Geoff Johns Says the DC Universe Films are 100% Connected

Geoff Johns Says the DC Universe Films are 100% Connected

Geoff Johns says the DC universe films are 100% connected

Last week, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson and chief creative officer Geoff Johns were interviewed by Vulture about the DC universe films and while they tried to clarify the plan moving forward for the films, there still was some confusion. The paragraph from the article in question goes as follows:

One of the centerpieces of this new, decentralized strategy is an as-yet-unnamed side label of occasional movies that are completely separate from everything else, set entirely outside the cinematic universe. Total stand-alones based on good ideas from big-name filmmakers. Movies that are just movies, not components of a larger piece of clockwork. The first one they’re talking about is a solo outing about supervillain the Joker, set to be directed and co-written by The Hangover and War Dogs alumnus Todd Phillips. Johns says they’ll be announcing the name of of this side label “soon-ish.”

Sites, such as ours, took this to mean that there will be the main DC universe films, such as the upcoming Justice LeagueAquamanWonder Woman 2, and so on, and there will also be a completely separate line of movies that will have nothing to do with those, such as the above-mentioned, Todd Phillips-directed Joker origin movie, to be produced to be produced by Martin Scorsese and Phillips.

While we still think that is the case, a fan asked Johns the following on Twitter: “Cinematic universe has only begun and you are already pulling the rug out from under it? Please keep the universe connected!”

Here’s Johns’ response:

Is he just talking about the main DC universe films or also this separate side label? We still don’t really know until they reveal their full plan post-Justice League. What are you hoping for? Do you want all the films to connect in some way, even if it’s just a little? Or do you think there should be the main DC universe films and then the side label that has nothing to do with the main films at all? Let us know your thoughts.

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Thrifty Nifty Fifties: 5 of the Best 50mm You Can Buy for Under $100

You don’t have to spend your entire paycheck to get a good lens.

If you’re a new filmmaker who doesn’t know much about lenses, you might be under the impression that the more a lens costs the better it is. This—is kind of true. I mean, advanced features and higher quality components demand more of your dollars, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a quality lens that can produce great images for a fraction of the price.

This is especially important to remember when purchasing your first lens, which most industry professionals would suggest should be a good ol’ nifty fifty, including photographer Kai Wong. He names five 50mm lenses that he considers to be the best in terms of sharpness, bokeh, and build quality in the video below—and video that basically becomes a budget filmmaker’s shopping list.

Here is the list of lenses Kai mentions in the video:

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Keep 100% of Your Stock Footage Profits With Videoblocks

Videoblocks is paving the way for 360/VR stock footage.

Just one year ago, Videoblocks decided to push their online marketplace forward with an emphasis on 360/VR video. Turns out that was a pretty good idea and they are now the largest marketplace for VR stock videos.

Consider the fact that unlike most stock footage libraries, Videoblocks lets the contributor keep 100% of the money from the product they sell. Clients pay a small membership fee, but contributors pay none. Just upload your footage and wait until someone pays for it. VR footage sells for $ 3.99 a video, that means $ 3.99 directly into your pocket.

Videoblocks also gave us advice on what sells in their marketplace. As far as stock footage, the things that sell best are nature, time-lapse, and 4k images. The purchasing rate for 4k footage alone has doubled in the past year. The best advice they gave was, “Make it authentic.”

No Film School’s complete coverage of NAB 2017 is brought to you by My RØDE Reel, Vimeo 360, and Blackmagic Design.

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‘Fate of the Furious’ Revs Engines, Looking at $100+ Million Opening Weekend

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: After bringing in $ 10.4 million in late night shows on Thursday night, Universals The Fate of the Furious brought in an estimated $ 46.5 million on Friday, heading toward a three-day weekend around $ 103.8 million. Additionally, the film began its international run on Wednesday and has since seen the largest opening day of all-time in Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Malaysia, Peru, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the…
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Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ Crosses $100 Million, But He Never Thought it Would Get Made

“Still, I wanted to make a movie that addressed the fact that we were not in a post racial world,” said Peele during his Reddit AMA.

Made for a budget of $ 5 million, Get Out crossed over the $ 100 million mark over this weekend, making Jordan Peele the first African-American director to have a debut feature film reach this milestone. But when he wrote the script, he never thought he would be able to make the movie.

In this Reddit AMA video, Peele reveals his surprise at getting the chance to make Get Out, offers advice to writers and filmmakers trying to make their first films, and educates us all about the existence of a college football player named Kobe Buffalomeat.

“Write your favorite movie that you haven’t seen. Don’t worry about whether it’s going to get made. Write something for yourself.”

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Saying This Word in the First 5 Seconds of Your Video Increases Views By Nearly 100%

A hint: YouTube.

In a sea of seemingly limitless online content, how can you ensure that your video rises above the fray? Apparently, we should all be taking cues from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, House of Cards, Austin Powers, and The Wolf of Wall Street—namely, films that break the fourth wall, or transgress the invisible barrier between the fictional narrative and, well, you.

According to a recent study, YouTube videos that contained the word “you” in the first five seconds had view counts that were 97% higher than videos that did not mention the word. The study, which was conducted by TubeBuddy and, analyzed 30,000 YouTube videos uploaded between April 1 and December 1, 2016. In order to be included, the videos had to have a minimum of 40 views and belong to YouTube channels with more than five uploads and 10 subscribers.

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‘The 100’ stars preview the end of the world


The 100 has spent three seasons exploring existence on a post-apocalyptic Earth, but with a nuclear meltdown imminent, things are about to get a whole lot messier in Season 4. (We’re just crossing our fingers that life doesn’t start imitating art.)

“We’re picking up directly where we left off,” star Eliza Taylor told reporters on a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “We’ve obviously just discovered that the world’s going to end, again, which is great — just another day on the ground. This whole season’s mostly based around how we’re going to deal with fighting an enemy that we can’t go to war with. So it’s going to prove very interesting.” Read more…

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