Award Winners – Raindance WebFest 2017

The 25th Raindance Film Festival in partnership with Lexus announced this year’s WebFest Awards’ winners at the Vue West End on 1 October.

Showcasing the best of independent digital and streaming series, Raindance WebFest aims to promote and nurture that next generation of online video creators. Read on to see the full list of winners.


Best International Series


WINNER: Jezabel (dir. Julien Bittner)

Save me (dir. Fab Filippo)

Adventures of a Brokenheart (dir. Ariel Martínez Herrera)

High Life (dir. Luke Eve)

Clash of Narratives: A Tale of Two Georgias (dir. Robin Forestier-Walker)

The Breakup List (dir. Aaron Khoo)

Best Writing

WINNER: Adventures of a Brokenheart (written by Ariel Martínez Herrera & Martín García Garabal)

WINNER: Bertrand (written by Hélène Lombard & Julien Sibony)

Jezabel (written by Julien Capron)

Thierry Levure (written by Julien War)

In Absentia (written by Jessica Silvetti & Ethan Kogan)

Doucheaholics (written by Sean McCarthy)

Best Directing 


WINNER: Restoration (dir. Stuart Willis)

Chronicles of a Paranoiac: Cast Adrift, Hype It Up, Clonesome (dir. Nikita Tamarov)

That’s My DJ (dir. D.W. Waterson)

Adventures of a Brokenheart (dir. Ariel Martínez Herrera)

Bruce (dir. Tony Rogers)

Doucheaholics (dir. Sean McCarthy)

Best Lead Actor

WINNER: Jezabel – Hélène Kuhn

The Breakup List – Benjamin Kheng

Bertrand – Bertrand Usclat

It’s Not That Simple – Swara Bhasker

Best British Series

Pls Like

WINNER: Pls Like (dir. Tom Kingsley)

Stories of Note (dir. Caleb Yule)

I Gotta Be Me (dir. Steven Bloomer)

Millennial Theory (dir. Hugh O’Shea & Phillip Whiteman)

Best Ensemble Cast

WINNER: Bruce (dir. Tony Rogers)

Doucheaholics (dir. Sean McCarthy)

Chronicles of a Paranoiac: Cast Adrift, Hype It Up, Clonesome (dir. Nikita Tamarov)

That’s My DJ (dir. D.W. Waterson)

Hollywood (dir. Clemy Clarke)

Confess (dir. Moshe Rosenthal)

Achievement in Production


WINNER: Bruce – Costume

The Breakup List – Cinematography

That’s My DJ – Editing

Hypno – Colourist

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Award Winners – Raindance Film Festival 2017

The 25th Raindance Film Festival in partnership with Lexus announced this year’s Festival Awards’ winners at its awards ceremony at the May Fair Hotel on 29 September.

This year, Raindance Film Festival received a record-breaking number of submissions from over 120 countries and screened more than 200 projects, including features, shorts, music videos, web series and VR experiences. 2017 saw the introduction of the Raindance VRX Awards, celebrating pioneering VR experiences by independent creators from across the world.

A champion of independent filmmaking, Raindance aims to honour the best of indie cinema from across the world. Award winners were chosen by our amazing Jury, which consists of some of the best names in British talent, including Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Celia Imrie (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel). Read on to see the full list of winners.


In Competition

Best Film

The Constitution

WINNER: The Constitution (dir. Rajko Grlic)

Hello Again (dir. Tom Gustafson)

The Traveller (dir. Hadi Ghandour)

Swaying Mariko (dir. Koji Segawa)

Mukoku (dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri)

Noise (dir. Yusaku Matsumoto)

Maya Dardel (dir. Zachary Cotler & Magdalena Zyzak)

High & Outside: A Baseball Noir (dir. Evald Johnson)

Black Hollow Cage (dir. Sadrac González-Perellón)

Djam (dir. Tony Gatlif)

Best Director

WINNERMaya Dardel (dir. Zachary Cotler & Magdalena Zyzak)

Hello Again (dir. Tom Gustafson)

