Everything You Need to Know About Building a Drug Lab on the Cheap — For Your Movie

Need a seedy drug lab in your next movie? Build it yourself.

Looking back at when I first started filmmaking, I see that one of the most beneficial qualities I had was to never let myself get deterred by thoughts like “I can’t afford that” or “There is no way I’ll be able to do that with the tools I have access to.”

As an aspiring filmmaker, you have to be unstoppable, resourceful, think outside the box, and take risks. Figuring out new ways to create what you see in your imagination with minimal funding or resources will give you an upper hand when you finally get access to bigger/better resources, and it will challenge your creative mind in the ways you look at everyday objects.

Even the smallest details matter and can make or break an illusion.

One of my fondest memories is creating a beautiful drug lab for a little under $ 250. I was in high school at the time and barely had any money to cover the costs of my projects, but I had an extreme desire to make a fight scene inside of a drug lab for a short film. So my friends and I got together and we did.

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How a Movie Can Go Wrong (Even When It Had Everything Right)

James Ellroy’s novel “The Black Dahlia” is a fictionalized crime noir that launches from one of the most gruesome unsolved murders of old Los Angeles. Ellroy’s book is quintessential noir layered in a dark world of criminals, muscled confessions and crooked cops. No one is innocent in the pursuit of justice for the murder of […]

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Everything you need to know about the multiverse in ‘The Dark Tower’


If you like your fantasy worlds full of ominous black structures and universe-vomiting turtles, you’re probably going to enjoy The Dark Tower.

Chances are you’ve already seen the trailer. For anyone not familiar with Stephen King’s mighty eight-book series, though, you may be a bit fuzzy on some of the details. Where does the story take place, for instance? And what’s the significance of the tower?

From Mid-World to the sprawling concept of the Multiverse, we’ve broken down a few of the key points. Read more…

First, what actually is the Dark Tower?

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Spec Scripts

Free downloadable Go Into The Story eBook by Scott Myers.

Why am I smiling? Because today I’m making available to the public the 7th in a series of twelve monthly eBooks featuring some of my 22,000+ Go Into The Story posts. And it’s free! Just click on the link below to download an 50 page eBook titled: “Everything You Wanted to Know About Spec Scripts”.


Here are the twelve titles I will be releasing in 2017 (not necessarily in this order):

30 Things About Screenwriting

So-Called Screenwriting ‘Rules’

Everything You Wanted to Know About Specs

Guide to Aristotle’s “Poetics”

Character Types

How To Read A Screenplay

Writing A Script

Rewriting a Script

Movie Story Types

The Theology of Screenwriting

Writing and the Creative Life

The Business of Screenwriting

The idea is that having the content available as an eBook will be another useful way for writers to digest ideas and information from the blog.

Think of it as a kind Go Into The Story Greatest Hits collection.

Each will be free. Download them. Read them. Pass them along.

A very special thanks to Trish Curtin and Clay Mitchell who are stepping up to handle the process turning blog posts into eBooks. I could not be doing this without the efforts of these two fine people.

A final note excerpted from the eBook’s preface:

The collection contains my reflections and takes on basic tenets of the craft. If any of them resonate with you, great. If not, feel free to ignore them. Each writer needs to figure out their own approach to screenwriting. My hope is to help feed that process and provide writers with inspiration along the way.

For background on this series, go here.

For Volume 1: 30 Things About Screenwriting, go here.

For Volume 2: So-Called Screenwriting ‘Rules’, go here.

For Volume 3: Writing a Screenplay, go here.

For Volume 4: Rewriting a Screenplay, go here.

For Volume 5: A Screenwriter’s Guide to Aristotle’s “Poetics”, go here.

For Volume 6: A Screenwriter’s Guide to Reading a Screenplay, go here.

Spread the word, would you? And the download link.

Much more to come each month in 2017.


