‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: ‘Choose Your Pain’ Puts the Crew in a World of Hurt

Star Trek Discovery Choose Your Pain Review 2

Okay, what was with that ending of the latest Star Trek: Discovery episode? Did “Choose Your Pain” turn Star Trek into a horror show?

“Choose Your Pain” is, as the title suggests, filled with tons of pain, including the minor pain of seeing another Stamets continue to look in his bathroom mirror while the real Stamets walked away. The only levity found in this episode, aside from the first usage of the f-word in Star Trek history, was Rainn Wilson’s highly enjoyable Harry Mudd. Seeing this Star Trek OG character was a sight for sore eyes. Speaking of sore eyes, let’s get into the types of pain caused by both the Klingons and Starfleet.

Lorca’s Eye Problem

As a person with 20/80 vision, I sympathize with Lorca trying to protect his eyes at all costs. When he’s captured by Klingons, I had to actually avoid looking at the screen since the Klingons’ choice of torment for Lorca was to subject his eyes to harsh light. I’m squeamish about any kind of eye prodding.

I thought he would have gone blind after that. Conveniently for the action sequences, he did not, but it seems like his eyes have been badly damaged. He’s been told to get his eyes “fixed,” but what does that entail? Does that mean Lorca will don some eyewear like Geordi La Forge’s visor?  That’d be cool.

Also: we find out he’s killed an entire crew before his turn on the Discovery. It’s a shocker, even though Lorca has been portrayed thus far as a possible villain. But was it for a good reason? Was he really trying to keep them from being abused as Klingon POWs? My money is on him just being bloodthirsty.

Star Trek Discovery Choose Your Pain Review 3

Tyler’s Sexual Assault

Poor Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) was a victim of sexual assault aboard the Klingon vessel. What else does the line “the captain of this ship has taken a liking to me” to mean? Thankfully, Tyler managed to escape with the help of Lorca, but not before he got some licks in on his attacker. Yes, his attacker is a woman Klingon.

Considering the news we’ve been hearing from Hollywood and the film criticism industry over these last few weeks, it’s quite poignant that this episode would air now. It provides another layer to the conversations we’ve been having about victims and predators. In this case, Star Trek: Discovery is shining a light on male victims of sexual assault at the hands of female perpetrators.

The insinuation that Tyler has been raped repeatedly by the Klingon captain was so subtle in the dialogue between Tyler and Lorca that it’s easy to look past it, or even excuse it away as Tyler purposefully using his sex appeal to his advantage. But the way he swings at the Klingon captain tells a different story. He’s trying to throw back some of the pain she’s caused him.

Tyler’s victimhood might also go unrecognized by some viewers due to how much our society’s view of toxic masculinity keeps us from seeing men as sexual assault victims, especially when it’s at the hands of a woman. Male victims are often scorned or seen as weak. Just look to last week, when Terry Crews revealed he had been sexually assaulted by a powerful Hollywood executive. While Crews received tons of support, there were also people — many of them men — wondering why he didn’t say anything and why he, as a man, didn’t do anything, particularly since his assailant was another man. Some people assumed Crews couldn’t be a victim just because he’s a burly man (that’s not counting the racial implications there are to this assumption).

While women are often wrongly stereotyped as “asking for it,” male victims are also stereotyped in the same way. Somehow, it’s always painted as the victim’s fault — not the perpetrator’s — for their own assault. Even worse for men is when other men might congratulate male victims for “getting lucky” if their assailant happened to be a woman.  I haven’t seen much on the internet in the way of actually recognizing Tyler’s trauma — I’ve only seen one person tweet about wanting the show to explore Tyler’s PTSD. I’ve also seen a person say Tyler ended “a relationship” with the Klingon captain? This was no relationship. Hopefully, Discovery will explore this further. After all, Star Trek has always been about using science fiction to tackle real world social, moral, and ethical questions and quandaries. It’s only right for the new show to dig deep here.