The Traveller (dir. Hadi Ghandour)

Mukoku (dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri)

Djam (dir. Tony Gatlif)

Best Screenplay

WINNER: The Constitution (written by Rajko Grlic and Ante Tomić)

Hello Again (written by Cory Krueckeberg)

High & Outside: A Baseball Noir (written by Dan O’Dair)

Black Hollow Cage (written by Sadrac González-Perellón)

Swaying Mariko (written by Koji Segawa)

Best Performance

WINNER: The Constitution – Nebojša Glogovac (dir. Rajko Grlic)

Black Hollow Cage – Lowena McDonell (dir. Sadrac González-Perellón)

Djam – Daphne Patakia (dir. Tony Gatlif)

The Traveller – Rodrigue Sleiman (dir. Hadi Ghandour)

Maya Dardel – Lena Olin (dir. Zachary Cotler & Magdalena Zyzak)


Best UK Feature

In Another Life

WINNERIn Another Life (dir. Jason Wingard)

The Dark Mile (dir. Gary Love)

Edie (dir. Simon Hunter)

Stooge (dir. Madeleine Farley)

Isolani (dir. R. Paul Wilson)

Best Documentary Feature

WINNERRiverBlue: Can Fashion Save the Planet? (David McIlvride & Roger Williams)

Bluefin (dir. John Hopkins)

Home Truth (dir. April Hayes & Katia Maguire)

On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace (dir. Heitor Dhalia)

SPECIAL JURY MENTION:The Family I Had (dir, Katie Green & Carlye Rubin)

Speak Up (dir. Stéphane de Freitas & Ladj Ly)

Discovery Award

WINNERI Still Hide to Smoke (dir. Rayhana)

A Trip to the Moon (dir. Joaquín Cambre)

Children of the Night (dir. Andrea de Sica)

Scaffolding (dir. Matan Yair)

The Story of a Satellite (dir. Sonia Albert-Sobrino & Miriam Albert-Sobrino)



Best Short of the Festival

Viola, Franca

SPECIAL JURY MENTION: Viola, Franca (dir. Marta Savina)

Lethe (dir. Dea Kulumbegahsvili)

Goddess (dir. Karishma Dube)

Mixtape Marauders (dir. Peter Edlund)

WINNER: Game (dir. Jeannie Donohoe)

Best UK Short

SPECIAL JURY MENTION: Cla’am (dir. Nathaniel Martello-White)

Diagnosis (dir. Eva Riley)

Wild Horses (dir. Rory Alexander Stewart)

Work (dir. Aneil Karia)

46.0 (dir. Joseph A. Adesunloye)

Best Documentary Short

WINNERRiders of the Wall of Death (dir. Erik Morales)

American Psychosis (dir. Amanda Zackem)

Without Sun (dir. Paul de Ruijter)

My Deadly, Beautiful City (dir. Victoria Fiore)

Ink, Cocks & Rock’n’Roll (dir. Matt Harlock)

Best Animation Short

WINNER: Flutter (dir. Vladimir Todorov)

White Tunnel (dir. Lan-Chi Chien & Chin-Wei Chang)

Johnnos’s Dead (dir. Chris Shepherd)

Nocturne (dir. Anne Breymann)

Notes on Monstropedia (dir. Koji Yamamura)

Best of Music Video

WINNERTerror (dir. Joseph Armario)

Everybody (dir. Benjamin Roberds)

The Wolf (dir. Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Rafael Roldán & Fer Suniga)

Don’t Pull Away (dir. Tamar Glezerman)

The Strangle of Anna (dir. Dawn Shadforth)


VRX Awards

Best Cinematic Narrative VR Experience


WINNERAlteration (by Jérôme Blanquet and OKIO-Studio)

Broken Night (by Alon Benari and Tal Zubalsky)

The Tragic Story of Betty Corrigall (by Peter Boyd Maclean and the BBC)

UTURN (by Nathalie Mathe)

Best Documentary VR Experience

WINNER: First Impressions (by Francesca Panetta, Nicole Jackson and the Guardian VR)

