‘Marshall’: DP Newton Thomas Sigel on Lighting for Character and Shooting 80′ From the Ground

Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC, brought courtroom drama ‘Marshall’ to vivid life despite a small budget and challenging locations.

Some of the most critical moments in American history have been realized courtesy of the country’s justice system and the courtroom. Brown v. Board of Education, Roe v. Wade, and the Scopes Trial were each landmark cases that dramatically shifted the tide of American life, helping lead to a national fascination with the courtroom that has extended to the cinema in the form of fictional masterpieces like To Kill A Mockingbird and A Few Good Men. On-screen, these monumental cases have drawn a great deal of attention, with movies suitably lending their focus to the dialogue. While questioning, cross-examining, and objecting remains at the forefront of the story in Marshall, DP Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC, also makes sure to bring a visual life to the courtroom drama.

“It was several stories up, almost 80 feet in the air, with huge windows, and 90% of my work was daytime.”

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Official UK Trailer for Horror ‘The Unseen’ From Director Gary Sinyor

The Unseen Trailer

“Did you see him?” Miracle Communications has debuted an official UK trailer for the film The Unseen, a horror thriller set for release in the UK starting in December. The film is about a couple whose young son dies in an accident. The mom blames herself and starts to have panic attacks that affect her eyesight – and the audience’s point of view. Her husband, tormented, believes he is hearing his son’s voice calling out to him. They attempt to escape the grief by going to a lake house retreat, but things only get worse. Jasmine Hyde and Richard Flood, along with Simon Cotton, Dana Haqjoo, Derek Horsham, and Ashley R Woods. This looks like an intriguing thriller about the horrors of grief, but that not sure if it’ll be any good. ›››

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‘Blade Runner 2049’ Delivers $4M from Thursday Night Previews

FRIDAY AM UPDATE: Blade Runner 2049 got things started last night with $ 4 million from Thursday night previews, $ 800k of which came from IMAX screenings. For comparison, The Martian delivered $ 2.5 million from preview screenings and Gravity brought in $ 1.4 million before both films went on to open with over $ 54 million each. Another comp that carries weight is Mad Max: Fury Road, which brought in $ 3.7 million from Thursday night previews before its $ 45.4 million opening, Prometheus brought …
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6 great Miley Cyrus facts from her sweary interview with Howard Stern


Get ready for Hannah Montana to drop a tonne of F-bombs.

Miley Cyrus went on Sirius XM with shock-jock Howard Stern for a long, in-depth discussion of her life from Hannah Montana right up to her newest album “Younger Now.” The full interview is about an hour and a half long, so here are some highlights, straight from the Cyrus’ mouth.

1. Miley got kicked out of school for teaching the other kids to french kiss

According to Cyrus she came back from Canada having learned what a French kiss was and gave a demonstration for the kids in her class. This didn’t go well at her private religious school and so she had to leave. Read more…

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‘Batman Ninja’ Anime Arrives in 2018 from ‘Afro Samurai’ Creator

Batman Gotham Knight - Batman Ninja Anime

While DC Entertainment is just beginning their expansion into standalone live-action films featuring the most popular superheroes from DC Comics, the DC Universe Original Movies from Warner Bros. Animation are have been bringing some of the biggest comic book storylines to life for the past decade. Soon fans will see a Victorian spin on The Dark Knight in Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and now we have word of Batman getting an anime makeover in another animated feature.

Batman Ninja is a new direct-to-video animated movie that will reimagine Batman as a ninja, complete with anime style animation. Sweetening the deal is the fact that Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki is working on the Batman anime, which will have a panel at New York Comic-Con next weekend revealing more about the Batman Ninja anime.

ComicBook.com found out about Batman Ninja and has this official description of the NYCC panel:

“Warner Bros. Japan and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment team for an eye-popping addition to the Batman animated legacy with Batman Ninja, a spectacular, all-new anime film coming in 2018. Be among the first to witness the premiere of colorful footage from this imaginative take on Batman and many of his connected characters. Panelists will include director Jumpei Mizusaki, character designer Takashi Okazaki, screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima, English-language screenwriters Leo Chu & Eric Garcia and some potential special guests.”