Star Trek Discovery Choose Your Pain Review 1

The Tardigrade’s Abuse

Seeing the Discovery crew abuse the tardigrade so much was quite painful. I won’t go into a “Would the original Star Trek have done this?” debate since the Discovery is a ship under duress in a myriad of ways. However, the tardigrade’s suffering provided a much-needed moral wake-up call for the science crew, which — thanks to Michael — realized the tardigrade was in distress.

They realized this too slowly, though. Honestly, it’s quite surprising and tone-deaf for the crew to not realize that this animal could have some form of sentience. Even Saru, who is prey on his planet, assumes the animal has no smarts. You’d think he of all people would understand what it’s like to be, well, preyed upon.

Folks were also slow to get into gear solely because it’s Michael giving them the advice. I get she got nearly everyone on board the Shenzhou killed, including the beloved Captain Georgiou, but doggone it, do they still not get that everything she does involves trying to save people’s lives?

On the flip side, everyone’s got a right to be mad at her, especially Saru, who idolized Georgiou as much as Michael did. Saru expected to become Georgiou’s next Number One, but, as he told Michael later, he never got that chance. His grief increased when he was made acting captain in Lorca’s absence; a role he felt he would have been more prepared for if he had gotten the same training from Georgiou as Michael did.

Saru didn’t have another option except to use the tardigrade to find Lorca; if another host for the tardigrade DNA was available, the tardigrade could have been spared. But after it went into protection mode, another organism had to step up. That organism was Stamets. The tardigrade was set free, but Stamets has apparently opened up a tear in the space-time continuum that could be the beginning of the mirror-verse and the start of the alternate realities as we know it (hello, Star Trek reboot series). Things are going to get loopy.

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Star Wars Bits: The Planets of ‘Han Solo,’ Some Love For Aunt Beru, and Some Pressing Canon Questions

The Empire Strikes Back - Han Solo

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • A possible look at the planets featured in the Han Solo movie.
  • An interview with the editor of From a Certain Point of View.
  • Author Meg Cabot shares her love for Aunt Beru.
  • Ron Howard shares more Han Solo set pics.
  • Pablo Hidalgo answers some pressing (and nerdy) canon questions.
  • A new Thrawn novel is on the way.
  • And more!

Making Star Wars says they know every planet that shows up in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off movie. And here they are:

  • Corellia
  • Kessel
  • Iridium
  • Savareen
  • Vandor

And if you’re not the person who knows what all of those names mean instantly (and props to those of you who do!), they offer a breakdown of each planet is at the link above. However, many of you may be familiar already with Corellia (Han Solo’s home planet) and Kessel, which is most famous for a certain “run.”

However, at least one of those planets shouldn’t come as a surprise. Director Ron Howard confirmed Corellia on Twitter with a picture from the film’s set.


StarWars.com has a great interview with Elizabeth Schaefer, the editor tasked with assembling the 40 short stories collected in the new book From a Certain Point of View. Here’s a sample:

At the very start of this project, I sat down in front a blank Excel sheet and proceeded to fill in the names of all of my favorite authors. It was a dream list of people I’ve always wanted to work with. The craziest thing was how many of them said yes. The first-timers were universally invested in getting the lore right. Everyone wanted recommended reading lists — I think Sabaa Tahir went out and bought Star Wars: Kenobi on the spot to make sure her Tusken Raider story felt authentic!

You can read the whole thing at the link above.

aunt beru

In another great StarWars.com interview, author Meg Cabot explains why she chose to write about Aunt Beru in From a Certain Point of View and how this minor character is far more important than most people realize:

I chose Beru Lars right away. I was actually super paranoid that someone else might have chosen her first. But fortunately, the Force was with me. One of the reasons I wanted Beru so much is that I had just seen a guy dressed up for Halloween as a stormtrooper, carrying a sign that said “I Shot Aunt Beru.” After I finished laughing at how funny that was, because it was a little funny, I got mad. The Aunt Berus of this galaxy and the next never get any respect! I mean, I get it, it’s a funny gag…but without Aunt Beru, Luke would never have saved the galaxy. So I’d been kind of looking for a way to tell Aunt Beru’s side of the story when Elizabeth [Schaefer, the editor of From a Certain Point of View] contacted me. I still feel like the Force had something to do with it.