Iranian Kurdish Female Fighters (by Namak Khoshnaw and the BBC)

Songs of Vine (by Maira Clancy and Blake Montgomery)

¡Viva La Evolución! (by Fifer Garbesi)

Best Interactive Narrative VR Experience

WINNER: Manifest 99 (by Flight School Studio)

Life of Us (by Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin and Within)

Ray (by Future Lighthouse)

Treehugger: Wawona (by Marshmallow Laser Feast)

Best Mobile Interactive VR Experience

WINNER: Virtual Virtual Reality (by Tender Claws)

The Unfinished (by Innerspace VR)

In the Eyes of the Animal (by Marshmallow Laser Feast)

Horizons (by Horizons Music)

Best Animation VR Experience

WINNER: Dear Angelica (by Wesley Allsbrook and Saschka Unseld)

Arden’s Wake: The Prologue (by Eugene Chung and Penrose Studios)

Rain or Shine (by Nexus Studios)

Song of the Sea (by Cartoon Saloon)

Best Music VR Experience

WINNER: Beethoven’s Fifth (by Jessica Brillhart)

Mind Enterprises: Chapita (by Nexus Studios)

Peroration Six (by Floating Points)

Reeps One: Does Not Exist (by Reeps One, The Mill and Aurelia Soundworks)

Best Branded VR Experience

WINNER: The Chainsmokers Paris VR (by Brynley Bibson and Russ Harding)

Manchester City – Match Day (by JAUNT VR)

Snatch VR Heist Experience (by Sony Pictures Television Networks and Future Lighthouse)

Welcome To Laphroaig (by East City Films / VR City)

Best Sensual VR Experience

WINNER: Through You (by Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld)

Second Date (by Jennifer Lyon Bell)

In My Shoes: Intimacy (by Jane Gauntlett and Andrew Somerville)

Come! (by Michel Reilhac)

Best Social Impact VR Experience

WINNER: Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon (by Greenpeace)

42 Days (by Animal Equality)

Aftershock: Nepal’s Untold Water Story (by WaterAid)

You Are There. On the road to ending Polio (by Unicef)

Best Sound Design VR Experience

WINNER: Reeps One: Does Not Exist (by Aurelia Soundworks and Reeps One)

Life of Us (by Within)

The Resistance of Honey (by Peter Boyd Maclean, Bioni Samp and BBC)

The Tragic Story of Betty Corrigall (by Peter Boyd Maclean and BBC)

Special Prize Winner: Best Storytelling in #VR

Arden’s Wake

WINNER: Arden’s Wake (by Eugene Chung and Penrose Studios)


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Come to Raindance for… Social Change

Film is a powerful medium. Film motivates, inspires, and transforms our collective social reality. Film has the ability to tear people apart and bring them together. In a world progressively characterised by turmoil, Raindance aims to champion films that have an impact; films that aspire to breakdown walls, and inspire social change.

Here are four films that aim to provoke social change to look out for at Raindance Film Festival 2017.


In Another Life

Jason Wingard

Adnan is a refugee from Syria, a former teacher who finds himself trapped in the sprawling encampment outside Calais known as The Jungle. Separated from his wife, he is gradually brutalised by the corruption of the ruthless people smugglers and the hatred of the locals, who see the refugees as invaders, and he begins to lose his grip on morality. With the character of Adnan, the film gives a very human face to a phenomenon which has inspired hysterical xenophobia in recent years.

Buy your tickets for In Another Life


Perfect Revolution

Jumpei Matsumoto

Kuma is disabled, suffering from congenital cerebral palsy, but despite living most of his life as a wheelchair user, he likes sex and so he became an activist for sex for the disabled. He meets Mitsu (Nana Seino), a prostitute who suffers from a personality disorder, and gradually starts opening his heart to her. Their ultimate love has the power to destroy social barriers and their own personal obstacles.

