‘My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea’ Trailer: School Overboard

High School

I imagine at least a few of you reading this are in high school. Maybe you’re even in class at this very moment. Perhaps you’re bored in computer class, anticipating your daily extra-long bathroom break and casual stroll down the hallway. What if the next time you’re taking a little break from class, you notice the whole school happens to be going underwater? That’d be pretty freaky, right? Well, that’s the premise of the aptly titled My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea, an animated film featuring the voices of Jason Schwartzman and Lena Dunham.

Below, watch the My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea trailer.

Writer-director Dash Shaw‘s film follows two sophomore students, Dash (Schwartzman) and his best pal Assaf (Reggie Watts), getting ready for their second year at Tides High School. Their friendship is threatened when Assaf grows closer to Verti (Maya Rudolph), editor of the school paper. The two friends wind up having bigger things to worry about when they’re precious little school turns into the set of a Rolan Emmerich movie. They’ll have to survive their school sinking, with or without the help of a know-it-all student (Dunham) and one mysterious lunch lady (Susan Sarandon).

The movie features the voice of filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell (Rabbit Hole) and is produced by director Craig Zobel (Z for Zachariah). Here’s the trailer:

Dash’s film looks like a delightful 75-minute mashup of a high school comedy and a disaster movie. It’s a fun concept that Dash and all involved could probably get creative and weird with in animation. Based on the reviews out of the festival circuit, My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea lives up to its premise by going to some bizarre and surreal places. Critics praise Dash’s story as much as the hand drawn animation.

Here’s the synopsis:

GKIDS proudly presents a new animated comedy from acclaimed cartoonist Dash Shaw (New School), featuring the voices of Jason Schwartzman, Lena Dunham, Reggie Watts, Maya Rudolph and Susan Sarandon.
Dash (Jason Schwartzman) and his best friend Assaf (Reggie Watts) are preparing for another year at Tides High School muckraking on behalf of their widely-distributed but little-read school newspaper, edited by their friend Verti (Maya Rudolph). But just when a blossoming relationship between Assaf and Verti threatens to destroy the boys’ friendship, Dash learns of the administration’s cover-up that puts all the students in danger. As disaster erupts and the friends race to escape through the roof of the school, they are joined by a popular know-it- all (Lena Dunham) and a lunch lady (Susan Sarandon) who is much more than meets the eye, in this wild send-up of disaster cinema, high school comedy and blockbuster satire.

My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea opens in theaters April 14th.

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Superhero Bits: New Injustice 2 Trailer, Neil Gaiman’s Batman Story, Aquaman Crew & More

Injustice 2

Who is the costume designer for Aquaman? Which other Marvel heroes have been inhabited by The Phoenix? How power hungry is Superman in the new Injustice 2 trailer? Want to see a fanmade trailer for a Christopher Nolan directed Nightwing movie with Casey Affleck as The Riddler? What Batman story has Neil Gaiman been working on for nearly 30 years? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Kevin Smith - Supergirl - Daxamite Throne Room

Kevin Smith revealed the Daxamite throne room from an upcoming episode of Supergirl he’s directing next.

Aquaman has supposedly hired The Matrix and Amazing Spider-Man costume designer Kym Barrett for production.

Spider-Man as Phoenix

Comic Book Resources runs down some of the other Marvel Comics heroes who have been taken over by The Phoenix.

This week’s Arrow hit a new milestone for the series, but it wasn’t a good one: it had the show’s lowest ratings ever.

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Keep an eye out for this Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 standee to lounge around in at your local movie theater.

Dwayne Johnson dives further into why he refers to Black Adam as a hero, and it’s just a matter of interpretation.

Superman is still off his rocker in this new story trailer for the Injustice 2 video game coming later this year.

A new rumor says that Deadpool 2 is supposed to start production on May 1, but take that with a grain of salt.

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‘Rock and a Hard Place’ Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Helps Give Convicts a Second Chance

Rock and a Hard Place Trailer - Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the world right now, and he’s all about using his fame to help other people. One of his new endeavors allowed him to not only help convicts who need a second chance at life, but also make a new film to show people that some prisoners just need a push in the right direction in order to get back on track.

HBO’s new documentary Rock and a Hard Place (which is not only a pun but also a Rolling Stones reference) follows Dwayne Johnson as he assists with the famous Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Boot Camp, which has one of the highest success rates with their graduates. But their second chance at life doesn’t come easy, because it’s as much of a punishment as it is rehabilitation.

Watch the Rock and a Hard Place trailer after the jump.

The HBO documentary focuses on 38 convicts over four months (though the official synopsis says the program is six months) as drill sergeants do exactly what you expect them to do. It seems Johnson is brought in only briefly for a pep talk, but he’s also the executive producer of the documentary which is directed and produced by Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill.

It’s easy for some average citizens to write off criminals who are convicted for crimes, which is why the revolving door of the justice system exists today, creating career criminals who don’t know any better. But plenty of them are merely a product of a tragic environment. All some of these people need is someone like Dwayne Johnson to believe in them and the drill sergeants of the Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Boot Camp to work them into submission.

The HBO Documentary film Rock and Hard Place looks at incarcerated young people who are granted a second chance: the opportunity to trade an extensive prison sentence for a fresh start by completing the famed Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Boot Camp.

In this one-of-a-kind, six-month program, drill sergeants push inmates to their limit, encouraging them to learn from past mistakes and become constructive members of society who are substantially less likely to return to prison.

Dwayne Johnson, whose own experiences with the law as a youth inspired the special, appears in the documentary. Johnson serves as an executive producer of the documentary alongside his Seven Bucks Productions co-founder, Dany Garcia and Rasha Drachkovitch, co-founder and CEO of 44 Blue Productions. Directed and produced by Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill.