If you don’t have time to read From a Certain Point of View, Star Wars Explained has put together a handy video explaining how the 40 short stories plug a bunch of tiny plot holes scattered across the movies. That’s pretty handy for all the nerds out there (we say with love, counting ourselves among the nerds).

Meanwhile, Star Wars Explained has dedicated another episode to R5-D4, the red astromech droid that Uncle Owen almost bought instead of R2-D2. And this new story diverges from its original expanded universe story. You can learn how in the video above.

In other book news: Thrawn is back. In book form! And Timothy Zahn, who created the character in the old extended universe and returned him to the new canon with this year’s new Thrawn novel, is returning to the blue-skinned military mastermind. A new book is coming next year and you can check out a mysterious teaser above…

Star Wars The Last Jedi 38

When asked about J.J. Abrams returning for Star Wars: Episode 9, John Boyega was his typically charming self:

“Yeah, I’m really happy [and] really excited. I actually sent him an email and asked him if the real reason is because he misses me. And I think that’s what it is – that’s the only reason why he came back, and I appreciate that.”

Yeah, we’d miss hanging out with John Boyega, too. But in an interview with Coming Soon, Boyega removed the wink and spoke a bit more seriously about working with Abrams again on Episode 9:

“I think what’s fantastic is it feels like it’s coming back full circle. I don’t know nothing about the script, the story. I don’t know where Finn’s going, I don’t know where Rey is going, but definitely I feel this is the war to end all wars in this movie. I’m interested to know how he will handle that. I’m asking so many questions and I haven’t had a chance to kinda sit down and write J.J. a message just to say congratulations and I’m stoked. My fixation now is that he needs to get some SLEEP and GEAR UP because we’re doing another one of these movies, mate! But I think he’s gonna do a great job, as always. He’s J.J.”

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‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Scene Delivers the Final Commands of Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cinematic Scene

One month before Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues the story of the Skywalker saga, the canon of the Star Wars universe will expand with a new story that fills in the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Battlefront II will include a new campaign mode that tells a canon story in the Star Wars universe from the perspetive of Iden Versio, the leader of a band of Imperial troops known as Inferno Squadron tasked with carrying out the last orders of Emperor Palpatine, left behind in the event of his death. A new cinematic scene from Star Wars Battlefront II shows how Iden Versio receives her orders from the deceased Emperor in the wake of the destruction of the second Death Star.

Watch the Star Wars Battlefront 2 cinematic scene released on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

The clip comes from the aforementioned single player campaign where Iden Versio is at the center of the 30-year quest to avenge the death of the Emperor, continuing to wage war against the New Republic, even in the wake of a crucial loss for the Empire. As you can see, despite the fact that Emperor Palpatine is dead, he has a surrogate hologram (of which there are probably several dispatched) delivering his final orders for the Empire, under the name Operation Cinder.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it was a major part of the story in the Marvel Comics series Journey to the Force Awakens: Shattered Empire. The operation calls upon Imperial troops to create chaos on planets across the galaxy by striking them with artificially created environmental disasters in the wake of Emperor Palpatine’s death.

During this scene, we learn that Iden Versio’s father is an Imperial officer, one who has been entrusted with information that the Inferno Squad leader is not yet privy to. In fact, when Versio asks about her next target, the surrogate hologram gets a little aggressive and refuses to indulge information to her. Perhaps this lack of transparency from a hologram of a dead man will create some dissension among the Imperial forces. Maybe even Versio herself will end up turning against the Empire, refusing to take any more orders not give to her by a living commander, turning her from a villain into a hero.

