Dad’s tweet about daughter’s reaction to a female referee is what we need right now


Once again an adorable child has reminded us that people are capable of anything. 

Twitter user Hullablue took his daughter to a semi-professional football game near Leeds, UK on Saturday, and got this snap of the little bean being inspired by an assistant referee.

Daughter was delighted to see this assistant referee today “her hair is like mine, can I be a referee? ” – pic taken during one of the many injury breaks @TheGarforthTown @WomeninFootball @NCEL

— Hullablue (@hullablue) October 14, 2017 Read more…

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‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Rage Over Szechuan Sauce Shortage, But McDonald’s Will Make It Right

Rick and Morty - McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Shortage

Over the weekend, Rick and Morty fans had the opportunity to do what Rick Sanchez has been unable to do on the series so far: get their hands on the limited edition Szechuan sauce that was released by McDonald’s in 1998 as a cross-promotion with Disney’s Mulan. It seems like a clever enough promotion by McDonald’s, but they were woefully unprepared for the demand from Rick and Morty fans for the coveted sauce.

Find out about the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce shortage below.

io9 rounded up the experiences that some unhappy fans had over the weekend as they tried to get ahold of the Szechuan sauce. McDonald’s locations had hundreds of fans show up to get their hands on some sauce, but the amount available was even more limited than many thought.

First of all, the sauce was only available in tiny packets, the same that ketchup usually comes in. McDonald’s locations received anywhere from 20 sauce packets to 70 sauce packets, which was nowhere near enough to satisfy the appetite of Rick and Morty fans. The limited edition posters were even less abundant. Nice job, Jerry.

Even in the less populated areas, demand was infinitely higher than what was available. Here in the Midwest, I intended to make an attempt at getting some of the sauce, but roughly 300 people showed up to the location in South Bend, Indiana and there were only 20 sauce packets available and two Szechuan sauce posters made available.

While it was troubling to hear reports that some McDonald’s employees were trying to sell the sauce under the table, that wasn’t nearly as upsetting as the fact that some bad apples felt this was a big enough problem to start fights, with some locations having police involved in the fallout that followed.

McDonald’s heard how angry Rick and Morty fans were, and they responded online with this tweet:

So if you didn’t get your hands on Szechuan sauce this past weekend, you’ll get your chance this winter, and you won’t have to wait in line with hundreds of other people to get your hands on it (or pay stupid amounts of money to get it). Winter may be a couple months away, but at least it’s not nine seasons away.

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Screenplay Better

If your script just isn’t hitting the mark, here are a handful of things you can try in order to get it there.

Writing a screenplay is kind of like trying to carry too many things at once. At first, you think you’ve got a pretty good grip, but pretty soon you feel that grip start to loosen. So, you adjust your arms to accommodate the shifting weight only to realize that some items on the other side are now starting to slip. Then it happens: something falls. So you pick it up, but as you do, something else falls. So, you pick that up, but then another thing falls and so on and so forth until you’re just the jackass out in a grocery store parking lot dropping shit and picking shit up ad infinitum.

Yeah, so screenwriting’s like that. It can get frustrating at times trying to keep everything together (and off the ground), but the more you know about what works and what doesn’t work may help you put your narrative elements in places where they have a better chance of staying put.

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Apple just released statement on net neutrality, and you need read it right now


Apple has released a statement on net neutrality, and it’s worth reading.

People get emotional about this topic. The future of the internet—and by extension the future of information, business, and just about everything else—is at stake, as the Federal Communications Commission works toward eliminating the rules that make sure internet providers can’t manipulate what you see or how you see it.

With all the vitriol, net neutrality can seem like just another partisan topic. It’s not—and Apple’s head of public policy in the U.S., Cynthia Hogan, laid it all out very simply in a letter sent to the FCC. Read more…

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How a Movie Can Go Wrong (Even When It Had Everything Right)

James Ellroy’s novel “The Black Dahlia” is a fictionalized crime noir that launches from one of the most gruesome unsolved murders of old Los Angeles. Ellroy’s book is quintessential noir layered in a dark world of criminals, muscled confessions and crooked cops. No one is innocent in the pursuit of justice for the murder of […]

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Why is BuzzFeed selling a hot plate? Because it sucks to be a media company right now.


It’s one thing to pivot to video, it’s quite another to pivot to kitchenware.

The former, video, has become a major trend and a dark, running joke in the media world. As media outlets continue to struggle to justify the economics of the digital world, video beckons as a better option. 

BuzzFeed does plenty of video, but for arguably the biggest and most experimental media startup, that’s not enough. The company has been experimenting with launching products and on Thursday revealed its most aggressive move yet—a Tasty-branded smartphone-connected hot plate. 

Tasty is BuzzFeed’s food brand, and it’s one of the company’s biggest bright spots. The brand is huge online, but has already translated into a real-world success with its bestselling cookbook. Read more…

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Find out what Sony’s got for E3, live, right here


We’ve already heard from EA, Ubisoft, Xbox, and Bethesda. Now it’s time for Sony’s big E3 show.

We’re expecting some trailers or news on Spider-Man, Days Gone, God of War, and some new announcements. And probably some worthwhile indies, if previous E3 conferences are any indication. Read more…

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How to pick the right camera for 360 video


Yes, those 360-degree videos you see sometimes on YouTube and Facebook are purty, not just because they’re new and shiny, but because they’re more immersive than even the most stunning two-dimensional Instagram images. But how do those video wizards create them, you may ask?

Although some of those videos were definitely created using very expensive and sophisticated cameras, it’s absolutely possible to create your own 360 videos easily — and cheaply. 

But before we get into specifics, it’s important to understand what 360 video is and isn’t. First: It’s not “virtual reality.” An experience isn’t truly VR unless it has an interactive element. Ideally, that interactivity will come with an interface or controls that allow you to truly engage the environment and control your position and perspective in it, rather than simply allowing you to passively look around at panoramic video imagery.  Read more…

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All the things ‘Parks and Recreation’ got right and wrong about 2017


It’s been more than two years since the last Parks and Recreation episode aired, but thanks to Netflix, the show is still as beloved as ever. If you believe hard enough, you can trick yourself into thinking the show is never over.

And thanks to Netflix, we were recently were engaging in our 40th watch-through of this great show (it’s kind of always just on loop) when we remembered something — the last season of the show was set in 2017.

For the entirety of Parks and Rec prior to the last season, the show took place concurrently with the present reality. However, in a bold twist, the very last episode of Season 6 ended with a fast-forward three years into not only Leslie and crew’s future, but our collective future as well. Read more…

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You can watch a new episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ like, right now


Here’s an April Fools’ joke you’ll like: Fans of the series Rick and Morty have been waiting more than one year, but Adult Swim finally aired a new episode of the show Saturday. 

Available to viewers in the U.S. and other “select locations,” the Season 3 premiere is set to play on loop until midnight ET and PT as part of the channel’s April Fools’ prank. Viewers are advised to get their adult sci-fi fix of mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty while they can.

The show’s co-creator, Dan Harmon, teased the stunt Friday night before blasting it on Twitter the following day. Read more…

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