First Trailer for Quirky Romantic Comedy Film ‘The Truth About Lies’

The Truth About Lies Trailer

“So you lied to me about everything?” Blue Fox Entertainment has debuted the first official trailer for an indie romantic comedy titled The Truth About Lies, made by writer/director Phil Allocco. This quirky comedy is about a guy who starts coming up with a series of lies in order to impress a girl. Fairly simple premise. Fran Kranz stars and Gilby Smalls, and the girl he falls for is played by Odette Annable, who you’ll recognize from Cloverfield or The Unborn. The cast includes Colleen Camp, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Chris Diamantopoulos, Oakes Fegley, and Laura Kightlinger. This doesn’t look that unique, almost like every other quirky indie romantic comedy. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to get the girl in the end, too. ›››

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‘Batman and Bill’ Trailer: The Truth About the Creation of Batman Explained in a New Documentary

Batman and Bill Trailer

Everyone thinks Bob Kane is the sole creator of Batman. What the new documentary Batman and Bill presupposes is, maybe he’s not.

Even though Bob Kane is frequently and historically associated with the creation of Batman, the more educated comic book fans now know that many of the signature elements of Batman’s long comic book history were created by another man named Bill Finger. But why is his name not nearly as synonymous with the creation of The Dark Knight? A new documentary explores why Finger was omitted from Batman’s history and only just recently started getting the credit that he’s due.

Watch the Batman and Bill trailer below.

As the trailer explains, though Bob Kane had the initial idea to create a superhero who was quite the opposite of DC Comics’ Big Blue Boy Scout known as Superman, all of the signature traits of Batman’s comic book adventures came from Bill Finger. Not only did Finger create Batman’s trademark design and draw his stories, he was responsible for creating some key pieces of The Caped Crusader’s mythology. Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, Scarecrow, Commissioner Gordon, Gotham City and much more were all added into Batman’s universe by Bill Finger.

Thankfully, since 2015, Bill Finger has started receiving prominent credit for his pivotal contributions to the creation of Batman, even appearing in the credits for Gotham and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and presumably anything associated with Batman from here on out.

But how does a man who is so integral to the creation of one of the most revered superheroes of all time get shoved to the side and almost forgotten by comic book history? That’s the story that Batman and Bill is setting out to tell, inspired by author Marc Tyler Nobleman‘s endeavor to make sure Bill Finger got credit for his work, which he chronicled in the book Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman.

In addition to Nobleman, plenty of comic book historians, artists, Batman experts (like comic writer and filmmaker Kevin Smith) and more appear in the documentary to talk about this tragic tale of ignorance in the creation of Batman that went on for far too long.

Everyone thinks that Bob Kane created Batman, but that’s not the whole truth. One author makes it his crusade to seek justice for Bill Finger, a struggling writer who was the key figure in creating the iconic superhero, from concept to costume to the very character we all know and love. Bruce Wayne may be Batman’s secret identity, but his creator was always a true mystery.

Batman and Bill will be available to watch on Hulu on May 6.

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‘Shadow of Truth’ Trailer: Netflix Has Another True Crime Docuseries to Obsess Over

Shadow of Truth Trailer

Netflix subscribers love to binge watch new shows, and one of the more addicting additions to the streaming service’s library was the true crime docuseries Making a Murderer. It sparked endless debates, constant speculation, and the case has had several updates since the documentary sparked further examination into the story at the center of the series. While waiting for the second season of Making a Murderer, which could arrive later this year, there might be a new obsession Netflix subscribers can check out.

Shadow of Truth is a true crime docuseries that has already been well-received in Israel as one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows in the country’s history. Now, it’s coming to the United States. The series focuses on the homicide of a teenage girl and the man who confessed to the murder. It sounds pretty cut and dry, but many believe the convicted killer is innocent, and the series follows the evidence and theories about what really happened.

Watch the Shadow of Truth trailer after the jump.

Much like Making a Murderer and other recent crime documentaries created in the United States, this docuseries sparked plenty of debate about the role that film and television play in the justice system of Israel. High-ranking government officials like Israel State Attorney Shai Nitzan even went so far as to call the series “a serious threat to democracy.” Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the show and thought any attempt to suppress it violated freedom of speech.

Shadow of Truth was created by Yotam Guendelman, Ari Pines and Mika Timor, and each of the four episodes focuses on the case from a different point of view. There have been a lot of comparisons to the film Rashomon, the biggest difference being Shadow of Truth is an actually documentary with varied points of view as opposed to a fictional story told from different perspectives.

It was a cold December day in 2006 when 13-year-old Tair Rada was found dead inside a locked toilet stall at her school on the northern tip of Israel. A week later the police arrested Roman Zadorov, a Ukrainian immigrant who had worked there as a temp, and eventually he confessed to the murder. But many still believe he is innocent, and have their own theories as to what happened that day. Shadow of Truth is a Rashomon-like exploration of this murder mystery, which raises serious questions regarding our justice system and its ability to reach the truth.

Shadow of Truth is streaming on Netflix right now.

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Why Darren Aronofsky Wouldn’t Direct ‘Jackie’ and Other Truth Bombs from Oscar Producers

Six producers talk shop on this year’s Oscar-nominated films, uncensored.

Many of the industry’s top players gathered around for this year’s THR Producer’s Roundtable. Guests were Oscar-nominated producers Emma Tillinger Koskoff (Silence), Matt Damon (Manchester by the Sea), Marc Platt (La La Land), Darren Aronofsky (Jackie), Todd Black (Fences), and Frank Marshall (Sully). During the panel, which was co-hosted by THR Executive Editors Stephen Galloway and Matthew Belloni, the producers swapped stories about working with Hollywood’s singular talents, and the literal blood, sweat, and tears that make their movies reality.

“The smartest thing I did as a producer was replacing myself as the director.” — Matt Damon

Though it would be nice to see a fresh face at this table someday, you can never learn enough from industry vets. This year, the experienced producers discussed why Darren Aronofsky wouldn’t direct Jackie, why Silence took nearly 30 years to make, and Matt Damon’s brief career selling women’s shoes. Below are our biggest takeaways.

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