Guy your tickets for Perfect Revolution


Cahier Africain

Heidi Specogna

It started with a small school exercise book, checkered with the courageous testimonies of 300 Central African women, girls and men. They reveal what Congolese mercenaries did to them in the wake of armed conflict. They gathered together their testimonies in this book to record the crimes committed against them. This striking documentary bears witness to the collapse of order and civilisation in a country torn apart by civil war.

Buy your tickets for Cahier Africain


Stolen Innocence

Chris Davis

Stolen Innocence delves into a hidden world: the untold stories of millions of girls who disappear from their homes and are forced into a life of sex slavery. Without a choice, these girls are violently trafficked into the world’s largest sex ring.    This documentary tackles the most pressing questions surrounding the hidden industry of sex trafficking. What is the force behind trafficking? What is driving the industry’s rapid growth? Why lawmakers are doing nothing to prevent it?

Buy your tickets for Stolen Innocence


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Come to Raindance for… Filmmaking Careers

Here at Raindance, we aim to discover, nurture and support the new and upcoming voices of independent cinema. Packed with a host of special events, talks, panels, and workshops, the Raindance Industry Forums are designed to bring insight to independent filmmakers to help in their careers.

Here are four events to look out for at this year’s Raindance Industry Forums.


360 Filmmaking Masterclass

Presented by Facebook 360

Speakers from Facebook’s 360 team in California will discuss all about 360 filmmaking and the benefits of their 360 platform including camera systems, audio, stitching and more. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a film student, a media professional or a creative, this masterclass will provide you with the knowledge you need to start crafting powerful 360 films. Our goal is to inspire creators across all mediums—filmmakers, writers, musicians, game designers and more—and help them to connect and bring their ideas to life. Join us and learn how you can push the boundaries of creativity in VR and 360 filmmaking.

Buy tickets for: 360 Filmmaking Masterclass


Pitch Training with Elliot Grove

The word “pitching” is really a misnomer, it conjures up visions of a snake-oil salesman peddling questionable wares to an unsuspecting public. But if you took pitching out of the film business, the entire industry would collapse. Every movie ever made was made as a result of pitching. It’s not enough to have a million pound idea, you have to be able to sell it. When often all you have is 15 minutes with a producer that has heard 10 other projects that same day, it is vital to learn how to hook anyone and get your movie made.

Buy your tickets for: Pitch Training with Elliot Grove


Location, Location, Location

How to Find the Right Location For Your Film, Presented by Film Fixer

When you are making a film, you have to be street smart and leverage whatever resources you have at hand, particularly when having to locate, negotiate, and pay for location rents. Be it a deserted island or a jam-packed city, finding the right location is hard. In this session, Andrew Pavord, founder of FilmFixer shares his top tips on securing your most wanted filming locations.

Buy tickets for: Location, Location, Location


Lighting Technology Masterclass

Presented by Rotolight

All filmmakers – from DPs and directors to producers and writers  – should learn to leverage the art of lighting. Light is one of the most important tools available to enhance the atmosphere, mystery and mood of your story on camera. This workshop will demonstrate the latest in filmmaking and lighting technologies and techniques for filmmakers to enhance their productions.

Buy your tickets for: Lighting Technology Masterclass

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Elliot’s Top 10 Raindance 2017 Movies

Noémie Merlant at the opening of her film NEWCOMER at Raindance

Trying to decide which films to look out for at Raindance Film Festival? That’s why we have put together a festival film keyword page: There’s such a variety of films from over 50 countries.

With a gun at my head, I am going to choose ten films I really want to see, and tell you why!

10. Barrage

Country: Luxembourg/Belgium/France
Showing Times: Mon 25th Sep 20:30, Thu 28th Sep 15:15
Get your tickets to Barrage here:

From Belgium comes this gritty relationship story. Barrage is sort of a right-of-passage for a young girl. If you like movies with minimal use of dialogue, a whimsical shooting style, an eclectic soundtrack and an unsettling, character study then this is the film for you.

9. Discreet

Country: USA
Showing Times: Fri 22nd Sep 20:00, Wed 27th Sep 15:00
Buy tickets to Discreet here

A stylish American indie set in the middle of nowhere that was a hit at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and having its UK Premiere at Raindance. Filmmaker Alex lives in a van. During a visit to his former alcoholic mother, she shares with him a well-kept secret.

