Superhero Bits: Venom Stunt Coordinators, Why Hellfire Club Didn’t Happen, Silk Rumor & More

Aquaman Poster

Which superhero stunt team has been hired to work on Venom? Which 1980s classic inspired the technology for Black Panther? Why didn’t the X-Men series Hellfire Club ever get off the ground? What’s Cable doing with a shopping cart of guns on the set of Deadpool 2? Which DC Comics superhero is the next to join Injustice 2? Which decade will Ant-Man and the Wasp flashback to? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Injustice 2 is introducing Ryan Choi as Atom, complete with the subatomic power of the quantum bio-belt.

The mech Batman suit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will make an appearance in Justice League.

Nike sent future Captain Marvel star Brie Larson her own custom pair of kicks inspired by the Marvel superhero.

Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment have teamed with AT&T to take over Times Square this weekend during NYCC

See some new Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite gameplay footage featuring new characters. Black Panther and Sigma.

Sony’s developing Venom movie has hired the stunt coordinators from Iron Man 3, Logan and The Avengers.

Aquaman Poster Batman Poster - Justice League

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new batch of character posters featuring the superheroes of Justice League.

The technology of Wakanda in Black Panther was partly inspired by the aesthetic and style of Blade Runner.

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Meet The Line-Up of The ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Reboot

mickey mouse club reboot

Meet the next generation’s Britney Spears or Ryan Gosling. Those stars were all part of the ’90s reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club, a Disney Channel entertainment space for aspiring singers, dancers, and performers. And yes, Ryan Gosling used to be a Disney star.

Now The Micky Mouse Club is getting a 21st century reboot as a digital program called Club Mickey Mouse. And the new line-up of kids could very well be the next pop culture icons (or indie movie darling).

Disney Digital announced the launch of Club Mickey Mouse as a “social-first” variety program for the digital age, which can be viewed on Instagram and Facebook through Facebook Anthology

Disney introduced its first class of “Mouseketeers,” which consist of eight “social influencers” — each of whom already have thousands more Instagram and Twitter followers than me — in a press release and the following video:

Here are Disney’s biographies of the stars of the Mickey Mouse Club reboot:

  • Regan Aliyah (@regan_ux) – Regan Aliyah, 18, is a fourth-generation entertainer, lyricist and MC. Drawing inspiration from the community around her, Regan prides herself on being a socially conscious artist and creator.
  • Jenna Alvarez (@jennazalvarez) – Jenna Alvarez, 15, has been dancing for most of her life and is an expert in ballet and hip hop. A promising young vocalist, Jenna is ready to share her talent with the world through “Club Mickey Mouse.”
  • Ky Baldwin (@iamkybaldwin) – Ky Baldwin, 16, moved from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles with his family to follow his dreams as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. With nearly 100 million views online, Ky’s music videos light up the hearts of his fans around the world.
  • Gabe De Guzman (@gabedofficial) – Gabe De Guzman, 16, is a professional dancer who has shared the stage with some of the biggest stars in music. After being bullied for his love of dance, Gabe hopes to inspire kids to always be true to themselves and do what they love.
  • Leanne Tessa Langston (@leannetessa_) – Leanne Tessa Langston, 17, is an aspiring singer, songwriter, and dancer. Leanne lends her unique lyrics and melodies to original tracks for “Club Mickey Mouse.”
  • Brianna Mazzola (@brianna.mazzola) – Brianna Mazzola, 17, brings her passion for music, dance, and acting to “Club Mickey Mouse.” Originally from Philadelphia, Brianna’s soulful voice makes her performances unforgettable.
  • Sean Oliu (@sean_oliu) – Sean Oliu, 15, is a multi-talented instrumentalist and vocalist. Inspired by the music of the 1950’s, Sean blends Rockabilly flair with pop music to create a new, fresh sound and style.
  • Will Simmons (@bigwillsimmons) – Will Simmons, 17, is a dancer and choreographer with iconic moves and an infectious spirit. Will has performed with legendary artists and shares his choreography experience with the Club.

