. No cruft, no useless bureaucratic nonsense.

Except for the six pages about lottery winners and whether they are eligible for Medicaid.

No, really. You can download the full thing and check it out for yourself.

This bill is bad news for nearly everyone but the very rich. So why does the lottery winner section bother me so much?

I think it’s because it so clearly shows the Republican animus towards the poor. It’s another chapter in the fiction of “makers versus takers” and “welfare queens.”

I’m certainly no fan of lotteries. I think they’re a way of shifting state expenses onto citizens who can least afford to pay for them.

But targeting lottery winners for special scrutiny is ridiculous scapegoating. It’s ginning up a problem that seems easy to solve, rather than actually addressing health care in America.


Attention Lorne Michaels: We’ve got a taker to play Betsy DeVos on ‘SNL’



Christine Baranski wants in on the Saturday Night Live political sketches.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, The Good Wife star said she was game to tackle the role of Betsy DeVos, the controversial Secretary of Education, on the NBC show.

“It would seem somewhat logical—we have that strong jawline, don’t we?” she told the publication. “I can play people with whom I drastically disagree. The [SNL] sketches have been unbelievable all through the election, and the post-election. So yeah, we could have a revolving door of people playing the cabinet members and all.”

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It’s Spooky How Long Since We’ve Posted Our Last Video

Many a hallowed eve has past since we last posted a video (well several moons no doubt) so we thought it might be time to dig up a corpses from our past.

If you need some time to kill inbetween the Trick-r-Treaters check out some of our explorations into the world of whore horror: The History of Horror, The Psychology of Scary Movies and The Cinematic History of Fake Blood.

Happy Halloween!!!

As a quick note – yes we are making new videos that will be released when we completely rehaul the site. It’s a million bits and pieces to get working together to do what we want it to do and yes, it’s taking longer than planned. But we haven’t gone anywhere  – the best is yet to come ;)