We’ll find out when Star Wars: Battlefront II arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17, 2017.

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Theme Park Bits: ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Ride Concept, ‘Star Wars’ Galactic Nights, 35 Years at Tokyo Disneyland


In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • See what a Nightmare Before Christmas ride might have looked like, as envisioned by one Imagineer
  • Cars characters get into the Halloween spirit by dressing up at Disney’s California Adventure
  • The Star Wars: Galactic Nights event is returning to Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Get details on how Universal Studios and Legoland are incorporating VR worldwide
  • The parent company of Louis Vuitton is bringing a steampunk theme park to Paris
  • Details for Tokyo Disneyland’s 35th-anniversary celebration have been announced
  • And more!

First, a few follow-ups from last week. In case you were not already sold on visiting Disney’s California Adventure for Halloween (and c’mon, you should be, even NASA scientists have turned out), Disney Parks Blog has shared some nifty photos of the Cars characters in costume. On Twitter, they also posted a pic of the Haunted Mansion Holiday gingerbread house at Disneyland Park.


Fans of this seasonal version of the ride, based on Tim Burton’s 1993 stop-motion musical, might get a kick out of seeing old concept art for a Nightmare Before Christmas attraction that never came to be. The design above comes by way of Disney Imagineer Christopher Merritt. Disney and More has some additional illustrations posted.

In another life, perhaps, we could have had coffin ride vehicles. Alas, parkgoers in Anaheim will just have to make due with the sight of grim grinning ghosts. Or they can always bask in the return glow of a new and improved Fantasmic!which still boasts the best black dragon of any show by that name.


Over on the East Coast, meanwhile, the Walt Disney Presents gallery has now opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The full model for next summer’s Toy Story Land is on display. Inside the Magic also has video of some concept art for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, as well as the first available part of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge model.

On December 16, the day after Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters, Hollywood Studios will be hosting a sequel of its own for Star Wars: Galactic Nights. This special, one-night-only event, which requires a separate admission ticket, will allow fans to don costumes and enter the park — on a red carpet, no less — for an epic Star-Wars-themed party.


In addition to the regular Star Wars attractions on offer at Hollywood Studios, there will be an interview with one of the stars of the franchise, as well as a panel discussion on the future of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. And get this: there will be Ewoks on hand, and a DJ, meaning the whole thing could theoretically dissolve into a teddy bear luau like at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars fans, this is your chance to celebrate the love (yub, yub)! Galactic Nights lasts from 7:00 p.m. to midnight. You can find more information about it on StarWars.com. Tickets are available on the Disney World website.

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TV Bits: ‘Cobra Kai’ Plot Details, ‘The Punisher’ Images, ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Reviews

Marvel's The Punisher

In this edition of TV Bits:

  • Plot details revealed of YouTube Red’s Karate Kid sequel, Cobra Kai.
  • The Punisher releases its first official images.
  • CBS won’t lift the Star Trek Discovery review embargo until it airs.
  • The Game of Thrones season 7 Blu-ray is packed with new details and bonus content.
  • And more!

karate kid

Karate Kid spawned three sequels and a reboot, all about the scrappy underdog — the first two about Ralph Macchio’s Daniel, whose mantle was then picked up by Hilary Swank and (kind of) Jaden Smith — who bests the all-American bully. But what happens to the bully of the story?

Thirty years later, and he gets his turn to be the hero too. William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence, who was the abrasive, blond bully who terrorized Daniel in the first Karate Kid will get the spotlight in Cobra Kai, the YouTube Red 10-episode comedy series named after Johnny’s dojo in the film. In new plot details of Cobra Kai released by MovieHole, Johnny is now a down-on-his-luck septic tank cleaner who is so ragged that he gets mistaken for a homeless man. Desperate, he reopens the old Cobra Kai dojo and ends up taking in a bullied convenience store clerk named Miguel, finding himself on the other side of the story. While his reopened dojo once again puts him at odds with his old foe Daniel, who is a successful businessman with a perfect life, the two may end up teaming up against the new age bullies: ‘wrestler’ Kyler and his thug brothers who think karate is a “joke.”

