Very Cool Trailer for Vintage Time Travel Indie Comedy ‘Future ’38’

Future '38 Movie Trailer

“See you in 1938.” Let’s kick off the New Year by taking a time travel trip into 2018! A trailer has launched for a wacky little indie film titled Future ’38, a spoof of classic screwball comedies from the 1930s. The story involves a man being sent via time travel into the future, 80 years ahead to the year 2018, to help them figure out how to solve their problems in the past. Something about defeating Hitler, but then he falls for a young lady, and it all becomes a big mess. The film’s cast features Betty Gilpin, Nick Westrate, Ethan Phillips, Sean Young, Robert John Burke, and Ilana Becker, with an appearance by Neil deGrasse Tyson. This actually looks very fun! Yes, it’s super cheesy, but it seems like they nailed the tone and balance of humor and quirk and screwball-ness for a very amusing, entertaining little film. Might be worth a watch. ›››

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