8. This Is Us

Country: USA
Showing Times: Fri 22nd Sep 13:00, Thu 28th Sep 17:45
Buy tickets to This Is Us Here

A young woman breaks things off with her boyfriend, but the universe has other plans. Desperate to move on, she is forced to literally relive the memories they’ve shared together. Pin-balling through time and space, she attempts to rewrite their shared history in the hope that she can find the man with whom she first fell in love.

7. High & Outside: A Baseball Noir

Country: USA
Showing Times: Wed 27th Sep 18:30, Sun 1st Oct 12:45
Buy tickets to High & Outside: A Baseball Noir Here

In the streets of Los Angeles, a minor league baseball player recklessly claws to keep his dreams alive. This dark drama explores the dangerous nature of living in someone else’s shadow.

6. Black Hollow Cage

Country: Spain
Showing Times: Fri 22nd Sep 18:30, Sun 24th Sep 15:15
Buy tickets to Black Hollow Cage here

From Spain comes this stylish film noir set in the country. An injured girl forms a bond with a werewolf.

5. Transmania

Country: Croatia
Showing Times: Fri 22nd Sep 15:00, Wed 27th Sep 20:00
Buy tickets to Transmania here

A brilliant film directed by 15 different directors. Watching this you’ll find that London’s night life pales in comparison to Belgrade’s dynamic scene.

4. RiverBlue: Can Fashion Save The Planet?

Country: Canada
Showing Times:Thu 21st Sep 20:30, Sun 24th Sep 12:30
Buy tickets to RiverBlue here

This powerful documentary will tug on your heartstrings and make you think next time you are browsing through clothing at a store like Primark.

3. Midnighters

Country: USA
Showing Times:Thu 21st Sep 18:00, Tue 26th Sep 13:00
Buy tickets to Midnighters here

A terrific indie horror film that breaks a few of the genre’s rules. Definitely not for the weak at heart, but a good old-fashioned scare.

2. Go Back Home – Jimmy Scott

Country: USA/Germany
Showing Times: Fri 22nd Sep 18:00, Wed 27th Sep 16:00
Buy tickets to I Go Back Home – Jimmy Scott – here

This is the story of one of the most influential jazz singers of all time who was overlooked and treated unfairly by the music industry. At the age of 85 he was discovered and brought to Germany and was able to record one last album which is creeping up the charts. Inspirational and so incredibly sad. I have watched the trailer a hundred times.

1. Stuck

Country USA
Buy tickets to Stuck here (including Closing Night Gala party)

And of course our Closing Night Film – is truly amazing. Have a look at Stuck – an indie musical from New York – a film that is getting rave reviews on the start of it’s festival tour. Could this be the next ‘Once?

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Come to Raindance For… Horror

Since its inception, horror has been a staple of cinema. Horror provides filmmakers and audiences to experience and explore our world – and other worlds – in ways that other genres can’t. Experience the darkest parts on (in)humanity with our top picks for horror lovers at Raindance Film Festival 2017.


Black Hallow Cage

Directed by Sadrac González-Perellón

Alice, a thirteen year-old girl, lives with her father in a huge house in the woods, following a car accident in which the girl lost her mother and part of her right arm. Secluded and depressed, the girl forms a strong bond with Beatrice, a female wolfhound whom Alice calls ‘Mom’. One day, Alice finds a mysterious cubic device with the ability to alter the past.

Buy your tickets for Black Hollow Cage


The Dark Mile

Directed by Gary Love

The divide between urban and rural, technology and nature, runs throughout Gary Love’s The Dark Mile. Like in the deep lakes and dense fog of the Scottish Highlands, something unsettling lurks just out of sight. Claire and Louise ascend from London to this rural area, coping with personal tragedy, running from the past. During their stay, both their relationship and physical safety is threatened by their surroundings. Gary Love’s tight direction brings ambiguity and fear to several sequences, making The Dark Mile an uncertain, creepy and terrifying crawl.

