Watch: This Is What ‘La La Land’ Would Look Like as an 8-Bit Video Game

The 8-bit video game version of “La La Land” might be the cutest animated remake of a Oscar-nominated musical you see today.

Damien Chazelle’s La La Land has already garnered so much attention from fans and critics, especially in the final leg of awards season. We’ve seen everything from exclusive behind-the-scenes content to Jimmy Fallon’s homage at the Golden Globes, but now CineFix has given it its famous 8-bit Cinema treatment and turned the musical into a classic video game. Check it out below, but if you haven’t seen it, beware of spoilers!

This video is admittedly super cute and definitely pokes fun at some of the film’s pivotal moments. However, it would’ve been cool to see more of the memorable sequences, like the impressive opening scene or “City of Stars” scene.

The Academy Awards are only a few days away and though some of us (me) would love to see Moonlight go home with the Oscar for Best Picture, the frontrunner still appears to be La La Land. If it doesn’t win, though, Chazelle can still look back and see his beautiful film immortalized in this 8-bit tribute.

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Video: This Might Be One of the Best Lighting Kits $500 Can Buy

Lighting equipment is expensive, but there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Getting your hands on a decent lighting kit can be difficult for a budget filmmaker. Buying is oftentimes out of the question and rental costs (if you have a rental house in your town) can still be more expensive than you’d like. So for a lot of us, putting together a kit with a hodgepodge of different lights, modifiers, and stands is the answer, but the question still remains: what should I include in my budget-friendly lighting kit? In this video, Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter offers up his response; a high-quality, low-budget lighting kit that you can buy for $ 500.

Pike’s kit includes:

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Video: Explore the Final Scenes of 45 Oscar-Winning Films

The final scenes of these Academy Award-winning films have really left a lasting impression.

As we’ve seen before, the first and final frames of a film or TV show can not only tell us a lot about themes, but they can also leave audiences with an indelible image to think about long after they’ve left the theater. To explore this concept, Albert Gómez of Room 237 has created a short supercut that features the final scenes in every Best Picture winner of the last 57 years of the Academy Awards. Take a look below:

Though the final shot of a film can’t really teach us much about the themes, structure, or visual style of a project, it’s definitely interesting to see the last thing audiences, critics, and Academy judges saw before the credits began to roll.

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‘I am an immigrant’: Fashion icons release emotional video to fight Trump


Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand the tremendous contributions that immigrants make to the United States, so key members of the fashion industry are doing their best to inform him.

In response to Trump’s executive order preventing people from seven Muslim-majority countries — including legal residents and valid visa holders — from immigrating to America, 81 of the most recognizable faces in fashion came together during New York Fashion Week to let Trump know one thing: they’re standing in solidarity with immigrants.

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A Cure for Wellness Poster and Video Made Out of Pills

A Cure for Wellness Poster and Video Made Out of Pills

Surreal horror film A Cure for Wellness releases wild poster and video made entirely using real pills

Gore Verbinski’s A Cure For Wellness is berserk and unlike any other film you’ll see at the multiplex this year, so it comes as no surprise that the marketing minds at 20th Century Fox are having a blast coming up with oddball concepts to help the movie find its audience.

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Case in point, the new A Cure for Wellness poster and video released today. Both are made entirely out of pills. The video is especially outstanding, a stop-motion trailer made from little colored doses of potential death.

Have a look:

And check out the poster:


A Cure for Wellness stars Dane DeHaan as an ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from an idyllic but mysterious “wellness center” at a remote location in the Swiss Alps.  He soon suspects that the spa’s miraculous treatments are not what they seem.  When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure.

Will you be checking out A Cure for Wellness this weekend?

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Video: 5 Clever Filmmaking Tricks You Should Know About

Learn how to pull off some of the oldest (but best) tricks in the filmmaking book.