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Everything that’s totally wrong with that New York Times Brexit tour


Americans have developed a real obsession with Brexit, at least since they started seeing Nigel Farage popping up everywhere

Interest is so high that the New York Times (!) is now ‘offering’ an elite “Brexit means Brexit!” (sic) tour at the modest, totally affordable cost of $ 5,995 (with a deposit of $ 500). 

The six-day, five-night London tour is part of its “Times Journeys” travel service and it ‘offers’ guests the opportunity “to discuss Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the financial, legal and social implications for Britain, Europe and the world,” accompanied by the Times’ London bureau chief Steve Erlanger. Read more…

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Bill Murray’s releasing a classical album because nothing makes sense. Or maybe everything does.


Actor, comedian, and die-hard Cubs fan Bill Murray just found his next big project: conquering the music industry.

The New York Times reported that Murray plans to surprise fans by releasing a new musical album this summer. Will he be rapping? Singing unofficial American anthems in a Daffy Duck voice? Nope. For his musical debut, Murray will be performing classical

Didn’t see that one coming, huh?

Murray’s new project is titled “New Worlds,” and will feature chamber music led by cellist Jan Vogler. Throughout the album, the 66-year-old Groundhog Day star will sing songs like Stephen Foster’s “Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair,” numbers from West Side Story, and perform select literary readings by Walt Whitman, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain. Read more…

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Watch: Everything You Need to Know About the Most Important Rule in Filmmaking

The 180-degree rule is a basic but incredibly important filmmaking concept to understand

When we walk into a room, our brain perceives it three-dimensionally, seamlessly stitching our visual perceptions together. This means that when you’re attempting to render a three-dimensional space in two dimensions, such as on a movie screen, you must pay careful attention to the way in which the audience will perceive the space subconsciously. To avoid this disorienting of your audience and visually fracturing of your narrative, you must follow the most important rule in cinematography: the 180-degree rule.

A new video essay from Wolfcrow shows how to properly adhere to—or break—the 180-degree rule, depending on your intentions with the scene. (Of course, the 180-degree rule is only relevant if there are cuts in the scene; for single-shot scenes, it doesn’t apply.) The video covers how to shoot with the 180-degree rule, which bisects the set, for one-person, two-person, three-person, and four-or-more-person shots. It also details some great tips for action scenes and eye line-matching.

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‘Diablo 3’s next update is super creepy, gory, and everything else ‘Diablo’ is meant to be


Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls‘ will soon debut a new Necromancer class and two brand new zones, and they are everything that Diablo 3 should always have been.

This new content, that’s currently only available in a closed beta, will release as two sets of DLC at an unannounced date. There’ll be two free new zones within Act II of the game, and a paid “Rise of the Necromancer” pack that includes the new playable Necromancer class, two character slots, two stash tabs, and other cosmetics. 

From what we’ve played so far, the new content is every bit as satisfying and exciting as the Reaper of Souls expansion was when it released in 2014. Read more…

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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4: Everything We Learned from Star Wars Celebration 2017

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Panel

Straight from Star Wars Celebration, we have a bunch of updates on the upcoming fourth season of Star Wars Rebels, which has been confirmed to be the final season of the animated series on Disney XD.

Executive producer Dave Filoni appeared at the convention with cast members Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan), Taylor Gray (Ezra), Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Vanessa Marshall (Hera) and Steven Blum (Zeb) to talk about what’s in store for the reunited Ghost crew.

Find out everything we learned from the Star Wars Rebels season 4 panel after the jump.

The panel began things by talking about each of the members of the Ghost crew and what will be happening with each of them.

Star Wars Rebels

Hera Feels the Impact of Season 3 Losses

Voice actress Vanessa Marshall shared that Hera Syndulla still has the same agenda as before, but her focus is much more sharp, despite being rather impacted by the losses that the group experienced in the third season. Marshall went on:

“She is more focused and committed than ever to get the job done. It’s vital. It’s essential. Not that she was kidding earlier. I think [the Ghost crew members] are pressed to the very edges of their ability of what is put before them. And I think we’ll see that in season four.”