As we said, Takashi Okazaki is best known for creating the badass Afro Samurai. Meanwhile, director Junpei Mizusaki is best known for his work on the anime adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and writer Kazuki Nakashima has worked on the likes of Kamen Rider Fourze and Kill La Kill. That should satisfy anime fans who likely don’t want this to be a weak imitation of the popular animation style from Japan.

As for who those special guests are, it will likely be the voice actors bringing Batman and other DC Comics characters to life, but that’s just speculation on our part. Since previous animated DC movies have used voice talent from the the DC Comics animated TV shows, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of those talents were involved in this project, but we’ll have to wait until next weekend to find out more.

The previously released Batman: Gotham Knight featured a segment called “Field Test” that had a style that was as close to anime as The Dark Knight has come (seen up top), but Batman Ninja will be a feature length anime arriving sometime in 2018. Hopefully the release date will be announced at NYCC.

As soon as we learn more about Batman Ninja, we’ll let you know.

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Ep. 434 – mother! (GUEST: Andy Signore from Screen Junkies)


This week, DavidJeff, and Devindra discuss this year’s Emmy wins, ponder the commitment of American Vandal to the bit, and offer their interpretations of Darren Aronofsky’s mother!. Special guest Andy Signore joins us from Screen Junkies.

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‘American Assassin’ Pulls in $915k from Thursday Previews, ‘Mother’ Brings in $700k

FRIDAY AM UPDATE: Lionsgate’s release of CBS Films’ American Assassin brought in $ 915,000 from Thursday night previews in 2,400 locations beginning at 7PM. This compares favorably to John Wick, which kicked off its run to a $ 14.4 million opening with $ 870k from Thursday screenings. Paramount’s mother! delivered $ 700k from Thursday previews beginning at 7PM in ~2,000 locations, which is behind the $ 855k for Crimson Peak, which we used as one of our comps in our weekend preview below. It …
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‘These Girls Were Disposable’: 3 Lessons from ‘Alias Grace’ Director Mary Harron’s TIFF Master Class

The maverick director of American Psycho delves into why her provocative stories work so well.

Canadian director Mary Harron has brought her distinctive, indie sensibilities to five feature films. With the premiere of the first two episodes of Alias Grace, Harron’s new miniseries for CBC and Netflix, adapted from the novel by Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale), the director sat down at TIFF on Wednesday for a master class, in which she discussed everything from punk rock to feminism and her approach to casting and directing.

Here are three highlights from the hour-long conversation with this fiercely intelligent, maverick filmmaker.

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Watch: 4 Tips from Oscar-Nominated DP Luke Geissbühler on Cinematography and Being ‘In Pursuit of the Light’

There’s much to be learned from the 40+ films Luke Geissbühler has shot—and the five cameras he owns.

Academy Award-nominated DP Luke Geissbühler has perhaps one of the most diverse reels in the business today: he’s shot everything from the colorful Muppets movie, to the farcical Borat, to the stylized doc Helvetica, not to mention an insanely complex Chinese furniture store ad with OK GO who are known for today’s most visually innovative music video offerings.

After over 25 feature films, 20 documentaries, and a bunch of prominent commercials, he has plenty of advice to offer up-and-coming cinematographers. Check out this profile from KitSplit and read our takeaways below:

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5 Sweet Lens Effects You Can Create with Stuff from Home

Want to give your shots some interesting in-camera looks? Here are a few hacks you can pull off with stuff you probably have at home.

It can be tough giving your footage the look you want, especially when that look is distorted in some way. You can head into post and try your luck there, but you might end up spending more time and money than you anticipated. If you have a few lens tricks up your sleeve, though, you can tailor-make some really impressive effects in-camera in a fraction of the time for free. If that approach seems more up your alley, Ted Sim of Aputure’s A-Team provides a bunch of great ideas for creating interesting effects using free or cheap materials in the video below.

These tricks are great and can help you create some really cool effects, but I do have one word of caution: use a filter. I’m not a fan of putting substances directly on my lens, so if you’re going to use water, fog, or tape to create an effect, I highly recommend putting a filter on your lens first, because, you know, it’s cheaper to replace a filter with sticky tape adhesive all over it.

Here are the effects Ted mentions in the video:

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