Watch: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Edit Clips to Music (Seriously)

This technique will basically let you do an hours-long job in mere minutes.

Editing is a long, drawn-out process that takes days, weeks, and even months to do, and yeah, there are many different ways to shave off your work time by making your workflow more efficient, but for the most part, you’re in it for the long haul. That is unless you’re wanting to edit clips to music. Usually, the process of matching up your clips to the beat would take hours, requiring you to zoom in close to your audio waveform, pinpoint each peak, and then snap every clip to those exact places on your timeline. This was painfully tedious, but in this video, Peter McKinnon shows you a freakishly fast way to edit your footage to music in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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This Affordable Motion Control Rig Will Seriously Up Your Time-Lapse Game

Cinetics unveils their latest motion-control rig, the Lynx, adding mobile control into the mix.

Credit: Cinetics

Nothing ups your game in time lapse like a move. Whether you’re doing a simple track left or right, or mixing in a complicated camera pan and tilt, long time-lapse shots have more punch with camera moves to elevate the material.

Cinetics, based in Austin, Texas, previously helped indie filmmakers add moves to their time-lapse establishing shots with the Axis360 system. Now they’re back with the Lynx.

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Chelsea Clinton and Kellyanne Conway just had a friendly Twitter moment. Seriously.


Chelsea Clinton did possibly the most unlikely thing ever and came to the defense of Kellyanne Conway on Twitter on Friday.

It all happened after Conway was at the center of lewd remarks by Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana. Richmond’s words drew outrage on Twitter and from politicians such as his own state’s governor, John Bel Edwards, who said “without question” Richmond should apologize. 

The controversial, some would say sexually suggestive language came during a fundraiser dinner with the Washington Press Club Foundation, during which Richmond attempted some sort of joke. Read more…

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McDonald’s Japan takes burgers so seriously it’s holding a full-blown election for them


People all over Japan will be heading to the ballots this January to cast their vote…for their favourite burger.

Yes you read that right.

Twelve of McDonald Japan’s most popular burgers have joined the race to become the franchise’s “number one burger.

The burgers, which are split into two teams, each have their own election videos and even campaign promises.

So how exactly does this election work?

The burgers are divided into two teams of red and blue.

Image: rocketnews

The Red team consists of beef-based burgers like the Big Mac and Double Cheese Burgers, with the Blue team made up of non-beef burgers such as the Fillet-O-Fish and Teriyaki Burger.  Read more…

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