Could Will Smith Be the Star of Ang Lee’s Clone Thriller ‘Gemini Man’?

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Gemini Man could finally germinate beyond its status as a famous script languishing in development hell.

With director Ang Lee reportedly circling the project, Will Smith has expressed interest in starring in the clone assassin thriller by Skydance. This role would require him to play double — as the aging assassin trying to retire and as the younger clone on the hunt for himself. We may see a young Will Smith again, people.

Find out more about Will Smith starring in Gemini Man below.

Will Smith has been in the public eye since his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days, making the jump to blockbusters with Independence Day and Bad Boys. Since then he has been one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world, and 20 years later his is still a big name, being courted for Disney’s Aladdin remake as the Genie, and now for Gemini Man, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Both are a form of cinematic nostalgia: In Aladdin we would see Smith play a beloved character from the ’90s, while Gemini Man would enable us to see Smith as he was in the ’90s — when he was the brash and charismatic star of Independence Day.

The story for Gemini Man follows an aging assassin who is hunted by a more physically fit, young clone of himself — 25 years younger to be exact. Roughly the amount of time that has passed since we saw Smith in his blockbuster glory days.

The script has been untouched for the most part because the technology wasn’t yet available to de-age their star. While the concept of having two different stars play the younger and older versions of the assassin was considered, that idea was ultimately thrown out. But now, with de-aging technology being used in superhero flicks like Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War, as well as its ground-breaking use in The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonGemini Man is now possible to film.

First pitched to Disney in 1997 by Darren Lemke, the writer of Goosebumps, the script was tossed around through Hollywood for years. It ended up attracting the attention of everyone from Mel Gibson, to directors like Tony Scott, Curtis Hanson and Joe Carnahan, who even created his own sizzle reel for the film featuring Clint Eastwood. A-list writers like Andrew Niccol and Game Of Thrones showrunner David Benioff have also expressed interest at some point.

The project is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, with Ang Lee in negotiations to direct. Skydance picked up the project in October, with Don Murphy executive producing, Here’s hoping the project finally gets off the ground.

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Zachary Quinto on ‘Star Trek 4’: ”There’s No Guarantee” It Will Happen

Star Trek 4 Development

News of Star Trek 4 officially being in development first surfaced last summer. Producer J.J. Abrams confirmed work on the sequel and revealed it would somehow bring back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, the father of James T. Kirk who perished in exciting opening sequence of the first installment of the reboot that established a whole new timeline in the Star Trek universe. Since then all we’ve heard is vague hype about the sequel, and it sounds like the cast is unsure whether it will actually happen.

In a recent interview, Star Trek franchise star Zachary Quinto says that he’s still waiting for the script to be completed, and despite being hopeful that he’ll be able to reprise his role as Mr. Spock, the movie doesn’t seem to have been greenlit yet. Find out more about Star Trek 4 development after the jump.

Zachary Quino recently appeared on The Today Show to discuss his lower profile drama Aardvark, and discussion eventually turned to Star Trek 4. Here’s what the actor had to say:

“I know that they are working on a script for another one and we’ll see how that all plays out, but the nice thing about that experience is that the time in between those big tentpole films allows us to go off and cultivate a lot of different creative experiences for ourselves. … I’m hopeful that we’ll do another one, but there’s no guarantee.”

To be fair, when it comes to development on these projects, actors usually don’t know what’s going with the movie unless they’re also producers. The actors aren’t really needed until there’s a script finished for them to get in front of the camera and shoot. Quinto seems to be in the same boat that Chris Pine is when he said this about three weeks ago when he was asked about the state of Star Trek 4:

“I am literally one of the last people to find out. Costume designers find out before me. Prop people find out before me. I can’t wait to make the film. I love everyone in the film. You know that. I love the world. I will be back as many times as they ask me. I love the tall man they call Thor. I’ll do this film. If you can talk to [Star Trek producer] J.J. [Abrams] for me, please do. Let him tell me. I’d like to find out so I can plan my life.”

