Samantha Isler in First Trailer for Supernatural Thriller ‘Dig Two Graves’

Dig Two Graves Trailer

“How far would you go to bring someone back?” Area 23a has debuted a trailer for an indie horror titled Dig Two Graves, from director Hunter Adams, which has been waiting for distribution for years. This film premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival way back in 2014, but is just now getting released in theaters March 2017. Dig Two Graves is a supernatural thriller about a young girl’s obsession with her brother’s death which leads her on a nightmarish journey where she is faced with a deadly proposition to bring him back. Samantha Isler stars as the lead, with Ted Levine, Danny Goldring, Troy Ruptash, Rachael Drummond, Dean Evans and Bradley Grant Smith. This looks fairly creepy, and probably forgettable. ›››

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First Look at Woody Allen’s Next Movie ‘Wonder Wheel’

Woody Allen's next movie

Another period piece is coming our way from writer-director Woody Allen. We know little about his latest movie, titled Wonder Wheel, which is typical of Allen’s movies. Rarely are character and plot details shared early on. But we do know his latest film stars Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet, and Juno Temple and it takes place in the 1950s.

Below, check out the first photo from Woody Allen’s next movie.

Wonder Wheel is the famous Ferris wheel found in Coney Island. Allen spent three weeks there shooting last summer, making it his first time shooting there since Annie Hall. The Wonder Wheel does appear in that film. Allen’s story follows characters working on and around the boardwalk.

Allen’s latest co-stars Jim Belushi (According to Jim), Max Casella (Blue Valentine), and Steve Schirripa (The Sopranos). According to The Coney Island blog, Winslet plays a character “targeted by” by Tony Sirico‘s (The Sopranos) character. She ends up falling for Timberlake’s lifeguard.

Here’s a photo from Wonder Wheel (via Woody Allen Pages):

Woody Allen photo

Allen spent a good amount of time shooting the boardwalk and the city last summer. He joked with Page Six a little about recreating the period and locations:

This movie’s set in the ’50s, and we’re re-creating the Parachute Jump. Even sunny beaches. It’s no longer my job to have to run around and find that anymore. Today we live in the future. While I’m home, some nerd wearing glasses in an office with a computer turns dials and creates sunny beaches. Justin Timberlake, Jim Belushi, Juno Temple are in this. We’re filming in The Bronx and all over the city.

Allen’s 47th film is expected to come out this year. Over the past couple of years, his movies are often released during the summertime. Amazon released his last picture, the disappointing Cafe Society, last July. The distributor has a good relationship with Allen, after releasing his last Hollywood-set comedy and making his seriesCrisis in Six Scenes. According to THR, they spent $ 25 million to finance Wonder Wheel. Allen’s movies had a home at Sony Pictures Classics the last few years, but he apparently has struck up a fruitful partnership with Amazon.

While Allen’s movies have been more hit or miss the past decade or so, when he makes a hit, it’s usually quite special. When he misses, at least there’s still a few laughs. Let’s hope Wonder Wheel is another hit from the filmmaker.

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I’m Dying Up Here First Look as Show Gets SXSW Debut

I'm Dying Up Here First Look as Show Gets SXSW Debut

I’m Dying Up Here first look as show gets SXSW debut

Showtime will present the world premiere of its new one-hour drama series I’m Dying Up Here at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival on Wednesday, March 15 at 11:30 a.m. in the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. The world premiere will be immediately followed by a Q&A with the series’ cast and producers, including Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Treme), Ari Graynor (Bad Teacher), Andrew Santino (Mixology), Erik Griffin (Workaholics), Al Madrigal (The Daily Show) and executive producer Michael Aguilar. Check out the first photo in the gallery below!

That same afternoon and evening, Showtime will offer SXSW badge holders an I’m Dying Up Here experience at The Showtime House at Clive Bar on Rainey Street. The musical lineup will feature performances by LA-based artists, including Bleached, The Relationship (feat. Brian Bell of Weezer) and The Wild Reeds, and will be headlined by Nick Waterhouse and a ‘70s DJ set by Grandmaster Flash. The evening event will also be hosted by I’m Dying Up Here stars Leo, Graynor, Madrigal, Santino and Griffin. Showtime will also present a special Twin Peaks experience at The Showtime House on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17.

