FX says it didn’t know about Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct


The head of FX said the network wasn’t aware of Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct while the comedian worked there, and also claimed an internal investigation didn’t turn up any additional incidents of misconduct.

FX CEO John Landgraf told reporters Friday that FX had “no awareness” of C.K.’s sexual misconduct before the initial accusations against him went public in November. C.K., who owned up to the accusations, was producing four different shows on FX before the network cut ties with him.

FX launched its own investigation in November to see if C.K.’s misconduct bled into his time with the network and came up empty-handed. Read more…

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Louis Theroux is still a delight, even when trying to figure out Australian slang


Nope, Louis Theroux can do no wrong.

Even while he haphazardly tries to figure out Australian slang, as part of a video to help promote local screenings of his latest documentary Heroin Town. Here he tries his hand at guessing the meaning of words like arvo, dinki-di, cozzie, and other slang thrown about Down Under. 

Look, the next time we get bad news, we want to hear it from Theroux. Read more…

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The Best & Worst Sketches from Louis C.K.’s ‘Saturday Night Live’

Louis CK Hosted Saturday Night Live

This weekend brought Louis C.K. back to Saturday Night Live as host for a fourth time. There hadn’t been a new episode in nearly a month since Scarlett Johansson hit the stage in Studio 8H last month, so the writers and cast were refreshed and ready to go. The wait for a new episode was worth it, because with Louis C.K. on board as host, they delivered a fantastic episode where even the average sketches had more laughs than the usual middling ones and there were only two sketches that didn’t really work.

After the jump, we run through the best and worst sketches from the Louis CK hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Birthday Clown – The way Louis C.K. plays this so straight is a huge part of what makes this work so well, but Bobby Moynihan does an amazing job of being on the verge of being scared and just going on with his show in this weird situation. Even though having Ernest turn out to be a weird killer is a solid ending, I was hoping it would go in an even stranger direction eventually. But despite that, the sketch was still the best of the night.

Pepsi Commercial – After all the uproar about this commercial, you knew that SNL was going to have their own take on the situation. Instead of taking the easy way out and making a new commercial in the same vein of the real tone deaf Pepsi ad starring Kendall Jenner, they followed the ad’s writer and director as he slowly realizes just how bad this commercial is going to be just before he shoots it. Finally, the sketch goes out with a bang by taking one final swipe at the clueless Kendall Jenner. Great stuff.

Soda Shop – The constant chipper 1950s tone of voice in this entire sketch makes the inappropriate advances by Louis C.K. and the manipulative, passive aggressive flirting from Cecily Strong is what brings the laughs. Even as Cecily Strong is slowly creeped out in the beginning of the sketch, her face looks uneasy, but her voice still keeps that upbeat attitude. Louis C.K. takes it to another level though when he keeps turning down the advances of Vanessa Bayer in a way that’s mean but sounds kind as ever.

Tenement Museum – With any other host, Tenement Museum may have just been an average sketch. It’s hard to know how funny the final sketch of the night really would have been if it was relying only on the jokes themselves, though the writing here is provocative and hilarious. But what really makes this sketch hilarious in this instance is Louis C.K. completely botching his Polish accent. I do wonder how much he’s intentionally leaning into making the accent bad (especially when he says “my wife” like Borat), but it doesn’t make it any less funny, especially with Kate McKinnon (who rarely breaks) unable to keep her composure. Louis C.K. even mocked himself in the goodbye at the end of the episode by doing the accent again.

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‘Westworld’ Scene-Stealer Louis Herthum Promoted to Series Regular

Westworld - Louis Herthum

These violent delights may have violent ends, but Westworld scene-stealer Louis Herthum is rising again, harder and stronger.

The malfunctioning android was “retired” from his role as Peter Abernathy, the father of Evan Rachel Wood‘s Dolores, but it seems that won’t be the last we’ll see of the Shakespeare-quoting, possibly sentient bot. Herthum has been upgraded to series regular for Season 2 of the HBO sci-fi series.

Herthum originally appeared in six episodes of the show’s first season but will be a series regular in the Westworld season 2 cast, according to Deadline.

Herthum’s character was introduced to us as Peter Abernathy, the loving and mild cattle rancher and Dolores’ father. However, after discovering a photograph left behind by one of the park tourists, he begins to malfunction, developing sentience and tapping into his former, more murderous personality.

After Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), grants Peter his wish to “meet his maker,” Herthum delivered on of the most memorable monologues on the show, promising vengeance and destruction on his creators, and ominously quoting Shakespeare.

Peter gets decommissioned, lobotomized and placed in cold storage — though Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) later attempts to use him to smuggle stolen data out of the park only to be foiled by the robot host uprising —  but his developing sentience and anger against his creators set the tone for the rest of the show. How much Peter knows and how much data is still stored in his head is a mystery that will hopefully be explained in Season 2.

Herthum is the second recurring character to be upped to season regular recently, following Talulah Riley’s promotion last week.

Herthum has had a decades-long career, appearing in countless films and TV shows such as  Longmire, True Blood and Murder, She Wrote, but Westworld will mark the 60-year-old’s first series regular role. He next appears the film LAbyrinth with Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker, which centers around the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, and the horror film Cadaver, with Stana Katic and Shay Mitchell.

Westworld will return to HBO sometime in 2018.

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Louis Tomlinson arrested for battery so yes of course One Direction fans are calling for justice


Like the old adage goes: Nothing’s sure in life but death, taxes, and One Direction fans going ride-or-die for their boys, no matter what.

According to TMZ, erstwhile One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was arrested Friday, after allegedly pulling a overbearing paparazzo to the ground at LAX. After the altercation, the photographer reportedly made a citizen’s arrest, and Tomlinson was later arrested at an LAPD precinct, on charges of simple battery.

Not eager to be dragged down, the singer’s legal team quickly released a statement in Tomlinson’s defense. “The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis,” it said. “It’s not the first time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity.” Read more…

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Official Trailer for Albert Serra’s ‘The Death of Louis XIV’ from Cannes

The Death of Louis XIV Trailer

“Your majesty appears to be most discomfited.” An official US trailer has arrived for a French film titled The Death of Louis XIV, or La mort de Louis XIV, made by filmmaker Albert Serra. The film had its big world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival last summer. As historically accurate as they could possibly get, the film tells the story of the French monarch, played by actor Jean-Pierre Léaud. After returning from a hunting expedition in 1715, King Louis XIV felt a sharp pain in his leg. He begins to die of gangrene, surrounded by loyal followers. Described as “a wry neoclassical chamber drama, a work of pure magic”. The cast includes Patrick d’Assumçao, Marc Susini, Bernard Belin, Irène Silvagni, and Vicenç Altaió. ›››

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