Keep Watching Trailer and Poster for the Horror Thriller

Keep Watching Trailer and Poster for the Horror Thriller

Keep Watching trailer and poster for the horror thriller

Sony Pictures, Screen Gems and Voltage Pictures have released the new trailer and poster for the horror thriller Keep Watching, which will debut in theaters for one night only this Halloween, October 31 at 10pm! Check out the Keep Watching trailer below, along with the poster in the gallery!

A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game. As the night unfolds, the game’s mysterious rules become clear, and the family realizes their nightmare is being streamed live to riveted viewers all over the world, who are compelled to KEEP WATCHING…not knowing if what they’re seeing is real, or staged.

The film stars Bella Thorne (The DUFF), Natalie Martinez (End of Watch), Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead), Leigh Whannell (Insidious) and Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four).

Directed by Sean Carter from a screenplay by Joseph Dembner, Keep Watching is produced by Alex Heineman, Andrew Rona, Nicolas Chartier and Craig J. Flores.

What do you think of the Keep Watching trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Watching Excellent Films on the Lido at My First Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival

My goodness, this is a beautiful place. I am currently in Venice attending the Venice Film Festival, aka Venezia 74, for my very first time. After nine years in a row attending the Telluride Film Festival, I decided to switch things up and head down to Venice. Honestly, the main reason is that I could not afford the cost of going to Telluride. Now that I live in Berlin, the total cost of flying back, staying in the city, and buying a badge was just too much. As crazy as it sounds, flying down to Venice and attending this festival is actually cheaper. Telluride and Venice both take place at the same time, and they both play many of the same films. But they take place on opposite sides of the world so I had to choose one or the other. But it doesn’t matter, you can watch great movies anywhere around the world and I’m lucky to be able to enjoy this lovely festival. ›››

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The Surprising Things You Can Learn By Watching Films Upside Down

It was one of those nights where try as you might, you couldn’t keep yourself off the floor. Using some awkward gymnastics, I managed to drape myself over a sofa arm and found myself looking at the television with my chin skywards. Goodfellas was on, and watching the film upside down lead to a whole […]

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Pure joy is watching Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers watch ‘Game of Thrones’ together


You probably already know about Leslie Jones’ love for live-tweeting Game of Thrones, and how incredibly entertaining it is.

Now the next best thing, Game of Jones, is back. It features Seth Meyers and Jones watching the show together — in this case, episode 4 of Season 7.

What’s more, there’s a special guest who joins them. Please, let them do this for every episode until GoT finishes. Read more…

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Kill Or Be Killed – First Trailer for Voyeur Horror Film ‘Keep Watching’

Keep Watching Trailer

“They want us to fight back!” Voltage Pictures has released an official trailer for a horror film called Keep Watching, a creepy voyeur thriller about a family imprisoned by intruders. The concept of this one is a bit uncomfortable, but that’s what makes it horror, right? A bunch of cameras are rigged up in a house where a family is tormented, while live viewers can watch as they’re killed off. But they don’t know if what they’re watching is real or staged, they’re just told to “keep watching”. (Cue eye roll now.) The cast includes Bella Thorne, Natalie Martinez, Christopher Baker, Ioan Gruffudd, and Chandler Riggs. This looks a bit too bland and uninteresting, despite the freaky concept. And I’m guessing no studio wants to deal with the backlash of releasing a movie about watching people die, but it is finished and just waiting for a release. ›››

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Win a Trip for 2 to the Golden Globes By Watching Short Films

Vote for your favorite in the Moët Moment Film Festival and get entered to win two seats at the next Golden Globes.

A couple months ago, we let you in on Moët Moment Film Festival’s 60-second film contest on the theme of “This is Your Moment.” Now, even if you didn’t enter a film, you still have a chance to win. Anyone over 21 who votes for a top ten film during the online voting period will be entered to win a trip for two with Moët to the 2018 Golden Globes. Even better? As the films are only 60 seconds, you can watch all of them in only ten minutes, and you can cast a new vote (which gets you a new entry) every single day until voting ends on April 12.

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No Film School

Watching this robot print and burn Donald Trump’s tweets is oddly satisfying


Do you burn with rage every time you read a tweet from Donald Trump?

Then we have the machine for you. 

It automatically prints out the president’s tweets, grabs them with a robotic arm, burns them with a lighter, and then deposits the remains in an ash tray. The videos are then posted to the “Burned Your Tweet” account on Twitter. 

Here Trump tries to deflect attention away from his administration’s ties to Russia. Sorry Donald, but that tweet is going up in flames. 

Oddly satisfying.

Let’s watch it burn some more tweets, shall we? This one’s for the “failing” New York Times, which, ironically enough, added a ton of digital subscribers after Trump became president.  Read more…

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Dance on top of the (very high) Sydney Harbour Bridge like no one’s watching


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a popular spot to climb for your average tourist, but celebrities love it too.

Zoolander has been up there. So has Oprah. Even the musical genius behind “Sandstorm,” Darude, has graced the Australian bridge’s great heights.

But now you can embarrass yourself and scare the crap out of yourself at the same time, by busting a move on a light-up dance floor installed on top of it. 

It’s called “Dance Floor in the Sky” and across May and June (as part of the city’s Vivid Festival), it’ll offer locals and tourists alike a chance to pull a Saturday Night Fever on a frighteningly-small looking patch of d-floor.  Read more…

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‘Broadchurch’ is the best British crime show you’re not watching


If you like your crime shows bleak, British and full of David Tennant snapping grumpily at people, then you need to start watching Broadchurch.

The ITV drama — which was insanely popular in Britain when the first season was broadcast back in 2013 — has just gotten stuck into its third season. At the time of writing, we’re three episodes in.

Every time a new season of Broadchurch starts, I become achingly obsessed with it. The characters are great, the acting is flawless, and there’s always a messy central mystery that keeps you guessing until the very last minute. Read more…

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It’s Saturday night and 75,000 people are watching the giraffe livestream


Let’s get this out of the way first. No, April the giraffe hasn’t given birth to her calf yet. 

However, more than 75,000 people have nothing better to do at 7:00pm on Saturday than wait around and watch, just in case. 

Image: animal adventure park/youtube

We’re not sure whether this moves us to hope or despair for the state of the world. Either way, it’d really be great if April’s bundle of joy got this party started.  Read more…

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