Hopefully when the series rolls around in 2018, it’ll make bring back Bananarama’s iconic “Cruel Summer” once again.

punisher punisher 01 punisher 03 punisher 04 punisher 05 punisher 06 punisher 07 punisher 08 punisher 09 punisher 10 punisher 11 punisher 12

It looks like The Punisher will be both an origin story and a continuation for Jon Bernthal‘s Frank Castle after he left his burning house at the end of Daredevil season 2 with a weapons cache in hand and vengeance on his mind. The new official stills showing flashbacks of his time as a United States Marine, as well as interactions with Daredevil‘s Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) and a whole cast of new characters including Ben Barnes as Billy Russo (the civilian name of the villain Jigsaw), former NSA analyst Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), young veteran Lewis Walcott (Daniel Webber), Frank’s old friend Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore), CIA agent Rawlins (Paul Schulze), Micro’s wife Sarah Lieberman (Jaime Ray Newman), Homeland agent Sam Stein (Michael Nathanson), and his partner Dinah (Amber Rose Revah).

A new synopsis for the series has also been revealed:

After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. Now known throughout the city as The Punisher, he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.

 Though Bernthal is a genre television pro, appearing in supporting roles in The Walking Dead and Daredevil, this will be his first time leading a superhero series — and it’s all thanks to his scene-stealing turn in the second season of Daredevil. In an interview leading up to the series’ premiere on Netflix this fall, Bernthal spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the burden of becoming a leading man, even if the man is a murderous, vengeful vigilante.

“It might be the Frank Castle inside me, but I’m always thinking things could be headed for the worst. I’m horrified all the time. Look, there was an unbelievable response to the Frank we put out there in Daredevil, and it means the world to me, and I’m so grateful, and I do not want to let people down.”

Bernthal goes on to talk about how Frank reflects the darkness “in all of us,” but what I want to know is when Kastle (the ship name for Karen Page and Frank Castle) is going to happen. Come one, she’s in three out of the 12 promotional stills! I need them to make doe eyes at each other for 12 episodes.

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Wednesday, September 13 Filming Locations for Blue Bloods, Arrow, Chicago Fire, Star, The Affair, & more!

Here’s a look at various filming locations for September 13:  Filming in British Columbia TV Series: Arrow Stars: Stephen Amell Location: 1745 W 8th Ave, Vancouver Credit: @Kat_Impossible, @WhatsFilming Filming in California TV Series: Lucifer Stars: Tom Ellis Location: 1335 Willow St, Los Angeles (6:00 AM – 2:00 AM) Filming in Georgia TV Series: Valor Stars: Cecil M. Henry Location: The Georgian Terrace, Atlanta TV Series: MacGyver Stars: Lucas Till Location: Walker St, Castleberry Hill, Atlanta Movie: Ant-Man and the Wasp Stars: Paul Rudd Location:Norfolk-Southern/Gulch, Atlanta TV Series: The Gifted Stars: Stephen Moyer Location: Hardy Ivy Park on Peachtree, Atlanta TV Series: Star Stars: Jude Demorest Location: Opium in Atlanta Filming in Illinois TV Series: Chicago PD Stars: Jason Beghe Location: 2101 W Pershing, Chicago  TV Series: Chicago Fire Stars: Taylor Kinney Location: 414 S Homan, Chicago TV Series: The Chi Stars: Jason Mitchell Location: 1400 S Independence, Chicago Filming in New York‏ TV Series: Madam Secretary Stars: Tea Leoni Location: 93rd St and Park Ave, NYC Credit: @chickenstix104 Project: Possible Productions  Location: E 45th St and 5th Ave, NYC  Credit: @rokocat TV Series: Blue Bloods Stars: Donnie Wahlberg Location: 106-03 Metropolitan Ave, Queens TV Series: Gotham Stars: Ben McKenzie Location: Steiner..