For the fifth consecutive year, the impact of the Showtime brand will be experienced through its official sponsorship of the multiplatform SXSW GO app, as well as the Festival’s shuttles and official canvas tote bag. Festival goers will be able to hop aboard an I’m Dying Up Here-branded bus, which will shuttle them from the Austin Convention Center to venues throughout the city for the duration of SXSW. The official SXSW GO mobile app, presented by Showtime, allows attendees to view, plan and share their schedule, network with others and navigate the convention on the ground. Platinum SXSW badge holders will also receive Showtime branded tote bags when they pick up their festival badges.

The new one-hour drama series I’m Dying Up Here kicks off the network’s summer lineup and will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, June 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The fictional series explores L.A.’s famed ‘70s stand-up comedy scene where the careers of legends such as David Letterman, Jay Leno and Richard Pryor were launched. The series delves into the inspired, damaged and complicated psyches of those who stand alone in front of an audience “dying” for fame, fortune and, with any luck, a shot on Johnny Carson. I’m Dying Up Here stars Melissa Leo, Ari Graynor,Michael Angarano (“The Knick”), Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine), Andrew Santino, Erik Griffin, RJ Cyler (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), Al Madrigal and Jake Lacy (Obvious Child) as part of a large ensemble cast.

This fictional group of competitive but close-knit comedians is mentored by “Goldie” (Leo), a brassy comedy club owner who rules over her business with an iron fist, but nurtures her comedians with tough love. For Goldie and her crew, there’s truly no such thing as an easy laugh. Recurring guest stars include Stephen Guarino (Happy Endings), Brianne Howey (Horrible Bosses 2), Jon Daly (Kroll Show), and Ginger Gonzaga (Togetherness). Guest stars include Emmy nominee Dylan Baker (The Good Wife), Oscar nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), Oscar nominee Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull), Emmy nominee Alfred Molina (Chocolat) and Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Martian).

Produced by Showtime, I’m Dying Up Here is created and executive produced by Dave Flebotte, and executive produced by Michael Aguilar and Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey, along with Christina Wayne for Endemol Shine Studios and Assembly Entertainment. The series is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by William Knoedelseder. The pilot was written by Flebotte and directed by Jonathan Levine.

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Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler Take on Casinos in First ‘The House’ Trailer

The House Trailer

“You wanna make money like Vegas, you gotta look like Vegas.” Warner Bros has unveiled a trailer for an upcoming comedy titled The House, where two parents decide to turn their home into an underground, illegal casino to make money to send their daughter to college. Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler star as the parents, with Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas, Allison Tolman, Ryan Simpkins, Sam Richardson, Rob Huebel and Michaela Watkins. This looks hilarious, probably one of my most anticipated comedies this year. The concept is original and fun, and Ferrell & Poehler are the perfect choice for this. Take a look. ›››

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Watch: First Full Trailer for Terrence Malick’s Music Film ‘Song to Song’

Song to Song Trailer

“We thought we could just roll and tumble, from song to song, kiss to kiss…” Broad Green Pictures has debuted the first official trailer and poster for Terrence Malick’s latest feature film, titled Song to Song, set in and filmed around the Austin, Texas music scene. This was filmed a few years ago around the same time as Knight of Cups, but took Malick years to finish editing and finalizing it. The main cast includes Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Rooney Mara, and Natalie Portman, as well as Haley Bennett and Cate Blanchett. Featuring Malick’s iconic sweeping, swooping, dreamy cinematography (from Emmanuel Lubezki), the film definitely captures the vibe and emotions of the Austin music scene. This actually looks pretty damn good – but most of Malick’s movies look great from the trailer. Still, you should check this out. ›››

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‘Fist Fight’: ‘Always Sunny’ Director on Shooting His First Feature with Comedy Giants

‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ director Richie Keen has moved into feature film territory with Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, and more.

In a high school overrun by lawless students, senior prank day doesn’t mean washable graffiti—it means all out war. And not just for the kids. Fist Fight focuses on what happens when two (very different) high school teachers both reach wits end. Charlie Day [Always Sunny, The Lego Movie] and Ice Cube [Friday, 21 Jump Street] are set to rumble at 3pm in the parking lot.

Based on the premise, it seems like a pretty unfair fight, and the makings for a very short movie. But what actually unfolds is the hilarious odyssey of Charlie Day’s complete mental breakdown. With on-point performances across the board, Fist Fight is the first laugh-out-loud studio comedy theaters have seen in a long time.

