‘Borg/McEnroe’: Transforming the Great Tennis Rivalry into a ‘Psychological Thriller’

TIFF kicked off yesterday and the talent behind Borg/McEnroe sat down to discuss how the film is about far more than just a game.

Danish filmmaker Janus Metz, who made his feature debut with the acclaimed 2010 doc Armadillo, is making his first foray into fictional films, though this one is based on a real-life, world-famous rivalry that changed the sports world in the 1980s. Borg/McEnroe chronicles how in the early 1980s, tennis was changed forever by the rivalry between Björn Borg and brash American upstart John McEnroe, who became infamous for his temper (and acted as an indirect inspiration to filmmaker Wes Anderson.)

But the director said that his film, scripted by Ronnie Sandahl (Underdog) was not just the story of a sports rivalry. According to Metz, «it doesn’t make sense to make a sports movie…unless you have a story,» and while the tennis «had to sell» on screen, as a director he approached the film as a «psychological thriller,» albeit one that was played out (at least in part) before millions of people, in this case at Wimbledon in 1980.

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How to Turn Smoke into Thick, Spooky Fog for Your Film Shoot

Shooting a horror film and need fog that sticks to the floor? Here’s how to make it.

Adding smoke, haze, or atmosphere can give your scenes a lot of much-needed depth when you add lighting, but if you want to turn that stuff into thick, scary movie-style fog for a spooky scene, it’s not going to happen all by itself. Luckily, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has a simple and inexpensive solution for those wanted to create low-lying fog, and all you’ll need is some ice and a cooler.

The trick to getting smoke that is pillowy, thick, and stays close to the ground is keeping it cool.

Though this is a simple DIY solution, it does take a little elbow grease. Morgan cuts a couple of holes on either side of the cooler and screws dryer vents onto each one. This not only makes it easier to attach stuff to the holes, but it makes it look 1000 times better.

After that, place a small block of wood in each corner of the cooler and then set a metal grate right on top. This will allow you to put your dry ice on top, let the fog from the dry ice fall to the bottom of the cooler, and then exit through the pre-cut hole.

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Deep Focus: Go Into The Movies Project

Film school on the cheap!

In order to work as a screenwriter in Hollywood, you have to immerse yourself in the world of movies. Based on suggestions from the GITS community, here is a ‘poor’ person’s version of film school, a list of resources in five subject areas you can use to do precisely that.

Subject Area I: Movies

Subject Area II: Scripts and Screenwriting

Subject Area III: Film Analysis and Criticism

Subject Area IV: Filmmakers

Subject Area V: The Evolution of Filmmaking

Deep Focus In Brief syllabus: 25 movies, 25 screenplays, 5 books [For those with limited time or looking for a good starting point]

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Watch: Tips for Breaking into Cinematography from ‘American Horror Story’ DP Michael Goi

Emmy-nominated DP Michael Goi says persistence is key.

Michael Goi, ASC has an impressive slate of TV credits to his name, including popular hits like Glee, The Mentalist, and American Horror Story. His track record is in part what led to his service as President of the American Society of Cinematographers from 2009-2012. But the success didn’t come overnight.

In an ASC Masterclass series, Goi reveals his humble beginnings and what he did to move up. The main key, more than talent and creativity? Persistence.

“When you move to Los Angeles, you’re starting over again at the bottom.”

When he first moved to LA, he recalls, “For six months, I lived on the two hot dogs for 99 cents at the A&P…but I refused to leave and I refused to give up.” And this was after he already had 300 commercials and six features under his DP belt. “When you move to Los Angeles, you’re starting over again at the bottom,” he said.

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8 Free Go Into The Story eBooks

One GITS eBook every month in 2017… all of ’em free!

There are over 22,000 posts on this blog. That’s a boatload of content. I decided to do something to make it easier for readers.

Every month in 2017, I’ll be making public a free Go Into The Story eBook.

Think of it as a kind Go Into The Story Greatest Hits collection.

Download them. Read them. Pass them along.

A very special thanks to Trish Curtin and Clay Mitchell who are stepping up to handle the process turning blog posts into eBooks. I could not be doing this without the efforts of these two fine people.

Vol. 1: 30 Things About Screenwriting [95 pages]

Vol. 2: So-Called Screenwriting ‘Rules [58 pages]

Vol. 3: Writing a Screenplay [30 pages]

Vol. 4: Rewriting a Screenplay [36 pages]

Vol. 5: A Screenwriter’s Guide to Aristotle’s “Poetics” [126 pages]

Vol. 6: A Screenwriter’s Guide to Reading a Screenplay [82 pages]

Vol. 7: Everything You Need to Know About Spec Scripts [50 pages]

Vol. 8: A Screenwriter’s Guide to Character Types [66 pages]

A final note excerpted from the eBook’s preface:

The collection contains my reflections and takes on basic tenets of the craft. If any of them resonate with you, great. If not, feel free to ignore them. Each writer needs to figure out their own approach to screenwriting. My hope is to help feed that process and provide writers with inspiration along the way.

For background on this series, go here.

More to come!

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Stratton Trailer Turns Dominic Cooper Into an Action Hero

Stratton Trailer Turns Dominic Cooper Into an Action Hero

Stratton trailer turns Dominic Cooper into an action hero

Vertigo Releasing has debuted the first trailer for the action movie Stratton, starring Dominic Cooper (Need for Speed, Captain America: The First Avenger) as the title badass. You can check out the Stratton trailer below!

Cooper stars as the title character, British Special Forces op John Stratton, who is tracking down an international terrorist cell. The film is based on the first in a series of eight novels by pseudonymous author Duncan Falconer, an ex-SBS (Special Boat Service) commando.

In addition to Cooper, the production has lined up the rest of its supporting cast including Austin Stowell (Whiplash), Tom Felton (the Harry Potter films), Gemma Chan (“Humans”), Tyler Hoechlin (“Teen Wolf”), Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Derek Jacobi (The King’s Speech), Connie Nielsen (Gladiator) and noted Shakespearian actor Jake Fairbrother (Skyfall).

Directed by Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2), Stratton will be released in the UK on September 1, with no U.S. release date set.

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Go Into The Story Script Reading & Analysis: “Galaxy Quest”

A 6 part series on the beloved 1999 science fiction comedy movie.

Screenplay by David Howard and Robert Gordon, story by David Howard.

IMDb plot summary: The alumni cast of a space opera television series have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help.

Links to the GITS week-long discussion and analysis:

General Comments
TweetCast Transcript

Years ago, I came up with this mantra: Watch movies. Read scripts. Write pages. A link to my reflections on that here.

Cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading movie scripts.

For all of the other screenplays and commentary in the GITS Script Reading & Analysis series, go here.

For my 7-part series on How to Read a Screenplay, go here.

For links to over 100 free and legal script downloads, go here.

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Facebook Spaces adds live video, letting users without Oculus Rift peek into VR in real time


After months of letting Oculus Rift users connect with friends and family in virtual reality, Facebook is opening up the party to the rest of your social network by introducing Live video. The feature will let all Facebook users see what others are seeing in virtual reality, even without a headset. 

When Facebook Spaces debuted earlier this year, the only way to let someone without a Rift headset could view your VR avatar was through a one-to-one Messenger video call.

But the new Live component of Spaces will function just like regular Facebook Live video, giving Rift users the ability to broadcast from virtual reality straight to their regular Facebook page.  Read more…

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