A scientific deep dive into the Marvel movies’ most hilarious trope: the shirtless scene


Whether it’s Iron Man fiddling with his arc reactor or Star-Lord getting hosed down, you can almost always count on the hero of any given Marvel movie to lose his shirt — it’s practically a trope.

At this point —17 films and nine years into the Marvel Cinematic Universe — the “shirtless superhero” scene is up there with Stan Lee cameos, post-credits scenes, and 30something blond men named Chris in terms of reliable franchise staples. 

Such serious commitment on Marvel’s part, then, would seem to warrant some serious analysis on our part. And we do mean “serious.” This isn’t just an excuse for bald-faced objectification — goodness, no.  Read more…

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Inside Dolby Cinema: Tour of One of the Most Immersive Movie-Going Experiences Ever

An inside look at how Dolby Cinema aims to give you the absolute best movie-going experience.

Throughout history, movie theaters have evolved to attract new movie-goers. In the 1910s through the 1940s, movie “palaces” were ornately decorated theaters designed to provide patrons with an atmosphere mimicking an outdoor courtyard, complete with facades, fauna, and projectors called Brenograph that projected clouds and stars onto the ceiling.

Even though more modern cinemas don’t look anything like they did a century ago, theater owners still strive to give movie-goers a unique and immersive experience, whether it’s with the snacks and food, 3D, or stadium seating. Dolby Laboratories is one company that is aiming to take theater audio and visuals to places it has never been before, and the team over at RocketJump Film School got to take a tour of Dolby Headquarters based in San Fransisco to learn more about its premium cinema concept, Dolby Cinema.

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5 Basic Camera Moves That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Handheld Gimbal

Are you using your gimbal to its full potential?

In the last four years, much of the hype from the release of the first handheld gimbal stabilizer, the MōVI, has died down and with it a lot of the crazy and often unnecessarily complicated camera moves. Nowadays, new gimbal operators are just looking for the basics—the meat and potatoes that will help them build a sturdy cinematic foundation (on which they can build if they so choose). In this video from PremiumBeat, filmmaker Zach Ramelan provides a bunch of great beginner tips for working with a gimbal, including essential camera moves that you’ll want to put into practice on your next project. Check it out below:

Let’s get real—these camera moves aren’t rocket science but they will come in handy on virtually every one of your film shoots. In the video, Ramelan mentions:

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How to Avoid Some of the Most Common Mistakes in Composition

If you want to capture better images you have to understand good composition.

“My camera is such a piece of shit.” That’s what I told myself after spending an entire day shooting less than thrilling images for a class. I’d go home, offload my media, and gasp in horror at just how amateurish it all looked. “That’s f**king it. I’m buying a new camera.” But the problem wasn’t with my camera; it was with my ability to compose dynamic and beautiful images that told stories. This is an issue many filmmakers struggle with all throughout their careers but in this video, photographer Evan 5ps shows us how to correct some of the most common compositional mistakes, as well as how to completely avoid them altogether.

The mistakes Evan mentions in the video are supremely important for every filmmaker to know and understand because they form the foundation of aesthetics. So, let’s talk about some of the core compositional concepts that these errors affect.

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9 Most Anticipated Films in TIFF 2017’s Edgy Lineup

Here are the films we’re most excited to see at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

The 10-day Toronto International Film Festival, fondly known as TIFF, has grown from a subcultural gathering for Canadian cinephiles to one of the largest and most internationally renowned film festivals on the circuit. With a projected 500,000 attendees and over 300 films being screened this year, TIFF is a reliable pit stop for Oscar hopefuls and buzz-generator for international indie gems. This year, TIFF programmers cut the lineup by 20%; as a result, the lineup is more refined—and edgier—than ever. The selected films represent a world embroiled in complex issues, from the migration crisis to the definition of modern masculinity to the geopolitical and interpersonal conflicts in which all of us are implicated in some way or another.

Below, we’ve selected nine movies we can’t wait to see.

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“The most regretful people on earth are…”

Mary Oliver offers some words for creatives to reflect on.

Mary Oliver is a treasure and one of my favorite poets. Here she speaks a fundamental truth: If you have discovered your bliss — in this case “creative power” — and you choose NOT to follow it, give it “neither power nor time,” that is a path which almost assuredly will lead to regret.