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First Teaser Trailers for Old School Practical Effects Horror ‘The Void’

The Void Teaser Trailer

“Indescribably horrific.” A short 30-second teaser trailer from the UK has arrived for a “horror event” film titled The Void, a throwback to old school practical effects and John Carpenter horror. The Void is co-directed by Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski (both from Canadian filmmaking collective Astron-6), and is a mind-bending sci-fi horror thriller about a small town overrun by some “otherworldly threat”. The cast includes Aaron Poole, Ellen Wong, Kathleen Munroe, Kenneth Welsh, and Daniel Fathers. Based on the marketing pitches, I’m certainly intrigued by this film. I just need to see more actual footage of these practical effects, but this teaser is a nice start. The scalpel in the eye scene is totally disgusting. Enjoy. ›››

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Bel Powley in First Trailer for Susan Johnson’s Adaptation ‘Carrie Pilby’

Carrie Pilby

“Life doesn’t always work out as we plan it.” The first official international trailer has debuted for the indie drama Carrie Pilby, an adaptation of Caren Lissner’s novel, directed by newcomer Susan Johnson. The film stars talented young actress Bel Powley in her next big follow-up to The Diary of a Teenage Girl, her break out role a few years ago. Powley plays Pilby, an uber intelligent young woman struggling to fit in. The cast includes Jason Ritter, Gabriel Bryne, Nathan Lane, and Vanessa Bayer. This premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year to mostly positive reviews. This looks like a charming, amusing, super smart comedy about figuring out how intelligence fits in to a dumb world. I want to see this, mostly for Bel Powley. ›››

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‘Planet of the Apps’ Trailer: Apple’s First TV Show Is Like ‘Shark Tank’ for IPhone Apps

Planet of the Apps Trailer

Apple is following Netflix and Amazon’s lead and is getting into original programming. The first two shows from the computer company will premiere later this year, which includes a series called Planet of the Apps, which looks to be Shark Tank for the iPhone app world. As a big Shark Tank fanatic and Apple fanboy, this seems right down my alley. See the first Planet of the Apps trailer embedded after the jump now.

Planet of the Apps Trailer

I like this idea but the celebrity involvement kind of worries me a bit. What makes Shark Tank so great is the knowledge and reaction of the “sharks,” who for the most part consist of real venture capital investors. But Apple has decided to focus the direction more towards star appeal that might relate to a more real world audience. On the show, Appl developers pitch their idea in an “escalator pitch” (which cleverly borrows the elevator pitch format and places it on a real moving escalator platform) to a bunch of people including, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.

Come on, they couldn’t get a real VC celebrity like Ashton Kutcher? Really? I’m sorry, I’m just not sure I am interested in what these or Jessica Alba have to say about app ideas. Thankfully Apple has included one real analyst on the panel, the outspoken Gary Vaynerchuk.

Hopefully, the escalator pitch format will prevent this series from going for the more elaborate displays that recent seasons of Shark Tank have favored. And I hope the also avoid the Shark Tank crutch of framing the pitches around the real life drama and backstory of the developers and instead focus more on the product.

What is fascinating about this show is that it seems to go beyond the deal, following a developer being mentored into a final pitch to a real venture capital firm and bringing the dream into a reality. Shark Tank tried launching a follow-up series called Beyond The Tank, but the whole thing felt like an over scripted infomercial. Hopefully, Apple will be able to avoid this.

Planet of the Apps is an exciting first television series for Apple as it strategically gets viewers interested in the final iPhone apps, which yes, makes Apple money. It does seem weird that this show will be aired as part of the Apple Music service.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series Trailer

An episodic adaptation Carpool Karaoke featuring prominent music artists paired with celebrities will premiere on the company’s Apple Music platform. Much like SNL, I’ll probably just wait until clips of the best moments hit youtube rather than watching this whole show. There is only so much Karaoke I can stand, even with celebrities and music acts.

Carpool Karaoke makes sense as part of the AppleMusic platform, but unless I’m missing the music angle I’m not sure why Planet of the Apps is going to be connected to the subscription music service. I’m betting that Apple plans to introduce a new service this year for their AppleTV hardware that will bring the rumored subscription to cable channels alongside Apple’s own original content.

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