Dad’s tweet about daughter’s reaction to a female referee is what we need right now


Once again an adorable child has reminded us that people are capable of anything. 

Twitter user Hullablue took his daughter to a semi-professional football game near Leeds, UK on Saturday, and got this snap of the little bean being inspired by an assistant referee.

Daughter was delighted to see this assistant referee today “her hair is like mine, can I be a referee? ” – pic taken during one of the many injury breaks @TheGarforthTown @WomeninFootball @NCEL

— Hullablue (@hullablue) October 14, 2017 Read more…

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Facebook reaction GIFs could soon finally be a thing


It’s about freaking time. GIFs could finally be coming to more places on Facebook. 

The social network plans to start testing a new GIF button in comments, Facebook confirmed Friday, meaning proper reaction GIFs could finally be a thing.

It’s not clear if the test, which will apparently resemble the GIF button in Facebook Messenger, will become an official feature. In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson emphasized the feature is just an experiment for now.

“Everyone loves a good GIF and we know that people want to be able to use them in comments. So we’re about to start testing the ability to add GIFs to comments and we’ll share more when we can, but for now we repeat that this is just a test.” Read more…

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This salty reaction GIF is the internet’s new favorite meme


Salty reaction GIFs have a special home on Twitter. Sometimes they just work better than anything you can write in 140 characters.

Though a GIF of Giant Bomb’s video producer and podcaster Drew Scanlon has existed in the gaming community for quite some time, it has only received wide-spread internet notoriety in the last few weeks, which is fortunate, because it deserves the internet’s admiration. 

As noted by the internet meme database Know Your Meme, the GIF comes from Giant Bomb’s video titled “Unprofessional Fridays.” In the clip, Scanlon reacts to Jeff Gershman saying he is “Farming with my hoe.” Read more…

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Watch Mark Hamill’s Reaction to the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Title

What If Mark Hamill Didn't Return for Star Wars Episode 7

Earlier today, we finally learned the title of Rian Johnson‘s upcoming Star Wars movie, the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the eighth film of the “Skywalker Saga.” Finally, we can stop writing Star Wars: Episode 8 and start writing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Man, that feels good. I’m going to write it again. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Ooh.

If you want to know how fans are reacting to the new title, you can hit up any number of comments section and Twitter threads (and through my social media window, the response has been mostly positive followed by “But is that a singular or plural Jedi?!”). If you want to know how Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, reacted to the tile reveal, you’ll just have to watch the video below.

To be specific, Hamill is really reacting to everyone else reacting to the title. As he says in the video excerpt from a larger Associated Press interview, he’s known the title since they were filming and has had to keep his mouth shut. I wonder just how many times he accidentally let it slip in conversation and then had to beg everyone present to not say anything because he didn’t want to get thrown in the Disney gulag. Anyway, everyone involved deserves a pat on the back for their secrecy because The Last Jedi is completely different than all of the “rumored” titles that have emerged over the past year.

And Mr. Hamill is right – there’s a definite Samurai ring to the title, which is appropriate for a series that has been very open in its affection for the films of Akira Kurosawa. Meanwhile, you can feel the relief and pride emanating off this tweet from writer/director Rian Johnson like a cloud of steam:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

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