Rock and a Hard Place hits HBO on Monday, March 27 at 10pm ET/PT.

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Samantha Isler in First Trailer for Supernatural Thriller ‘Dig Two Graves’

Dig Two Graves Trailer

“How far would you go to bring someone back?” Area 23a has debuted a trailer for an indie horror titled Dig Two Graves, from director Hunter Adams, which has been waiting for distribution for years. This film premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival way back in 2014, but is just now getting released in theaters March 2017. Dig Two Graves is a supernatural thriller about a young girl’s obsession with her brother’s death which leads her on a nightmarish journey where she is faced with a deadly proposition to bring him back. Samantha Isler stars as the lead, with Ted Levine, Danny Goldring, Troy Ruptash, Rachael Drummond, Dean Evans and Bradley Grant Smith. This looks fairly creepy, and probably forgettable. ›››

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Watch the Trailer for Splatter King Fred Vogel’s The Final Interview


August Underground director Fred Vogel presents the trailer for his new feature The Final Interview

I’ll never forget the day my old editor at Rue Morgue magazine called me into his office with a warning, telling me that he was about to show me a movie that even he couldn’t defend. Of course i demanded to watch it immediately. That film was August Underground and within 15 minutes I was absolutely revolted and horrified. It was unflinchingly real and upsettingly cruel. I shut it off.

But I couldn’t shut it off.


The film was the work of director Fred Vogel and his Toe Tag pictures and the ensuing years have seen Vogel and company become legends of graphic indie horror, setting new standards for shock with the August Underground sequels and then, refining his talents with films like The Redsin Towers and Sella Turcica.

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Today, Vogel has shared with us the teaser trailer for his 8th feature film, The Final Interview, a movie that tells the story of a veteran newscaster, Oliver Ross (Grainger Hines), who visits Western Penitentiary for a live interview with death row inmate, and infamous Pittsburgh murderer, Darius Tidman (Damien Marusack) mere hours before his scheduled execution. Oliver, the show’s director, Rhonda Cox (Diane Franklin), and the rest of “The Ross Perspective” crew set up at the jail and begin the live broadcast. By the end of the interview Oliver and his crew discover there is a lot more to this murderer than meets the eye.

No release date set for the film yet but you can find out more by going to the official The Final Interview Facebook page.

Now, watch the official teaser trailer below.

Director Fred Vogel Intro/ The Final Interview Teaser Trailer from The Final Interview on Vimeo.

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The New Discovery Trailer with Mara, Segel and Redford

The New Discovery Trailer with Mara, Segel and Redford

The new Discovery trailer with Mara, Segel and Redford

Netflix has provided ComingSoon.net with a first look at the new trailer for The Discovery, which will open in select theaters and will be available globally on the streaming service on Friday, March 31. You can watch the new Discovery trailer below.

In the near future, the world is off-balance. People have gained a specific knowledge, and death has lost meaning, due to a breakthrough scientific discovery by Dr. Thomas Harbor (Robert Redford): There is now definitive proof of an afterlife. While countless people have chosen suicide in order to “re-set” their existence, others go on, trying to decide what it all means. Among them is Dr. Harbor’s son Will (Jason Segel), who has arrived at his father’s isolated compound with a mysterious young woman named Isla (Rooney Mara). There, they discover the strange acolytes who help Dr. Harbor with his experiments. They are all looking to Dr. Harbor for meaning. Can Will and Isla find peace – in this place, or on the other side?

Directed by Charlie McDowell, The Discovery was written by Justin Lader and also stars Riley Keough and Jesse Plemons. The film was produced by Alex Orlovsky and James D. Stern, co-produced by Erika Hampson, associate produced by Tomas Deckaj, and executive produced by Ian Bricke, Matt Levin and Eddie Vaisman.

What do you think of the new Discovery trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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Official US Trailer for François Ozon’s WWI Romantic Drama ‘Frantz’

Frantz Trailer

“What would the truth bring?” “Only more pain.” Music Box Films has released a new official US trailer for the indie film Frantz, the latest film from prolific French director François Ozon. This played at the Venice and Telluride Film Festival last fall to very positive reviews, and it also played at the Sundance Film Festival this January. Frantz is set after WWI, but before WWII, in Germany with a story about two people who connect after the first Great War. French actor Pierre Niney, star of the biopic Yves Saint Laurent, plays the French man who comes to a small German town and places flowers on the grave of a deceased man named Frantz. There he meets Frantz’s widow Anna, played by German actress Paula Beer. Also starring Ernst Stötzner, Marie Gruber, Johann von Bülow, Anton von Lucke & Cyrielle Clair. See below. ›››

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New US Trailer for Danièle Thompson’s ‘Cézanne Et Moi’ About Artists

Cézanne Et Moi Trailer

“I’d like to paint as you write.” Magnolia Pictures has debuted an official US trailer for Danièle Thompson’s biopic drama Cézanne Et Moi, also known as Cézanne and I, about a friendship between two artists. The film tells of the parallel paths between the lives and careers of post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Émile Zola, starting as school pals in Aix-en-Provence to working artists in Paris. Guillaume Gallienne plays Cézanne, and Guillaume Canet plays Zola, with a cast including Alice Pol, Déborah François, Isabelle Candelier, Sabine Azéma, Freya Mavor and Félicien Juttner. This didn’t play at any film festivals, but it did already open in European cinemas last year. The film is described as a “polished period piece” that “boldly paints a picture of two 19th century masters.” This looks quite good. Take a look. ›››

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