More than likely, Paramount Pictures isn’t in a rush to get the script done and they want to make sure they have something worth making before they get the rest of the pieces in place. The good news is that Chris Hemsworth said the pitch for the movie is “amazing” and J.J. Abrams says it might be his “favorite Star Trek story that we’ve had.” So if that’s true, Paramount will want to greenlight it.

Despite the positivity, there is some reasonable uncertainty as to whether or not Star Trek 4 will get made. Though Star Trek Beyond wasn’t exactly a disappointment at the box office when it pulled in over $ 343 million last year, it’s significantly less than the $ 467 million that Star Trek Into Darkness made in 2013, showing the studio that interest in the franchise may be waning.

As of now, it doesn’t sound like Star Trek 4 is definitively in trouble, but it’s merely still in development (Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were apparently working on the script most recently). When working on a film, actors don’t often like to count their chickens before they’re hatched, so Zachary Quinto is probably just playing it safe by keeping hype in check. With no release date set (as far as we know), Star Trek 4 doesn’t have to hit any specific deadline to start shooting, but hopefully we’ll get an update on the sequel soon.

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The Weekend Read: Marvel Scoops, ‘Star Wars’ Theories, and Why a ‘Redwall’ Movie Must Happen

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 TV Spots

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Disney might be creating a ‘Star Wars’ Starship Luxury Resort

According to, Disney is surveying guests about a potential Star Wars resort hotel experience at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios. The experience, which would take place on an actual Star Wars starship, would include the opportunity for fans to experience a 2-day story set in the Star Wars universe – a continuous, story-driven entertainment experience that unfolds over the course of 2 nights, personal interactions with Star Wars characters, live performers throughout the starship, and other programs like flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions. The all-inclusive experience would also feature luxury accommodations, all meals, featured entertainment and dinner shows, park admission to the Star Wars themed land at the Walt Disney World Resort (a new land opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019), and access to a pool area and water garden, fitness area, on-board cantina, and robotic droid Butlers. As WDWNT points out, the concept is only a survey at this time, but the existence of concept art and the inclusion of the Star Wars-themed land in the plans probably means they are pretty serious about following through.

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On Location Vacations

Star Wars Celebration Bits: The Best of SWCO, Hayden Christensen’s Thoughts on Sand, Vader’s Spa, and More

Star Wars Celebration 2017

In this Celebration-centric edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • An official video recapping the best moments of Celebration 2017.
  • Hayden Christensen’s true feelings about sand.
  • An announcement about the return of the Vintage Collection of toys.
  • Darth Vader nearly had his own spa on Mustafar in Rogue One.
  • And more!

Star Wars Celebration Orlando was a huge success, and while you can read our news recap of everything you need to know, this slickly-produced official video from the Star Wars YouTube channel is a heartwarming reminder of the joyful fandom that loves these movies so dearly.

Star Wars Celebration crowd 2017

Speaking of Celebration, JediNews reports that this year’s event has set a new record as the most highly-attended Star Wars Celebration ever with more than 70,000 attendees. That’s more than the average attendance of an NFL football game. Nice going, fellow nerds!

During an interview, erstwhile Anakin Skywalker actor Hayden Christensen was asked about his true feelings about sand, since his character famously whined about how “irritating” it is in Attack of the Clones. But Christensen was game to answer, and seemed like he had a good sense of humor about it.

If you like original Star Wars radio dramas (and honestly, who doesn’t?), GeekTyrant points us to the full performance of Smuggler’s Revenge, which filmmaker Kyle Newman (Fanboys) directed a live reading of on stage at Celebration. Cast members included David Collins, Catherine Taber, Tom Kane, Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum, Mathew Wood, Sam Witwer, and Warwick Davis himself in a story about Han Solo set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

Continue Reading Star Wars Bits >>

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‘Han Solo’ Directors Reveal New ‘Star Wars’ Alien in Force For Change Video

Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Last week, Disney and Lucasfilm announced a new contest in their Force For Change initiative, a charity fundraiser through Omaze that gives Star Wars fans the chance to participate in some once-in-a-lifetime movie-related experiences. Today, Omaze released a new video in which fan favorite Warwick Davis, who has played a number of characters across the Star Wars movies, gives a spoiler-free tour of the Han Solo movie set, and the coolest part gives us a peek at a brand new creature from the film. Take a look at the new Star Wars alien below.