Buy your ticket for The Dark Mile


The Midnighters

Directed by Julius Ramsay

While driving back from a party on New Year’s Eve, Lindsey and Jeff Pittman accidently hit a passer-by. Fearing the consequences, they put him in the back seat of their car and return home. But the couple soon realises all is not as it seems and it’s not long before danger knocks on their door. Set against the eerie backdrop of wintry New England, The Midnighters is a burst of suspense that is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Buy your tickets for The Midnighters




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First time at Raindance Film Festival

Why go to film festivals?

Film festivals are the first place where you can see the films everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Not just that, attending a film festival means you’ll be packing a lot of different experiences and discovering so many new artists it’ll make your head spin.

Who should come to Raindance Film Festival?

Raindance is run by film lovers and for film lovers. We love discovering new films from all over the world and sharing them with audiences here in London. Everyone is welcome: film lovers, open minds, or even if you’re just curious about what it is we do come and watch a film with us. There is something for everyone.

What is the difference between UK, European, National, International and World premieres?

There are different types of film premiere at Raindance:

  • A UK Premiere is a film’s first public screening in the UK
  • A European Premiere is the first public screening in Europe
  • A National Premiere is a film’s first public screening in its home country
  • An International Premiere is a film’s first public screening outside of its home country
  • A World Premiere is a film’s first public screening in the world

What is a Gala?

Gala nights are special, red carpet events, in celebration of something – whether it’s the opening of the Festival (e.g. Opening Night Gala), or in recognition of something (e.g. the Charity Gala). These are your chance to get your glad rags on and make a night of it.

I don’t know anything about films, should I still come?

Of course! Raindance has been screening the most original, groundbreaking films for 25 years, which means that you can see some of the best films from across the world in this festival. Film festivals are not just for film critics or film professionals; Raindance is run by film lovers, and anyone who has any interest in film is welcome here!

Is there a dress code?

Most events at Raindance Film Festival are fairly informal, which means you can come in your usual everyday wear. Some people choose to dress a bit smarter for evening screenings, but it’s not obligatory – wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Gala nights and parties will have their specific dress codes on the invitations.

Don’t be late

Screenings will start sharp at the time indicated on your ticket. There are no trailers or adverts like you would get in a normal cinema, so in order to ensure that the screening runs smoothly, ensure that you’re in your seat by the film’s start time.

Q&A etiquette

Many screenings will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers, giving you the opportunity to ask them questions about the film. Keep your questions clear and concise in order to then allow the filmmaker time to answer and allow as many people as possible the chance to ask questions.

Will there be snacks (popcorn, drinks, etc.)?

For those of you who like to sip on something or munch on popcorn at the cinema, you’ll be able to access the snack counter before the screening starts.

What is a Pass and what does it entitle me to?

Passes provide access to a range of screenings and events throughout Raindance Film Festival, which will vary depending on which pass you have purchased. Please refer to your confirmation or email or this page for further information.

Where do I pick up my pass?

Passes can be picked up from the Box Office Desk in the Foyer at Vue West End from the first day of the festival. Please bring your confirmation email. If you haven’t pre-bought your Pass online, then you will be able to buy one in-person here as well.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring some friends! Films are better this way. You and your friends should also bring confirmation emails if you’ve booked tickets/passes in advance, and your ID.

Plan out your schedule

There are many film screenings and events at Raindance Film Festival, so it’s understandable if you’re not sure where to start. If you want to browse the films in the selection, have a look at the programme or download the official Raindance Film Festival app. If you’re thinking of attending a few screenings, why not book a Festival Pass.

Is there assigned seating?

You can sit wherever you want in the screen as there is no assigned seating.


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7 Reasons To Attend The 25th Raindance Film Festival

Independent film is exploding!

For 25 years Raindance has been bringing the brightest and best independent film to the core of London’s West End. This year is no different. A fresh crop of brash, fresh and bold new talent hits Raindance. Feast you eyes on films that are nothing like Hollywood.