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On Location Vacations

See the New Trailer For ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Fourth and Final Season

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer

The Rebellion is far from over, but it’s time for Star Wars Rebels…to end.

The Disney XD series will wrap up its fourth and final season, following the weary and embattled crew of the Ghost as they finally join up with the larger Rebellion that we know from the original trilogy. The new trailer for the fourth season teases just that, as well as more Thrawn and surprise appearances from the Imperial villains of Rogue One.

The trailer touches base with all of the crew members of the Ghost, with Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren (Tiya Sircar) paying back her people for their help, aspiring Jedi Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) seeking out guidance from the Force and encountering some mystical Force wolves, Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.) struggling to cope with his blindness, and Ghost pilot Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) seeing her career in the Rebellion begin to take off.

Star Wars anthology film Rogue One will play a more prominent part in this season, as Star Wars Rebels follows the timeline just before Rogue One takes place. One such connection is Director Orson Krennic, the Death Star special weapons supervisor played by Ben Mendelsohn, getting name-dropped in the trailer — though don’t expect to see an animated Mendelsohn grace the series with his appearance.

It’s always fun to make it feel like it’s part of this big world,” Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni told Entertainment Weekly in an interview about the upcoming season. “But the cape alone would be half my budget, just to make it flow.”

However, Rogue One character Saw Gerrera (with Forest Whitaker returning to voice the character), whose appearance was cut short in the film, will appear in the series to investigate the possibility of an unknown superweapon being built near Geonosis, according to EW.

But what of the crew of the Ghost, who we have followed for three seasons? They are still recuperating from their great battle with Thrawn, who will still act as the Big Bad of the season despite the Rogue One villains circling the story. Dave Filoni told EW:

“I don’t think of them at the end of season 3 as too victorious, as much as they just got away. They lost a lot of resources, they lost the initiative to have an attack to free the world of Lothal or knock out the Imperial factory there. In the end, yes they got away, but that’s kind of all they got. Now they have a lot less.”

The fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels premieres on Disney XD on October 16.

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The Coolest ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Items You Can Buy on Force Friday II

Star Wars The Last Jedi Toys

Tonight at midnight will officially begin the onslaught of Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise that is Force Friday II. The retail celebration brings the first toys, books, games, clothes, lunchboxes and more that are tied to the upcoming sci-fi sequel from director Rian Johnson. With so many items coming to shelves, we wanted to highlight some of the coolest stuff you’ll be able to get your hands on.

Just so you know, director Rian Johnson has said that he doesn’t think any of the toys being released for Force Friday II have any spoilers in them at all:

So that means you can peruse this story and Star Wars toy aisles to your heart’s content, and you won’t ruin the mysteries of Star Wars: The Last Jedi unless you’re trying to go into the movie without knowing anything at all.

Check out our favorite Star Wars The Last Jedi toys and collectibles below.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Luke Skywalker Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Praetorian Guard

Hasbro’s Black Series 6-Inch Figures

These continue to be the best action figures in Hasbro’s huge arsenal of toys. Standing at 6-inches tall, they’re the most detailed and articulated Star Wars figures that you can both easily get your hands on and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The first wave of Black Series figures will include Luke Skywalker, as seen at the end of The Force Awakens, Rey in her new training gear, Resistance mechanic Rose Tico, Finn in First Order Officer uniform, Kylo Ren, a Praetorian Guard, Poe Dameron, General Leia Organa and Maz Kanata.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Admiral Ackbar and First Order Officer Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Executioner Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Stormtrooper Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Snoke Star Wars The Last Jedi Black Series - Praetorian Guard