Here’s the full video:

And here’s a screengrab of that multi-eyed alien:

Young Han Solo alien Star Wars

I’m far from an expert when it comes to Star Wars aliens, but I certainly know a slick-looking leather jacket when I see one, and this may be the most stylish alien in the galaxy. (Any chance it could be Vin Diesel’s Xander Cage under there?)

While I kinda dig the multi-eye look, I’ve gotta be honest: I wish Lucasfilm’s Imagineers (or whatever their term for designers is) would start pushing some serious weirdness in that galaxy. How many bi-pedal humanoid creatures do they expect us to believe exist out there? I understand the basic concept that it’s easier for audiences to relate to things that look at least a little bit like them, but I’m hoping that as the Star Wars universe continues to expand in the coming years, we start to see stranger and stranger designs.

In any case, each donation you make through Omaze counts as an entry to win three prizes: an overnight stay at the famed Skywalker Ranch, a walk-on role in the upcoming Han Solo movie, and a trip to L.A. to join the cast of The Last Jedi at the world premiere later this year. One grand prize winner (and a guest) will win all three prizes, and the proceeds support UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (or whatever its official title will be) arrives in theaters on May 25, 2018.

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Was Ahsoka’s Fate Revealed in the ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4 Trailer?

Ahsoka Tano

The fate of fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano has been kept a mystery since that climactic confrontation in the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels. A whole season has gone by, and it seems like we are no closer to getting any answers. But did the Star Wars Rebels season 4 trailer secretly reveal the fate of the former Jedi? Let’s dive into a new theory that involves some exclusive comments from executive producer Dave Filoni.

The Mystery of Ahsoka’s Fate

The Star Wars Rebels season two finale “Twilight of the Apprentice” ended with a confrontation between Ahsoka and her old master Darth Vader in an ancient Sith temple on Malachor. Ahsoka declares that she is no longer “a Jedi,” which is a convenient excuse to allow the character to survive the series and live on during the New Hope era. But Ahsoka stays within the crumbling temple and stalls Vader, allowing the Ghost crew to escape.

The ending leaves Ahsoka’s fate as a bit of a mystery, with the character following an owl into the darkness just before the temple collapses. Fans have been clamoring for answers ever since. Season 3 of the series has come and gone, and still, we have little to no information about the fate of the former Jedi.

dave filoni Ashoka lives t-shirt

Dave Filoni on Ahsoka’s Fate at Celebration 2017

Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni teased throughout the weekend that he would have information about Ahsoka’s fate at Saturday morning’s Star Wars Rebels Season 4 presentation. But Filoni didn’t say anything about Ahsoka during the panel. He wore a t-shirt that said “AHSOKA LIVES?”, but after they premiered the trailer, he appeared on stage with a slightly modified version of the shirt.

When asked about the t-shirt change during the press conference, Filoni jokingly acted like he didn’t know what the reporter was talking about. But as you can see in the screenshots above, Filoni’s t-shirt changed to “AHSOKA LIVES!” I asked Filoni about Ahsoka in an exclusive interview following the panel, and here is what he told me:

“Well, first of all, the character and the way people feel about her really amazes me. She’s really become this thing within Star Wars that I think transcends Rebels or Clone Wars. People love that character, they believe in that character. They’ve read the book, it’s fantastic, it sold really well. Which is something I was really interested in with the book. I wanted to see could Ahsoka hold her own like any of these major characters who get their own books. So I’m very careful with all of her moves as a character, and what we do. One of the biggest challenges I had was that episode where she has the confrontation with Darth Vader. I was able to think about that for a long time and get it right. I love those episodes. We’ll see. I have to be very careful where I go from here. I feel like there is a lot built up, almost to the point that anything I do won’t satisfy. But I’ve had a plan, and I plan on executing that plan as we move forward, and we’ll see what that means.”

