Jessica Jones wasn’t supposed to be in ‘The Punisher’, but showrunner wanted her


Some may have been surprised when Marvel character Jessica Jones was announced to be part of the upcoming Netflix series The Punisher.

Showrunner Steve Lightfoot revealed that Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, wasn’t initially planned to cross over into the series, but he requested to write her in, because of the chemistry between the two characters.

“I asked to have her, because Jessica and Frank [Castle] are so great,” he said, during a visit to Singapore.

Referring to titular character The Punisher, a.k.a. Frank Castle, Lightfoot said, “Frank is a closed-off military guy, and this is a woman he treats like an equal more than anyone else.” Read more…

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Spec Scripts

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How This SXSW Short Film Director Learned to Get What She Wanted on Set

Laurel Parmet’s SXSW short ‘Spring’ is an intimate look at one defining afternoon in a teenage girl’s life.

When it comes to short filmmaking, the adage “less is more” is never more relevant. Even if your idea is grandiose, it’s imperative to keep your scope small. It’s films that heed this directive—just a few actors, one or two locations, scripts spanning a short window of time—that have the best chance at success on the festival circuit.

Laurel Parmet got the memo. The NYU grad student’s short film, Spring, premiering at SXSW this week, takes place over the course of one afternoon, in one location, starring just two actresses. As a result, we spend just enough time with the main character to get a glimpse into an important turning point in her internal life—and we’re left wanting more. While taking salacious pictures for her friend’s modeling portfolio, teenage Amanda realizes she harbors some confusing feelings. Is it lust? Envy? A passing fancy?

Read More

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Trivia: Michael Jackson Wanted to Play Professor X in ‘X-Men’, and He Wasn’t the Only Pop Star to Audition

Michael Jackson Auditioned for X-Men

The X-Men franchise began back in 2000, and since it was the first time the Marvel Comics property was being brought to the big screen, there was a lot of buzz about who should be cast in the various mutant roles of the titular superhero team. For example, Viggo Mortensen revealed not too long ago that he turned down the role of Wolverine due to a commitment he had to another project. While we’ll always wonder how awesome that would have been, we couldn’t be happier that Australian actor Hugh Jackman ended up being launched into stardom by taking the role that he would go on to play for 17 years.

Beyond that though, you might be surprise to hear that there were some mind-blowing contenders who came in to read for various roles in the first X-Men movie. Believe it or not, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, came in to audition for Professor X. And he wasn’t the only chart-topping singer looking to play one of the Marvel mutants.

Learn about how Michael Jackson auditioned for X-Men and other surprising contenders after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter recently talked to former X-Men franchise writer David Hayter, who was there at the beginning of 20th Century Fox’s development of the first film. While talking about the creative process for the first movie, Hayter revealed some surprising names who were brought in to audition for roles, and a couple stars who they wanted for roles, but ended up unaffordable at the time.

On the pop star front, Hayter revealed that Michael Jackson came in to audition because he wanted to play Professor X. Meanwhile, his sister Janet Jackson was brought in to audition for Storm. And she wasn’t the only singer trying to land the role, because Mariah Carey was looking to spark her acting career as the weather-controlling mutant as well. In addition, Glenn Danzig, the founder of rock bands such as Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig, came in to audition for Wolverine.

Thankfully, chart-topping singers weren’t the only talents being sought to play mutants. There were professional athletes too! Shaquille O’Neal, who had already played the superhero known as Steel, once read for a role. One would think he might make for an interesting alternate choice to play Colossus, for obvious reasons. Instead, he was interested in playing Bishop, a charater who wouldn’t appear in an X-Men movie until X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014 when he was played by Omar Sy.

Other notable candidates included Terence Stamp for Professor X, who would have made an interesting mutant leader. There was once a chance of ending up with Angela Bassett as Storm, but her agents wanted more money than 20th Century Fox could afford at the time. They ran into the same issue when they wanted She’s All That star Rachael Leigh Cook to play Rogue.

In the end, I think all of the casting for X-Men worked out for the best, with the exception of Tyler Mane as Sabretooth and Ray Park as Toad, neither of whom brought anything except a physical presence to the table. At the very least, I’m glad most of the aforementioned names didn’t end up with the roles they auditioned for. That might have doomed the X-Men franchise from the beginning, and who knows which movie would have been the one to launch the comic book movie craze after that.

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Wanted: Scene-By-Scene Script Breakdowns

Earn some creative juju by adding to our growing online resource.

I am looking for volunteers to read a script and provide a scene-by-scene breakdown for it to be used as part of our weekly series. What do you get out from it? Beyond your name being noted here, my personal thanks, and some creative juju sent your way, hopefully you will learn something about story structure and develop another skill set which is super helpful in learning and practicing the craft.

The latest volunteers:

A Monster Calls / Andrew Turner

Anthropoid / Marija Nielsen

Arrival / Ashish Chand

Captain Fantastic / Despina Karintis

Denial / Gina Gomez

Eye in the Skye / Abhinav Tiwari and Bruce Gordon

Fences / Matt Cowley

The Founder / Eric Rodriguez

Hail, Caesar! / Brianne VanTuyle

Hell or High Water / Andrew Lightfoot

The Invitation / Joni Trumpold Brainerd

Jackie / Karen Dantas

Kubo and the Two Strings / Nikki Syreeta

Loving / Liz Correal

Maggie’s Plan / Monique Mata

Manchester by the Sea / Ashley Lara

Miles Ahead / Alecia Hodges

Moonlight / Ryan Canty

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 / Nikki Leydecker

The Secret Life of Pets / Paul Huffman

Victor Frankenstein / Lisa Gomez

Zootopia / Will King

Italics = Turned in scene-by-scene breakdown

Bold = Have used scene-by-scene breakdown in week-long analysis

And check this out: La La Land is now available for download! Go here to see it and the 47 total screenplays made available by movie studios and production companies.

Who wants to break down La La Land? I’d love to do a script read and analysis of this movie starting on February 20th.

Now is YOUR chance to contribute to this most worthy cause and provide an additional resource for the online screenwriting community.

And if you’ve volunteered (see list above), the sooner you send me your breakdown, the sooner we can dig into some more script analysis.

Thanks, everyone!

To see the 45 movie script scene-by-scene breakdowns, go here.

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6 other times Tom Brady just wanted to talk about the game


It’s a great week for football fans. The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday and it should be an electric game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. 

New England quarterback Tom Brady is nothing but focused on the game, refusing to talk about anything else when questioned by reporters.

Tom Brady’s not talking politics before the Super

— SB Nation (@SBNation) January 31, 2017

When Brady was asked about his alleged ties to Trump, he said he didn’t want to talk politics.

“I just want to focus on the positive aspects of this game, my teammates and the reason why we are here,” he said. “It has taken a lot of hard work to get to this point. I just want to focus on the positive nature of two great teams competing at this level.” Read more…

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Vladimir Putin wanted a President Trump


A report from United States intelligence agencies released on Friday says Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump to become president. But the public release doesn’t do much to show exactly how the intelligence community came to that conclusion. 

For what it’s worth, the report’s writers acknowledge this up front. 

“…while the conclusions in the report are all reflected in the classified assessment, the declassified report does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods,” it says.  Read more…

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