Those are all the figures that will be available across various retailers, but there are also exclusives you can only get at certain locations. For example, the First Order Stormtrooper Executioner (aka First Order Judicial) will only be available at Target. Meanwhile, that First Order Stormtrooper with the plethora of weapons will only be available on Amazon, and there’s a different version of the Praetorian Guard that you can only get there too. Maybe you’d like a two-pack of Admiral Ackbar and an unnamed First Order Officer can only be bought at Toys R Us. And finally, there’s that awesome Supreme Leader Snoke with his throne you can get at GameStop for $ 35. Be careful though, because some of these exclusives may not be available on Force Friday, but later this fall instead. (via io9 and The Hollywood Reporter)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Elite Series Figures Star Wars: The Last Jedi Elite Series Figures Star Wars: The Last Jedi Elite Series Figures

Disney Store’s Elite Series Figures

Though the Black Series figures may be the best and most affordable, a close second are these die-cast Elite Series figures. These figures are only available from the Disney Store (online and retail locations) or Disney Parks gift shops. The first wave includes Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Rey, R2-D2, First Order Judicial Stormtrooper (Executioner), Praetorian Guard, Chewbacca (with Porgs), Finn, Poe Dameron, Rose Tico (with BB-8), C-3PO, Captain Phasma and Supreme Leader Snoke. (via StarWars.com and Yahoo)

Star Wars Elite Series Die Cast Action Figures inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi (characters included: Kylo Ren (unmasked), Rey, Luke Skywalker, First Order Judicial Stormtrooper, Praetorian Guard, R2-D2). A premium line of die cast action figures featuring characters inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Available exclusively at Disney Store, DisneyStore.com, and Disney Parks.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl Star Wars The Last Jedi Funko POP Vinyl

Funko’s POP Vinyl Collection

Of course there are going to be an ample amount of Funko POP Vinyls featuring characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The line-up will feature many of the characters from the rest of the action figure lines (not all are shown above), but there are some new ones too, such as Benicio del Toro’s mysterious character DJ. It’s funny that his name isn’t officially DJ, but that’s how he’s being referred to on packaging. Could DJ end up being his real name after all? His hat say something in Aurebesh, but all we can make out is either “Jorn” or “Join” so it could be a phrase or a name. We’ll have to wait and see. Plus, notice that there are two alternate Prateorian Guards, each with different helmets and weapons.

For a closer look at all of the Funko offerings for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, check out this official unboxing video, or head over to Funko’s blog for the full reveal of all of their various little collectible figures.

Star Wars - Rey Premium Lightsaber

Rey’s Premium Lightsaber

There have been plenty of premium lightsabers over the years, and this one was even released as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber before. But now it’s officially Rey’s and you can get your hands on this latest version of the weapon that’s been handed down from Anakin Skywalker for years for yourself. However, this one is only a Disney Parks exclusive, so make room for it in your vacation luggage.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - Porg Pillow and Chewbacca Blanket

Porg Pillow and Chewbacca Blanket

We can’t help but fall in love with the cute, puffy little Porgs from the planet Ahch-To. We’re hoping that they don’t turn out to be the most annoying little creatures ever and are maybe a little better than the Ewoks. Therefore, we’re cautiously optimistic about this adorable Porg pillow that comes with a blanket featuring Chewbacca and his new little bird friends. Even your aunt might love this Star Wars item from Northwest.

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

LittleBits Droid Inventor Kit

For any kid who has every wanted to build their own droid but doesn’t have the parts to do so, this little Droid Inventor Kit from LittleBits should do the trick. You can reconfigure parts to come up with your own droid, give it special abilities through the app that works with the kid and take it on missions. It’s perfect for the pint-sized nerd in your life.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - LEGO BB-8 Star Wars The Last Jedi - LEGO TIE Silencer Star Wars The Last Jedi - LEGO Star Destroyer

The Last Jedi LEGO Sets

As always, there are a bunch of new LEGO sets being released in conjunction with The Last Jedi. The first wave includes several new vehicles like the Resistance Transport Pod, the First Order Heavy Scout Walker, Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer, a Resistance Bomber, the First Order Heavy Assault Walker, the First Order Star Destroyer, and a BB-8 made entirely of LEGO.