Filmmaking has a lot of secret tricks of the trade that a beginner may not be aware of—until now! Ryan Connolly and the rest of the crew over at Film Riot have made a video detailing five simple filmmaking tricks that you can use in almost every of your projects, including how to make a room appear bigger than it is, how to make sexy movie sweat, and how to shoot for the reverse. Check it out below:

How to make a room bigger

Some spaces don’t leave you with much room to work with, which makes it difficult to get the coverage you want without making the scene feel claustrophobic. Luckily, there’s a way pros maximize small spaces to give the illusion that the scene is taking place in a bigger, more spacious location. If you’re shooting something like an over-the-shoulder scene, simply shoot one character’s dialogue from one side of the room, and then move your camera to the opposite side to pick up the other’s.

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Video: THR 2017 Screenwriter Roundtable

70+ minute conversation with 6 of the year’s most notable screenwriters.

From THR:

Enjoy The Hollywood Reporter’s Full Writers 2017 Oscars Roundtable with Pedro Almodovar (‘Julieta’), Allison Schroeder (‘Hidden Figures’), Tom Ford (‘Nocturnal Animals’), Kenneth Lonergan (‘Manchester by the Sea’), Noah Oppenheim (‘Jackie’), and Taylor Sheridan (‘Hell or High Water’).

For more THR videos, go here.

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Watch a Video of Jason Momoa Sword Training for Aquaman

Watch a Video of Jason Momoa Sword Training for Aquaman. Are You excited for Aquaman?

Watch a video of Jason Momoa sword training for Aquaman

Jason Momoa is set to star as Aquaman in the upcoming Warner Bros. film, and today a video hit Instagram showing some of his preparation for the role. Momoa is no stranger to action scenes, having played the warrior Khal Drogo in the HBO series Game of Thrones and having starred in Conan the Barbarian. The film, based on the DC character, is giving us a very different look at the King of Atlantis. Momoa recently joked about being teased for playing the character which has often been derided by comic book fans.

RELATED: Momoa Says Aquaman Will Take You to a World You’ve Never Seen Before

The Instagram video posted by user doordie shows Momoa and a few other men battling with wooden sticks. The post mentions sword skills, though Aquaman is usually seen with a trident. The rehearsal took place at stunt company 87eleven Action Design, which has worked on films like John Wick 2Expendables 3The Hunger Games and Jurassic World. It was started by John Wick directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. Aquaman will reportedly begin filming this coming summer.

Aquaman also stars Amber Heard as Mera, Patrick Wilson as Orn, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, Temuera Morrison as Aquaman’s human father, and Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko. The character was first introduced to the live-action DC Cinematic Universe in a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and will next be seen in Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17, 2017. Aquaman will be released on October 5, 2018.

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Video: “Notes — a life story, a love story”

A series of notes tell the life story of a couple.

This video made the round yesterday. Check it out.

My first thought upon watching the video is a variation of an observation by John Lennon: That life happens between all the notes we write.

From a storytelling standpoint, however, what I found fascinating is that each note in the video is a piece of exposition.

In theory, exposition tends to suck the life out of scenes. In this video, the exposition breathes life into the story.


It occurred to me each note falls into a category I use in my Handling Exposition class to transform exposition into entertainment:

Exposition as Fascination
Exposition as Mystery
Exposition as Revelation
Exposition as Conflict
Exposition as Humor

It’s not exposition per se which translates into laborious writing. The video above clearly proves that. Rather it’s how we, as writers, handle exposition wherein lies the rub.

HT FastCoCreate for the link.

For more on my Handling Exposition class, go here.

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First Fun Trailer for Part 2 of Thor & Darryl’s ‘Team Thor’ Video Diary

Team Thor

“I can’t, uh, pay rent with these things…” Marvel Studios has unveiled a teaser trailer for Part 2 of “Team Thor“, the video dairies of roommates Thor & Darryl. The very first fan-favorite Thor & Darryl video premiered at Comic-Con last year in Hall H, and received some of the most buzz I’ve ever heard coming out of the convention. It eventually ended up online a few months later, and it’s hilarious. The video diaries are made in the style of “The Office”, involving Thor and his friend Darryl, who has a tough job of dealing with the “God of Thunder” as his roomie. I like the footage in this new teaser, it seems like Marvel is happily continuing this series and there may be even more footage beyond just Part 1 & 2. Only time will tell. Enjoy. ›››

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