Full-Length Trailer for Steve James’ ‘Abacus: Small Enough to Jail’ Doc

Abacus: Small Enough to Jail Doc Trailer

«If that prosecution goes through, that bank is going to go out of business.» PBS has released another new official trailer for the latest documentary from Hoop Dreams director Steve James, titled Abacus: Small Enough to Jail. This doc premiered at film festivals last fall and has been playing around the world at festivals ever since. Abacus tells the story of the Chinese immigrant Sung family, owners of Abacus Federal Savings of Chinatown, New York. They had to spend five years defending themselves and their bank’s legacy when they became the only U.S. bank to face criminal charges in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. We’ve been following this doc since last year, and it will open in NYC starting this May, with a nationwide roll-out over the summer. This does look like an «exemplary piece of filmmaking», as is expected from Steve James. ›››

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‘Baywatch’ Trailer: Villainous Vixen Priyanka Chopra Gets the Spotlight

baywatch trailer spotlights priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra, the Bollywood star who now appears weekly on the ABC show Quantico and is set to terrorize the crew as the villainous Victoria Leeds on Baywatch, was conspicuously missing from much of the advertising for the Dwayne Johnson action comedy. She wasn’t on the posters, and she was barely in the official trailer or TV spots.

But that’s finally changed, with the latest trailer for Baywatch, which features Chopra finally catching some sun as the drug-dealing club owner who seeks to shut Baywatch down all while keeping her fabulous hair intact.

Johnson shared the newest trailer for Baywatch on his Twitter, calling his team the “Avengers of the Beach” who battle the “evil” Chopra.

Some new footage includes Johnson and Zac Efron rescuing a terrified girl from a fiery boat, succeeding in rescuing the passengers as the boat exploded, but failing in their pantomime communication. Presumably after the heroic rescue, Chopra’s Victoria Leeds comes down to the beach to congratulate them on their heroic efforts.

“Everyone on the beach is talking about you guys,” she says, getting out of her Jeep with a pristine blow-out and a flattering pink dress.

Johnson introduces her to the crew as Victoria Leeds, the new owner of the nearby club, and she smilingly invites them to her establishment.

But Johnson becomes suspicious of Leeds, whose presence sparked an uptick in the beach drug trade, and drags Efron to investigate, ignoring his bad impression of his own genitals. There are a few more shots of action scenes and stunts we’ve already seen, and we cut to the resolution of Johnson and Efron’s “undercover” antics: Chopra’s Leeds smoothly denies their accusations (again in a stunning outfit without a hair out of place). Though in a later scene at a hospital we see her yell at her security to take care of the “f**king lifeguards.”

This Chopra’s big screen debut in Hollywood, though she has starred in countless Bollywood productions, and is one of India’s highest-paid actresses. I hope, nay pray, that Baywatch will live up to the star that she is. (It probably won’t, but I can always dream.)

Baywatch is directed by Seth Gordon. In addition to Johnson, Efron and Chopra, the cast is rounded out by Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Jon Bass, Ilfenesh Hadera, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, David Hasselhoff, and Pamela Anderson.

Baywatch surfs into theaters May 25, 2017.

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Another New ‘Tulip Fever’ Trailer to Remind Us This Still Isn’t Out Yet

Tulip Fever Trailer

«She has a rare beauty…» The Weinstein Company has unveiled another new trailer for the romantic drama Tulip Fever, which has been delayed from release for over a year now. This was originally scheduled for release July of last year, but TWC pulled it, then set it again for the fall, then pushed it back again all the way until August of 2017. Hopefully this will be the official date. Alicia Vikander stars as a Dutch woman married to a rich and powerful merchant, played by Christoph Waltz, who begins an affair with a young painter, played by Dane DeHaan. Set in 17th Century Amsterdam, this also stars: Holliday Grainger, Jack O’Connell, Zach Galifianakis, Dame Judi Dench, Matthew Morrison, Tom Hollander and Cara Delevingne. This looks as mediocre as it did last year, but maybe there’s something to it. See below. ›››

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Superhero Bits: Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Trailer, General Zod on Supergirl, Animated Spider-Man & More

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - Sigma Ultron

Who is playing General Zod on this season of Supergirl? Which two villains combine to form one mega villain in the trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite? Has James Gunn told Chris Pratt the undiscovered easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy? Will Barbara turn into Harley Quinn on Gotham? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Gotham - Barbara

Gotham EP, director and writer Danny Cannon won’t confirm or deny whether Barbara becomes Harley Quinn or not.

Heroic Hollywood writes how the Dark Phoenix saga can be brought to the big screen properly in the next X-Men movie.

Alex gets kidnapped, and it’s up to Supergirl to figure out how to save her in the next episode of The CW show.

The fourth season finale of Agents of SHIELD has been set to air on ABC next month on Tuesday, May 16.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Review

Kevin Feige revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be somewhat evolved when they meet The Avengers.

ScreenRant thinks the true Superman of the DC Extended Universe fans want to see will debut in Justice League.

The Marvel villain Ultron becomes one with Mega Man villain Sigma in the new Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite trailer.

Chris Pratt said he’ll continue to work with Marvel Studios as long as they want to keep him around the MCU.