If you are serious about being independent or serious about independent film you won’t be missing this year’s festival celebrating the best in independent film from around the world.

1. London’s first Virtual Reality Arcade

With most indie filmmakers moving to creating content for the internet, learn how this new technology platform enables independent filmmakers to make movies and make money.

A series of lectures and debates as well as screenings of a select handful of world premiere experiences makes this a ‘must-attend’ for anyone interested in this new film and distribution frontier.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday September 29 – October 1, noon til 7pm at the prestigious Hospital Club
Get your Virtual Arcade Tickets here

2. Want to make a movie?

Take a first timer suffering from a plethora of networking nerves, add in one of Europe’s busiest networking locations, sprinkle on a few quid of cash bar drinks and PRESTO – the opportunity to meet new collaborators of a lifetime.

You can buy individual tickets now but’s a lot cheaper to buy a Raindance Festival Pass.

3. Amazing Short Films

Raindance has always championed short films as the laboratory of cinema. Over the years we have shown well over 3,000 of these short gems, including early wortk by Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk) and Gareth Edwards (Star Wars). We’ve 8 fantastic shorts programmes for you to enjoy. Remember that three Raindance shorts go onto the Oscars longlist: Best Animated, Best Documentary and Best Narrative Short.

Scope out the brightest and freshest new filmmaking talent

4. Live!Ammunition!

This is it! Your chance to pitch your idea for a movie directly to the people that matter: the people that decide which films get made and which get chosen to screen in cinemas and on TV.

Put a fiver in the hat and you get up to 2 minutes to convince the panel that yours is the next big thing. If you are boring they can and will gong you off. But they have to give you two good reasons why.

A tense and emotionally charged event that has launched many movies in it’s history, including ‘Meet The Parents’.

Friday 22 September 6:00pm Get your Live!Ammunition! tickets here [Free for Raindance members]

5. Web Series

We also have a stellar collection of Webseries pilots shown for the first time anywhere. These pilots were the best from the hundreds selected. Watch them, and all the events we’ve got planned as well, and engage in learning and networking.

Join us for a two-day Blowout of creativity and networking on Friday/Saturday 29/30 September

Read all about the Webseries programme here.

6. Great Documentaries

Raindance has garnered international acclaim for the quality of it’s documentaries. Also, being Raindance, these docs are unlikely to be seen anywhere else. Their subject matter and filmmaking style is far too contempory, and the topics too controversial, to be screened elsewhere.

Take the documentary tour and see what excites you here

Attend 25th Raindance.7. Get Partied Out!

We’ve never had more parties organised than this year. Our Opening Night Gala features the hottest indie film out there followed by the party of all parties featuring

Celebrate independent film on Wednesday September 2oth here

There’s 2 ways to attend:

1) with a Raindance Festival Pass
2) buy a Benefactors Package here [get behind the black curtain]

Cheapest way to Attend 25th Raindance

Do the maths: Tickets cost £13.00
Over 200 programmes and events
Earlybird Raindance Passes cost £49- £149 until August 20th
[members of Raindance always get the Earlybird price]
After August 20th Raindance Passes are £79 – £149

Attend all the screenings and events (except Opening and Closing night) for less than £1.00 per screening or event.

Get the lowdown. Attend 25th Raindance and Book Passes Online Here

Single tickets can be purchased from the box office now
book online here
– call the festival ticket hotline on 0207 930 3412
– at the Cinema Box Office at VUE Leicester Square from September 20th

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Come to Raindance For… Women in Film

With an industry that is dominated by men, here at Raindance we aim to examine and spotlight the experiences and contributions of women in the film industry. Showcasing films by female filmmakers from around the world, Raindance Film Festival celebrates the work of women in film.

Today we are highlighting the events and films at the 25th Raindance Film Festival that will examine the female voice both behind and in front of the camera.


Women in Film Panel

What does it mean to be a leading female character on the big screen?


Hosted by Women in Entertainment President – Cynthia Landon – this panel will explore films and narratives in which female characters and stories are placed front and centre. Featuring Kelly Davis and Kim Hudson, this panel will discuss what it means to create work with a leading female character and explore hour audiences are receiving this work.

