Daily Dialogue — November 7, 2017

Tiffany: Walk across the room.
Pat: Can we do something else besides the dance deal?
Tiffany: Are you fucking kidding me?
Pat: I’m good with a hammer. You want me to fix something?
Tiffany: A deal is a deal.
Pat: I know, okay, I was just suggesting if there’s a better scenario.

Tiffany turns away from him.

Tiffany: Why don’t you… walk towards me like I’m Nikki. And the only way you can convey how much you missed me is by your walk, by your slow walk. You can’t talk, only walk.
Pat: No.
Tiffany: Do it.
Pat: It’s stupid.
Tiffany: No walk, no letter. Walk to me like I’m Nikki. Do it, come on, I’m Nikki.
Pat: You’re not Nikki.

Does the walk anyway.

Tiffany: Yes! Do you feel that? That’s emotion.
Pat: I don’t feel anything.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012), screenplay by David O. Russell, novel by Matthew Quick

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Competition [Non-Sports], suggested by Denise Garcia.

Trivia: It took five years and 25 rewrites before David O. Russell could direct it himself as Sydney Pollack told him it was tricky to have emotional, troubling, funny and romantic content mixed together.

Dialogue On Dialogue: There is the dance competition at the end of the movie, but there is also a competition between these two — who controls each interaction until the point at which they start to ‘work’ together as a couple.

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