Alongside group pictures of them, Disney has released side-by-side comparisons of the ’90s Mickey Mouse Club, which itself was a reboot of a 1955–1959 ABC variety show and a 1977 revival.

mickey mouse club then and now

Disney seems to be relying heavily on the legacy of the last iteration of The Mickey Mouse Club, which jumpstarted the careers of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling, all of whom can be seen on YouTube acting in hilarious skits and all kinds of embarrassing dance-offs.

Trust me, seeing a baby-faced Ryan Gosling try to sing and dance is a treat alongside future pop stars can’t be unseen.

The journey of the eight new mouseketeers will air constantly on social media. Viewers can follow Club Mickey Mouse starting on September 8.

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Eggs & Bacon: TDK, Pulp Fiction, Home Alone, Back to the Future, Fight Club

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! In this new series we will serve up some “easter eggs” and other little savory items you may have missed from your favorite films. Heath Ledger’s Joker from “The Dark Knight” wears a mask similar to the one worn by Cesar Romero’s Joker in his introductory appearance in the 1960’s […]

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Club Penguin has closed its doors forever and people got emotional AF


It’s been 12 years since Club Penguin opened its doors — and it was finally closed today for the last time. 

Club Penguin, a popular multiplayer game, was first launched on Miniclip before being bought over by Disney.

In its heyday, some 150 million people logged on to play and chat together in the community. 

On Thursday, ahead of its imminent death at 12 a.m. PT,  everyone logged on for the last time. Things got really emotional. 

Image: club penguin/screenshot



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How Walnuts and Chicken Carcasses Helped Make the Sound in ‘Fight Club’ Bloody Amazing

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Foley is one of the areas of filmmaking that piques the interest of people both inside and outside the industry, but despite this interest, its trade secrets remain largely clandestine. This can be frustrating for filmmakers who are designing the sound on their film themselves, but in this video essay from Film Radar, you get to learn how sound designers Ren Klyce and Richard Hymns approached David Fincher’s Fight Club to give depth, texture, and believability to its most bloody and vicious scenes.

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David Fincher is known for his strength in visual storytelling. Whether it’s Se7en, Zodiac, or The Social Network, his dark, frenetic imagery sets the tone for the entire film. There is perhaps no better example of this strength than Fincher’s 1999 cult classic, Fight Club.

There’s one key aspect of production, however, that you may have lost within the psychotic swirl of Fincher’s direction. But that may be because you were never supposed to notice it in the first place. As Film Radar put it in their latest video essay, “visuals are meant to stand out, but sound is different. By design, you’re not meant to notice sound, because good sound design is meant to be paired so perfectly with the visuals that the audience shouldn’t notice.” Good sound is what makes Fight Club such a brutal, unique, action film—and after watching the essay below, we have to agree.

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Celebrate All Things John Hughes At This Summer’s Shermer Club Festival in Chicago

If you loved the ’80s, you’ll have another chance to pop your collar and break out your stone-washed jean jacket this summer when a celebration of all things John Hughes hits the Chicago suburbs. The creators of last year’s Ferris Fest are at it again with an event they are calling The Shermer Club, in honor the fictional Shermer High, where many of the legendary writer/director’s characters attended school. The four-day fest is set to take place on June 22 to June 25 in and around Chicago, where Hughes filmed his classic movies back in the 1980s. Among the planned festivities are screenings of “The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles”, “Weird Science”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, all taking place at the John & Nancy Hughes Theater in Lake Forest. Many of the stars that Hughes worked with in these movies will also be in attendance for fan Q&A sessions. Andrew McCarthy (“Pretty in Pink”), Lea Thompson (“Some Kind of Wonderful”), Craig Sheffer (“Some Kind of Wonderful”), Ilan Mitchell-Smith (“Weird Science”), Cindy Pickett (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) and John Kapelos, who appeared in “Sixteen Candles”, “Weird Science” and famously played the janitor in “The..

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