I resonate with this deeply. In the last year of my master’s program at Yale, I confided with friends and faculty that I was experience this precise inner dynamic: If I continued my path toward a doctorate, then a lifetime as an academic, I would forever regret not having pursued my creativity (at that time, as a musician, singer, and songwriter).

Indeed, I had a stark image which haunted me which I don’t think I’ve ever shared here.

It is night. I am reclined in a chair. At my expansive wooden desk. Its surface covered with academic books. A single light one of those green banker’s lamps. The dim light reveals my study. Hardwood floors. An oriental rug. Comfortable plush chairs. And floor to ceiling bookcases filled with gorgeous first edition tomes, many of them written in Greek, Latin, German, languages of my chosen academic profession.

But I’m not gazing at my comfortable room. My leather-bound books. My well-appointed desk. Rather my eyes have drifted toward a shadowy corner. There leaning against the wall is a guitar case. Covered with dust. Unopened for some length of time.

And as I stare at the guitar case, I have an overwhelming sense of sadness of what might have been, an alternate life I might have chosen, but did not.

And I am filled with… regret.

The creative life is a challenging one. The only guarantee is it is a struggle, not only somehow managing to cobble together what we euphemistically call “a living,” but also doing daily battle with all that goes with attempting to wrangle magic out of our imaginations into something resembling a story or a piece of art.

But if you are touched by your own “creative power”, and you give it time and focus, then you are following your bliss.

And THAT is a path toward a truly authentic life.

For more about the poetry of Mary Oliver, go here.

For a treasure trove of writers’ wisdom, check out AdviceToWriters.

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12 of the most beautiful office buildings in the world


Office buildings can be drab, dreary, and downright dreadful. 

They don’t have to beThe 2017 World Architecture Festival has released its shortlist for the most beautiful office buildings in the world—and you can seem them below in all their angular glory.

You probably don’t work in any of these, but everyone needs career goals. 

Pull & Bear Central Headquarters, Narón, Spain

Not just pretty on the outside, the building boasts four courtyards, an open staircase, and glazed elevators. 

Image: WAF

Västgötagatan 5, Stockholm, Sweden

 ”Considering the previously introspective and somber appearance designed back in the 70’s characterized by small windows, a heavy green façade and an interior designed for a single tenant, the need for an uplift and modernization was obvious,” wrote architecture firm Equator Stockholm in the project description. Read more…

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Be Inspired by The Most Beautiful Shots in Cinema of the 21st Century

The Most Beautiful Shots in Film of the 21st Century

Movies can be exhilarating experiences, capturing life and all its beauty in ways that can’t even be described. There are so many unforgettable moments, so many shots and scenes that stay with us forever. The Most Beautiful Shots of the 21st Century is a short video compiled by Ignacio Montalvo, which highlights some of the best shots over the last 16 years. This will inspire you and fill you with emotion, reminding you why movies are so wonderful. I love that he includes shots from some of my favorites: Sunshine, Big Fish, Fellowship of the Ring, The Squid and the Whale, 500 Days of Summer, Her, Black Swan, Mad Max: Fury Road. I also adore the scene from Xavier Dolan’s Mommy (which I wrote an entire article about). Pure bliss. ›››

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Kit Kat with a cake in it is most luxe Kit Kat you’ll ever eat


Kit Kat is no stranger to variations on its classic wafer, but this one is fancy AF. 

After debuting a 24-karat gold covered Kit Kat, a sake-flavoured Kit Kat and Kit Kat sushi, the chocolate bar brand has come up with the Chocolatory Gateau Mignon, which has a piece of rich chocolate cake inside it.

Image: Nestlé Japan

The Gateau Mignon Kit Kat took Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi over a year to develop. Takagi used a lengthy process of trial and error to create a fondant cake with just the right texture to balance the sweetness of the bar’s other ingredients, according to SoraNews24Read more…

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36 of the most memorable ‘Game of Thrones’ one-liners so far


There’s so much action, death, sex and violence in Game of Thrones that it’s sometime easy to forget just how damn good the writing is too.

To get you in the mood for Season 7, we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable lines from the first six seasons.

From the honour of Ned Stark to the cold brutality of Cersei, here are some of quotes that’ll be around long after the characters who spoke them are gone…

1. “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” — Ned Stark

Ned Stark may be long dead, but during his all-too-short time on the show he came out with some great lines. This one pretty much summed up his character: rigidly principled, honourable, and ultimately doomed in the dog-eat-dog (or lion-eat-wolf) world of Westeros. Read more…

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