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New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Character Reveal Coming During Force Friday II

Star Wars Force Friday II

We’re just one week away from Force Friday II, the big merchandising event that will see a slew of Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys, clothing, posters, books and more thrown on shelves as part of Disney and Lucasfilm’s massive hype machine that we happily crank up each and every week. While most of the secrets of The Last Jedi will likely be kept intact, it doesn’t mean there won’t be some details gleaned from the event. In fact, part of the Force Friday II promotion will include the reveal of a new character through the “Find the Force” augmented reality event accessed through the official Star Wars app.

Find out more about Star Wars Force Friday II and this special promotion below.

This video explains how you can unlock characters in the Star Wars app by participating in Force Friday II:

As you can see, by scanning the “Find the Force” logo, you’ll unlock characters in the app, almost as if they were trading cards. Apparently at least one of the characters you’ll be able to unlock during the global event that spans three days at 20,000 retail locations spread across 30 countries will be a never-before-seen character from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Will this be a new key character in the Star Wars saga or are we talking about getting a glimpse at another Constable Zuvio here? It’s difficult to say, but it’s a relatively cool way to keep fans active on the Star Wars app while also unlocking new information about the movie.

You can use the Star Wars app right now to get an early look at the Porgs in augmented reality before the treasure hunt for more characters goes live next week for Force Friday II on September 1st. In fact, once you start the treasure hunt, you’ll be able to post photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #FindtheForce and #Sweepstakes throughout that weekend for a chance to win the ultimate fan experience: tickets to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere in December.

If you’re wondering where the best place to go for Force Friday II is going to be, StarWars.com has all the details on the various events and parties that certain retail locations are having. Some establishments like Target, Walmart and Meijer will be opening at midnight to start selling The Last Jedi merchandise immediately. Other retailers have their own exclusives and whatnot too, which you can find about in much more detail right here.

Happy hunting, and may the Force be with you!

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Forces of Destiny Unboxing

Hasbro's Star Wars Forces of Destiny Unboxing

Hasbro’s Star Wars Forces of Destiny unboxing

Last month, Disney and Lucasfilm released a series of Star Wars Forces of Destiny animated shorts featuring the female heroes of the Star Wars galaxy. Now Hasbro has provided ComingSoon.net the opportunity to do a special Forces of Destiny unboxing featuring dolls of (click links to purchase) Princess Leia and Wicket from Return of the Jedi, Rey and BB-8 from The Force Awakens and Jyn Erso from Rogue One. Check out the unboxing in the gallery below!

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Developed by Lucasfilm Animation, Star Wars Forces of Destiny remains true to the Star Wars canon, showing how choices both big and small ultimately shape the destinies of beloved characters. The animated micro-series is available on Disney YouTube ahead of a two-part TV special featuring eight additional shorts on Disney Channel in fall 2017. Fans will be delighted to hear familiar voices in the series, including: Daisy Ridley (Rey), Felicity Jones (Jyn), Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) and Lupita Nyong’o (Maz Kanata).

Star Wars Forces of Destiny will also be supported by global product extensions, such as books, apparel, bedding, and toys – including the new line of ‘Adventure Figures’ created by Hasbro, which bridges the gap between traditional action figures and dolls. Each individually-designed figure features dynamic action, like Rey swinging her lightsaber, along with multiple points of articulation to help recreate the characters’ adventures and heroic moments with different poses.

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“From Princess Leia to Sabine Wren, Star Wars heroines are unique, and we wanted to represent that in the product line for Star Wars Forces of Destiny,” said Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, when the series was first announced. “The result is the creation of our new ‘Adventure Figures’ that celebrate the power and stories of these incredible characters and allow kids to recreate their most heroic moments at home.”

What do you think of Star Wars Forces of Destiny? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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