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Bruce Willis in Trailer for Action Comedy ‘Once Upon a Time in Venice’

Once Upon a Time in Venice Trailer

«What are you doing?» «I gotta go steal back some drugs for these gang guy so I can get my dog back.» RLJ Entertainment has released an official trailer for a new action comedy titled Once Upon a Time in Venice, starring Bruce Willis and John Goodman. This film seems like a straight up John Wick rip off, but maybe it’s not even that, perhaps it’s a John Wick spoof, a «SoCal John Wick». There’s a badass guy in disguise, and someone steals his dog, so to get him back he has to bust some heads. Simple as that. The cast includes plenty of cool people: Jason Momoa, Famke Janssen, Elisabeth Röhm, Kal Penn, Adam Goldberg, Thomas Middleditch, Stephanie Sigman, and Wood Harris. This kind of looks fun, but it also seems like it could be terrible, hopefully not. It’s from the same writer as Cop Car, for reference. Enjoy. ›››

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Eggsy is Back in First Trailer for ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Sequel

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

«I hope you’re ready for what comes next…» 20th Century Fox has finally released the first trailer for the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, once again directed by Matthew Vaughn, bringing back Taron Egerton as the British superspy known as «Eggsy». We’ve been waiting for this, and it’s finally here and it actually looks fun. Colin Firth also returns, with Mark Strong as Merlin, and a cast featuring Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Vinnie Jones, as well as Hanna Alström, and Sophie Cookson. This seems to be a riff on America, as the Kingsman guys end up working with an American agency. I’m digging all the action so far, and I’m wondering if this could be a surprise hit. ›››

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Official Trailer for Hulu Doc ‘Batman & Bill’ About a Batman Creator

Batman & Bill Trailer

«The most mysterious man in Gotham City wasn’t in a mask and cape.» Hulu has released an official trailer for a documentary titled Batman & Bill, which will premiere exclusively on Hulu starting early May. The documentary «unmasks» one of the greatest secrets in the comic industry — that Batman wasn’t created by Bob Kane alone, it was primarily Bill Finger who created the iconic superhero. This seems like a fascinating doc with plenty to offer for comic book fans, including inside stories and excellent art from the early days of Batman. It’s cool to see a doc like this that actually looks worth watching on Hulu. They’ve been collecting some of their own original docs recently, including a James Bond one called Becoming Bond. Take a look. ›››

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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer: Are You Ready For More Ultra-Violent Super-Spy Adventures?

kingsman the golden circle trailer

There are quibbles to be had with director Matthew Vaughn‘s Kingsman: The Secret Service, but it has such a fresh, bizarre, and anarchic energy – it’s easy to forgive the hiccups and speed bumps and embrace the bigger picture. When the credits roll, you’re ready to see more ultra-violent spy adventures starring this crew. With the set-up out of the way, a sequel can hit the ground running and sprint directly into the craziness of the first film’s third act.

The first Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer has arrived and, at first glance, it appears to live up to the first film’s audaciousness.

The survivors of the first movie are back (remember, part one did wipe out a not-insignificant percentage of the world’s population), with Taron Egerton once again starring as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, the street tough turned dashing gentleman spy. Sophie Cookson‘s Roxanne “Roxy” Morton and Mark Strong‘s Merlin, who also made it to end credits with breath in their lungs, will once again be on hand to lend support. Strangely enough, Colin Firth‘s Harry Hart, who was deader than dead after being literally shot in the face during the events of the first movie, is also somehow back. Since he was one of the film’s many highlights, that’s a hard thing to complain about.

Here’s the Kingsman The Golden Circle trailer:

Of course, there are plenty of new names tossed into the mix. The title of the movie refers to the USA’s equivalent of the Kingsman, the super-spies from across the pond who utilize deadly lassos instead of tricked-out umbrellas and lean as heavily on American iconography as Eggsy and his allies lean on English tropes. Jeff Bridges is on hand as the leader of the Golden Circle, with Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal, and Halle Berry all playing agents. A batch of photos from the film offered our first look at these characters, with Bridges and Tatum looking like modern day cowboys and Berry looking like a tech geek (albeit, a tech geek who looks like Halle Berry).

The new villain is played by the great Julianne Moore and it’s going to be fascinating to watch her cut loose as the bad guy in a major Hollywood movie. And pop star Elton John plays a big enough part that he’s listed prominently on the poster…not to mention the two robot dogs named “Benny” and “Jet.” What?! This looks like it’s going to be a pretty wild movie…hopefully, that wildness ends up leading to a sequel that is as much fun as the first one.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens on September 22, 2017.

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New US Trailer for ‘Churchill’ Movie Featuring Brian Cox as Churchill

Churchill Trailer

«Try acting like a hero, Winston, and then maybe people will believe that you are one.» Cohen Media Group has debuted a new US trailer for one of the other Winston Churchill movies in the works. This one is called simply Churchill, from Australian director Jonathan Teplitzky. Brian Cox stars as Churchill in the film, which examines a narrow frame of time in 1944 around D-Day and the decisions he was burdened with. The cast includes John Slattery, Miranda Richardson, Ella Purnell, James Purefoy, Richard Durden, and Julian Wadham. This is a very powerful trailer, with a number of strikingly bold shots of Churchill. There’s great cinematography, a moving score, it seems like this might actually be worth watching when it opens. We’re not sure when the other Churchill film will arrive, but this one hits theaters this June. ›››

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Jai Courtney & Lily James in Trailer for WWII Romance ‘The Exception’

The Exception Trailer

«Can an officer have a loyalty to anything greater than his country?» A24 has unveiled a trailer for a WWII romantic thriller titled The Exception, based on a novel by Alan Judd titled «The Kaiser’s Last Kiss«. The film stars Jai Courtney as a German soldier investigating the Dutch resistance in Holland, looking for a spy in the home of Kaiser Wilhelm. He meets a young Jewish Dutch woman played by Lily James and falls in love with her, hence the title (she’s «the exception»). The full cast includes Christopher Plummer, Ben Daniels, Janet McTeer, Eddie Marsan, Mark Dexter, and Martin Swabey. This honestly doesn’t look half bad, but I’m not sure it seems that good either. Lily James is great, but Jai Courtney not so much. ›››

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