New findings reveal humans have been in Australia earlier than we thought


The Indigenous people of Australia have lived there for a very, very long time, but just how long has been a source of contention.

Now there’s perhaps a more concrete answer. New evidence published in the journal Nature points to humans inhabiting Australia for 65,000 years — much earlier than the 47,000 years estimated by some archaeologists.

It’s the result of more than 10,000 artefacts discovered at the lowest layer of a site called the Madjedbebe rock shelter, which uncovers some of the complex behaviour of the earliest modern humans. Read more…

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‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Plays More Like ‘Rise’ Than ‘Dawn’ with $56.5M Debut

Fox’s War for the Planet of the Apes delivered a #1 finish this weekend, opening a bit higher than the studio’s conservative expectations, though well below Mojo’s aggressive, pre-weekend forecast. Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Homecoming dipped more than 60% in its second weekend and The Big Sick delivered decent numbers in its expansion, though, once again below Mojo’s forecast. In fact, the same goes for the modest expectations for Broad Green’s Wish Upon, as the PG-13 horror fell short of $ 6 m…
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Watch: The 180-Degree Rule Explained in Less than 2 Minutes

This is one of the first and most important fundamentals you learn in film school. Why not learn it from this 2-minute video, tuition free?

If your professor isn’t too tired/frazzled/hungover to just toss a syllabus on your desk and call it good, your first day of film school is most likely going to include a lesson on the 180-degree rule. This filmmaking fundamental is key in keeping the spacial continuity of your film clear and concise, which will in turn keep your audience from being confused about what’s happening on-screen. In this short video from Fandor, you get to learn all the basics of the 180-degree rule, how to follow it, and how to break it for dramatic effect.

The thing about the 180-degree rule is that it’s pretty simple in theory: draw an imaginary line down the center of the action and then only shoot from one side. Bam! Easy! However, in practice it’s a little more difficult than that, because it’s easy for things to get confusing once all of the cameras, tripods, lights, actors, and crew members are buzzing around on set.

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Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon’s Google translated songs are catchier than the originals


«And we can love reeducate!»

Karaoke nights will never be the same as Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon performed popular songs with a fun twist: the lyrics have been translated from different languages using Google Translator.

The songs prove just how inaccurate Google Translator can be as the chorus from The Weeknd‘s song «Can’t Feel My Face» is translated to «In your presence my front is not felt.» However, as Hathaway and Fallon rock out to these hits, you can’t help but find the translated versions are quite catchy. Read more…

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Very good dog receives the wrong gift and is more grateful than we’ll ever be for anything


Fact: Good dogs are great dogs. It’s just the way it is. It’s science.

But we think we’ve found the greatest of all the good dogs. A dog so grateful that we wish we could shower it with all the treats and presents and kisses it truly deserves. 

But doesn’t ask for. 

Because it is a very good dog.

Twitter user pae❁ posted these photos of her pup that received a gift that maybe wasn’t exactly the most exciting present. But this very good pup is eternally grateful regardless: 

so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed but he’s still

— pae❁ (@paetonmathes) April 11, 2017 Read more…

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Uber wants to make flying cars cheaper than owning a regular one


Could flying around in an aircraft one day be cheaper than owning your own car? Uber thinks so.

The ride-sharing giant says it hopes for Uber Elevate, its new «on demand air transportation» system — basically flying cars — to get to the point where it becomes cheaper than car ownership.

Uber Elevate will use vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, or VTOLs, to deliver commuters to their destination much in the same way a regular Uber does. 

Except you know — in the air.

The company is aiming for the service to be real and mainstream in the next ten years. Read more…

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‘Signature Move’: Pakistani Muslims, Lesbians, and Luchadora Wrestlers Have More in Common Than You Think

How festival favorite ‘Signature Move’ bridges the gap between cultures with comedy, love, and wrestling.

Signature Move, directed by Jennifer Reeder, and co-written and starring Fawzia Mirza in the lead role, follows Zaynab, a Pakistani Muslim immigration lawyer living in Chicago who discovers a new romance with a Mexican-American woman and, coincidentally, a new passion for lucha-style wrestling. The film balances comedy and drama to explore how these women navigate their cultures, families, and emotions while finding commonalities in the most unexpected places—like the wrestling ring at an underground luchadora event.

No Film School spoke with both Reeder and Mirza during SXSW shortly after their film’s premiere at the festival, learning what it takes to make a very American film about Pakistani and Mexican cultures, managing dialogue in three different languages, how to trust a collaborator with your personal vision, and more. The film is currently making festival rounds, including as the opening night film of the 65th Columbus International Film + Video Festival later this month.

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This cockatiel singing Mozart is way more cultured than you


Coco is a rescue cockatiel from Sydney who has a very fine taste in music.

You see, it seems to prefer to chirp to the sounds of Mozart rather than the pesky sounds of a human being or whatever the kids are listening to on the radio nowadays.

It’s singing an aria performed by the Queen of the Night in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, which proves that this bird is way more cultured than you’ll ever be. Read more…

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Brilliant cat shows off its ball-finding skills, proving it’s smarter than us all


Cats are mysterious creatures. You think they just lie around and don’t know anything, but that’s all just a facade. They know what’s up.

Youtube user AJIL AJIL K J posted this compilation of a brilliant cat named Snow outsmarting his human and putting our intelligence to shame.

Snow’s favorite game is is the cup-and-ball game and he’s clearly the champ. Watch as his owner hides a ball under a cup, switch the cups around and Snow find the hidden ball every time. And though we’re all impressed by Snow’s skills, Snow looks like he couldn’t care less. Cats, am I right?

Bonus cute fact about Snow: he has ears that look like they’re inside out, making him look kind of like a mouse. Check out more of his greatness on his InstagramRead more…

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