Jennifer Lawrence asks Kim Kardashian about farting and virginity


Jennifer Lawrence’s latest career update: dogged celebrity gossip reporter.

The actress took over hosting duties on Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live where she interviewed her reality TV hero, Kim Kardashian West. (Lawrence is famously obsessed with the Kardashian family.)

And like a good gossip reporter should, Lawrence pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable to ask a celebrity about their personal lives. 

Topics include Reggie Bush, virginity, and whether or not Kim and Kanye fart in front of one another.  Read more…

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Cat bravely interrupts baseball game and basically asks for a spot on the team


When will cats finally break the feline barrier in baseball and get to play ball?

On Thursday, one cat decided to take matters into its own paws and ran onto the field of a Nippon Professional Baseball game in Yokohama station, Japan. The cat ran around and irrationally chased after the air like a true professional, because that’s just how cats get things done.

It’s obviously a growing desire in the cat world as just two days before, a stray cat had “wandered” onto the field of a Miami Marlins game. 

When will the world start seeing these cats for who we want them to be — baseball players in training — rather than who they technically are? Read more…

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‘Big Bang Theory’ co-creator asks Julian Assange to hack Donald Trump


When it comes to politics, entertainers have a vast platform and CBS television’s Chuck Lorre knows exactly how he wants to use it. 

The Mom creator used his show’s vanity cards — the production company logos that flash by at the end of an episode — to write an open letter encouraging Julian Assange to hack Trump where it hurts.

“The job’s only half-way done!” Lorre wrote, referencing Assange’s Wikileaks history and actions during the election. “You need to show us you’re not just another gun for hire and hose down the other mosh pit. You know what I’m talking about. The tax returns, the out-takes, maybe even some freaky-deaky-golden-leaky beauty pageant video action. Time to step up, J-man.” Read more…

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Watch: Video Essay on Scorsese Asks ‘Is God Watching in All His Films?’

Scorsese's God Watching in All His Films

Perfectly timed with release of latest religious epic directed by Martin Scorsese, titled Silence, which is slowly expanding to more theaters this month, is a video essay on religious themes in Scorsese’s films. Titled “God’s Point of View”, the video proposes the simple question: “Is God watching in all Marty’s films?” There is no narration, instead the video uses footage from almost every single Scorsese film to present the possibility that Scorsese always includes scenes in his film from the point-of-view of God. But how? And why? His focus is on the choice to shoot some scenes looking straight down at characters in times of their greatest struggle, accompanied by the music of Max Richter. A must watch for fans of Scorsese and cinema. ›››

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