Thrawn really stuck into the Rebels last season, and knowing that this is the final season, now is the time for them to strike back, and Hera will be ready, becoming a General in the Rebel Alliance, just as she was referred to in Rogue One.

Star Wars Rebels

Zeb Becomes More of an Uncle

Steven Blum jokes that Zeb is “about 20% better at not losing Chopper in bets. Not because he likes Chopper more, just because he’s better at betting.” But more seriously, Blum notes:

“Zeb has become more of an uncle than a brother. He’s becoming more of a responsible citizen rather than being a tough muscle head. I’m looking forward to him making smarter remarks and better choices.”

Zeb has always been one of those characters that’s a little more rough around the edges, but the comparison to him becoming more like a cool uncle is an apt one. He won’t come down on Ezra in the same way that Kanan does, but he’s still one of his elders.

Star Wars Rebels

Chopper Isn’t Just a Grump

Dave Filoni mentioned that Chopper has gotten a little cocky now that he’s a bit of a movie star after appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Beyond that, Filoni indicated that the droid may be grumpy because he hasn’t really had much of an arc. The droid is feisty and grumpy, but the executive producer elaborated on how that will change a bit this season”

“Chopper doesn’t have an arc. He’s more of a reveal. You’ll learn more about him. When someone is that cantankerous, you’ll find that actually means they care the most. He has a bigger heart than you realize, because when the chips are down, he likes these guys.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Chopper shows the heart that lies within his gears in this final season.

Star Wars Rebels

Sabine Has Mandalorian Family Woes

Sabine is probably the most interesting character in Star Wars Rebels, and this final season will allow us to explore more of her complicated family. Voice actress Tiya Sircar was cautious about revealing too much of what’s in store this season when it comes to the Mandalorian family she has, but she said this:

“It will be surprising where we end up and – I’m very scared right now [to accidentally give away secrets] – who might show up.  There might be some new people you know, there might be some people you haven’t seen before. They might all be Mandalorian.”

There was a clear hint that the Mandalorian bounty hunter known as Boba Fett might make an appearance this season, which will be a real treat for fans. As for how Sabine develops this season, especially with regards to her Mandalorian family, Sircar also offered this tidbit:

“Sabine is in a new place this season. We saw her step into her own in a way we hadn’t sen before. We knew she was super capable, the epitome of this Mandalorian warrior who happens to also be this incredible creative artist. I don’t think we’d seen that dichotomy before. a complex woman wise behind her year. But she’s still a young lady with her own insecurities and trust issues. We’ve seen her grow and mature into this really capable adult. I think she’s gotten beyond those issues with this family, but she has all these other issues with this other family, and we’ll explore those in season 4.”

Star Wars Rebels

Kanan Is Blind, But Sees Better Than Ever

Now let’s get to one of our Jedi characters. Freddie Prinze Jr. says Kanan is still blind, but “he sees more than he has ever seen before. He knows what path these Rebels need to be on. It takes some time to figure it out, but once he figures it out, he has the certainty that you’ve seen in other Jedi before.”

Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about how the death of Obi-Wan Kenobi impacted him as a kid, making him hate Darth Vader. He didn’t make any winks or nods during this conversation, but I wonder if this was a hint that Kanan may not make it through the end of the season alive. That’s something we’ve assumed since all the Jedi are essentially gone by the time the original trilogy begins, so this wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer

What Kind of Jedi Will Ezra Become?

Finally, Kanan’s apprentice Ezra has gone through plenty of changes over the three season we’ve spent with him, and now he’s going through the part of his life where he has to decide not just what kind of Jedi he wants to be, what kind of person he wants to be.

Ezra has surpassed Kanan in some ways, as far as his Jedi powers are concerned, but since he’s still a young man, he still has struggles with his anger and faith that make his coming of age rather complicated. Even so, Taylor Gray says that Ezra will make some great decisions this season, presumably away from the dark side.

On the next page find out about Rogue One characters, a Star Wars Legends character entering canon, the return of Ahsoka Tano and more.

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