As for what that plan might be, the following is entirely speculation, but the result might line up with reality. So if you don’t want to theorize about how the new trailer may have confirmed Ahsoka’s fate, please turn away now.


What Happened to Ahsoka?

The key to this mystery might lie in a set of 10 digital trading cards that were released for Topps’ Star Wars: Card Trader app. The set was announced at last year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe, with Dave Filoni releasing never-before-seen bold three-color (red, black, and white) artwork depicting the final moments of “Twilight of the Apprentice.”

The cards show Ahsoka walking through a triangular arch into the remains of the temple, and what Filoni has described as her “psychological, subconsciousness” journey “into the underworld.” We see her follow an owl-like creature, known in the Star Wars universe as a convoree, through the water to a set of stairs…her ascension from the underworld perhaps?

The last image in the series shows Ahsoka stepping through what appears to be a portal circled by a series of white Wolves. Could these wolves be the key to solving this mystery?

daughter convoree Star Wars

The Mantis Daughter Theory

/Film reader Alessio Pasquali points out that the convoree might be a reference to the Mortis arc from The Clone Wars. That series featured two Force users, Daughter and Son, who could transform into animals – a griffin and gargoyle. Ahsoka is poisoned by the Son and becomes a servant of evil. In order to save her, the Daughter sacrifices her own life, giving over her remaining life force to the Jedi.

In the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels, we saw a convoree fly by just as Ahsoka walked towards the arches in the temple. Could this convoree be a visualization of Daughter from Mortis? The winged, owl-like bird shows up twice in the series: once in “The Mystery of Chopper Base” right as Ahsoka and Ezra are getting ready to depart for Malachor, and again after we see Ahsoka’s retreating in the temple.

star wars rebels season 4 wolf ZZ12D6F38E

Is Ahsoka the Wolf in the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer?

And then we can jump back to this weekend, where DisneyXD premiered the trailer for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels. For the most part, the trailer is character-based with no big visual surprises. But after the voice over reveals “we never imagined it would end like this,” we see a shot of Ezra and Sabine riding a mythical looking white wolf through the foggy darkness.

Remember that last piece in Dave Filoni’s art series featuring Ahsoka walking through a portal surrounded by white wolves. Is it possible that Ahsoka now has the power to transform herself into this wolf-like creature? Before coming upon this theory, I asked Filoni about the wolf in the trailer, and he laughed:

“It’s in there because I love wolves, and I think I’ve threatened to put wolves in Star Wars and the Story Group all know that I love wolves. It was really all of them saying let’s do this. And in the very beginning of the show, season one when I was working with Greg Weisman, Ezra says a little rhyme: ‘Loth-cat, Loth-cat, Loth-wolf run. Pick a path and all is done.’ And so it really cues into that. Loth-wolves are a thing that have been there and we’ll find out why we haven’t seen them. It’s exciting. It’s something ever since Carroll Ballard’s Never Cry Wolf, which was a film that hugely inspired me as a kid. I’ve always been interested in, and I’ve found a way to weave them in to the tapestry of this story. I won’t say what they are about. I’m glad people are interested in them, and that’s probably a good thing. We’ll have to see where it goes.”

What do you think? Is Ahsoka the Loth-Wolf? Star Wars Rebels season 4 will premiere on DisneyXD in Fall 2017.

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Find out how you can be in a scene for ‘A Star Is Born’ with Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga this week

This week Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are filming concert scenes for their upcoming movie A Star Is Born at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA and you can be an extra in the crowd. According to this ticketing website, fan can cheer and applaud for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga as they film scenes on the actual Coachella stages when they purchase a $ 10 ticket. All proceeds will directly to the Born This Way Foundation. You can get all the details and buy tickets here.

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