8 Angry Severed Heads in Cinema!

Heads - Re- Animator

A look at 8 vital horror and fantasy films about angry and eerie severed heads

A few days ago we mused on a series of key horror and fantasy films that featured hands removed from appendages and then opted to take on lives of their own, exacting revenge, causing harm and generally raising all manner of murderous Hell. Tonight, we move up the torso to the source of all our sentient human power, the head. The noggin. The cranium. That bone shell that houses our spongy brain and that controls all our function and perception. The brain IS us. And when the head leaves the body…if it’s not a happy death and if the head in question doesn’t belong to a decent sort. Well…look out!

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Here then are our picks for the 8 greatest evil and/or annoyed or just plain freaky severed head horror and fantasy movies ever. Like all of these listy-thingies, our picks are subjective and we’re more than open to suggestions from you, dear readers, as to other key creepy craniums in arcane cinema we may have missed.

So wrap your head around this list, have a read below and discuss in the comments section!

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