WB and New Line’s ‘It’ Propels September 2017 to Record Heights

September 2017 saw record returns with calendar grosses topping $ 695 million, falling just shy of becoming the first September to ever total $ 700 million at the domestic box office. Leading the way was Warner Bros. and New Line’s massive hit It, which delivered record numbers of its own and accounted for a massive 41.2% of the month’s total gross. September is also the first month since April to show an improvement over the same month in 2016, with September grosses finishing 18.3% higher t…
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5 Things That Will Help You Record Audio That Doesn’t Totally Suck

If you’re a filmmaker who gets completely lost when it comes to audio, you’re not alone.

Most of us got into filmmaking because we wanted to tell stories with beautiful images. That’s not really news to anyone. However, there’s the visual side of cinema, which is important, and then there’s the audio side, which is arguably even more important, and the unfortunate thing about is many new filmmakers don’t know a whole lot about how to record great audio. If that’s you, you might want to take a look at this video from Matti Haapoja of TravelFeels. He admits to not being much of an “audio guy,” but provides some really simple, really basic tips that can help you get better sound without knowing much about it.

I’ll be the first to tell you that if you want to be good at something, you have to learn everything you can about that thing. However, I’ve tried for well over ten years to understand audio and, like chemistry (which I failed miserably in high school), I just don’t f**king get it. Sorry about it, but I don’t. That’s why I need clear and simple directions on recording that don’t require me to know much about how sound works.

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Weekend #1 Up for Grabs as Record September at the Box Office Comes to an End

As a record September comes to an end, it’s a race for number one with three films separated by a mere $ 310k. Based on estimates, it’s a return to #1 for WB and New Line’s It, but hot on its heels is Universal’s American Made along with Fox’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Otherwise, Sony’s Flatliners debuted on life support, Novus’s Til Death Do Us Part found its way into the top ten and Pure Flix’s A Question of Faith finished on the outside looking in. With just over $ 300k separating …
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‘Kingsman 2’ Finishes #1 as September Grosses Near Record High

The weekend’s new releases fell shy of Mojo’s weekend forecast, but Kingsman: The Golden Circle still managed to debut larger than the original, finishing in the #1 spot. Unfortunately, The LEGO Ninjago Film fell well short of expectations as did Friend Request, which delivered a mere $ 2.4 million opening. There were, however, some bright spots among limited release titles as Battle of the Sexes and Victoria and Abdul delivered strong opening results as September’s calendar grosses continu…
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‘It’ Remains #1 with $60M Second Weekend, Floating to September Record

After just eight days in release, WB and New Line’s It became the highest grossing September release of all-time, two days later it added another $ 40 million to that total for an impressive $ 60 million second weekend and nearly $ 220 million in just ten days. The horror film’s performance vastly overshadowed the weekend’s two new wide releases that saw Lionsgate and CBS Films’s American Assassin deliver respectable results in second place while Paramount’s release of Darren Aronofsky’s moth…
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Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Targets Fall Opening Weekend Record

With the worst August in twenty years and worst summer in over ten years now behind us, this weekend will turn up the heat as Fall 2017 gets underway. Debuting in over 4,100 theaters, Warner Bros. and New Line’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It is looking to break more than just a few records while Open Road’s Home Again starring Reese Witherspoon will quietly target a much smaller audience as a counter-programming option. Before it even hits theaters, WB and New Line’s It has already br…
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‘Wonder Woman’ Sets a Record Opening for a Female Directed Feature

Wonder Woman exceeded all expectations this weekend, delivering an impressive $ 100 million opening, the largest opening for a female-directed feature, vastly out-performing the previous record holder Fifty Shades of Grey, which debuted with $ 85.1 million back in 2015. Meanwhile, Fox’s release of the DreamWorks Animation feature Captain Underpants came up a little short of Mojo’s forecast while mildly outperforming the studio’s modest expectations. Overall, the weekend dramatically outperfor…
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‘Fate of the Furious’ Debuts with Record International and Worldwide Opening Weekend

MONDAY PM UPDATE: The Fate of the Furious came in just a bit under $ 100 million once actuals arrived, putting the film’s domestic opening at $ 98.78 million. However, it’s international performance actually improved as the film brought in a record $ 433.2 million from 63 international markets for a record $ 532 million global box office debut. You can check out all of this weekend’s actual results right here. WEEKEND RECAP: It was close, but just by a hair Universal’s The Fate of the F…
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