Spec Script Deal: “Exposure”

Screen Gems acquires thriller spec script “Exposure” written by Peter A. Dowling. From Deadline:

A rookie African-American female cop in Detroit rounds the corner just as corrupt officers are murdering several drug dealers, an event captured by her body cam. They try to kill her, and she is hunted throughout the night by the narcs who are desperate to destroy the incriminating footage and also a criminal gang who have been told she did the killing.

Dowling is repped by APA and Industry Entertainment.

By my count, this is the 41st spec script deal in 2017.

There were 44 spec script deals year-to-date in 2016.

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How To Get a Proper Exposure When Shooting a Solar Eclipse (with Math!)

As the Solar Eclipse approaches, I figured this would be chance to flex some of the ideas I’ve been working on for a upcoming course on Exposure. Instead of an Exposure triangle, I will be looking at exposure as a path where each step gives us some control over how the image is exposed. So […]

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How to Create a Long Exposure Video Effect in After Effects

Pulling off long exposure photos is relatively easy, but doing so with video is another story.

One of the first still camera “tricks” you learn as a photographer is how to create light trails using long exposures. All you do is crank up your shutter speed to five or six seconds (or whatever works), adjust your aperture accordingly, and boom, you’ve got some nice light trails streaking all along some random freeway. But can you achieve the same effect with video? Totally, but you’ll need to head into post to do it.

Photographer/cinematographer Dan Marker-Moore, known for his iconic time-slices, created a video for Toyota that employs this interesting long exposure video effect, and in the tutorial below, he shows you how he did it using nothing more than standard Adobe After Effects tools—no plug-ins required.

And here is the completed ad for Toyota so you can see the effect in real-time:

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