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Written and Directed by Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva

Voevoda – the term given to female leaders of rebel gangs – charts the life of Roumena, a feisty young tomboy, as she navigates life in a men’s world. Despite becoming a wife and mother, she makes a choice to join the rebel cause in the footsteps of her father – and pays the consequences. A breathtakingly atmospheric drama celebrating female heroism.

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I Still Hide To Smoke

Written and Directed by Rayhana

In the heart of the hammam, far from the accusing gaze of men, mothers, lovers, virgins and Islamic fanatics, butts and burqas mingle and mix, confront one another, with laughter, tears, rage, the Bible and the Koran… before the flash of a dagger and the silence of God.

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Dark Blue Girl

Written and Directed by Mascha Schilinski

The world of seven-year-old Luca is rapidly changing. Her parents, who broke-up two years ago, fall in love again while renovating their soon-to-be-sold house in the volcanic island of Santorini. This dark and frightening story takes you deep into the psyche of a child trying to cope with the loss of a high status, being left to twist in the Aegean wind. Will she accept the new situation or will she burst the bubble she has created?

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While Waiting

Written, Produced and Directed by Paola Villanueva

Lola lives in a public nursing home, where even the only coffin is a shared commodity. Calling her mom and taking care of her husband, both now long gone fro her life, are part of her daily efforts to give value to her existence in a world that otherwise would be completely impersonal for her.

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Come to Raindance For… Shorts

Celebrate the best of short film at Raindance Film Festival 2017. From eclectic and stylised animations, through unimaginably rich documentaries, to challenging LGBT stories, this year’s Short Film Programmes will showcase a powerful selection of beautifully made and provocative short films.

Here are five short programmes to look out for at the 25th Raindance Film Festival.


LGBT Shorts

Goddess (Directed by Karishma Dube)

A courageous collection of stories featuring drag queens, transgender youths & bourgeoning recognition that challenge stigma & unrelenting abuse. Crucially remaining genuine in telling of the lives and loves that run through LGBT communities, both authentic and audacious. Encompassing worldwide settings comprising Mexico, India and Zimbabwe, exploring how people are connecting despite adversity and repression.

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Documentary Shorts

American Psychosis (Directed by Amanda Zackem)

Exciting documentaries that explore the fascinating portrayals of controversial artists, dialectic observers & intangible landscapes. Surviving idiosyncratic extremities of existence in these abandoned landscapes may be essentially full of adversity; tolerating these circumstances with dignity may not be ideal, yet, it is manageable and ultimately enriching.

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UK Shorts

Cleared (Directed by Charlotte Regan)

Engaging films from emerging filmmakers from the UK; all political, personal and potent. Matters may seem out of control in turbulent times and these stories attempt to restore the balance. Featuring dark satires, understated issues & controversial desires. These films have a varied range of styles with startling agendas. Any predictable perspectives are usually confronted to reveal hidden apprehensions. These mutual anxieties are then irrevocably challenged.

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Animation Shorts

Flutter (Directed by Vladimir Todorov)

Featuring award-winning animators who have returned to screen at Raindance. Displaying an eclectic array of styles and stories, from universal meditations on the human condition, which at times are punctuated with grotesque humour and distressing familiarity, to historical accounts of acknowledgement, philophosical interpretations of abstracted significance and creations that prompt dynamic attention.

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Music Videos

Told You I’d Be With The Guys (Directed by Riley Blakeway)

The primary function of the music video is to promote the piece of music that it accompanies – to provide a visual interpretation of the sequence of notes, sounds and lyrics that make up the track. The best music videos are works of art in their own right, exhibiting the creativity and skill of their filmmakers, and yet they are also inextricably tied to their music; incomplete without their aural companion. The videos showcased in this eclectic programme don’t have much in common – their production budgets wildly vary, as do their themes and styles. However, they all offer an interpretation of the music that they accompany, that lends itself to a much more compelling listening – and watching – experience.

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