Homemade shot-for-shot remake of the ‘Justice League’ trailer proves you don’t need a big budget for big thrills


You can’t save the world alone, but some duct tape and cardboard might help! This homemade shot-for-shot remake of the Justice League trailer proves you don’t need a big-budget for big thrills. 

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This photo series proves trans people are more than their gender identity


Sharing your story of struggle and resilience can be revolutionary — especially when lives like yours are consistently misrepresented.

An ongoing photo and interview series called Transilient taps into that idea, documenting the diverse lives and experiences of transgender and gender-nonconforming people around the U.S. The series aims to challenge mainstream media representation of trans lives, and prove that trans people are more than just their experiences with gender.

Transilient is created for the community, by the community, featuring portrait-style photos of trans people along with excerpted, unedited interviews with those depicted. Read more…

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‘2016: The Movie’ Trailer Proves Real Life is Scarier Than Horror Movies

The only horror movie where you can’t say to yourself, “It’s okay! It’s not real!”

“I feel like I’m going crazy!”

“It’s like things you’d never expect are happening everywhere.”

While these lines are commonplace in the horror genre, you may have also uttered them last year.

The hilarious and disturbing 2016: The Movie parody trailer imagines if the year 2016 were, indeed, a horror film. When a couple (Anna Gilcrest and Brian Huther) moves into a new house, things don’t feel quite right. Cue an onslaught of confusing, maddening, and downright horrifying events: a barrage of seemingly never-ending celebrity deaths, exploding phones, a demogogue being elected as U.S. president, and—

“England just left Europe.”


“Nobody knows. They just.…left.”

Friend Dog Studios, the production company responsible for the parody trailer, spared no horror trope. The video even ends with a child singing “Auld Lang Syne” in that ominous death lullaby tune so frequently heard in the genre.

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