2017 Award Season Screenplay Downloads

Get these PDFs now before the links disappear.

And thus begins the annual tradition wherein studios and production companies make public some of the year’s movie scripts as part of their For Your Consideration campaigns.

Here are the first three script download links for 2017 movies:

The Big Sick (Amazon)

Brad’s Status (Amazon)

The Lost City of Z (Amazon)

Many thanks to Wendy Jane Cohen who flagged these Amazon scripts. I began posting script download sites made available by studio and production companies 8 years ago, and Wendy has been a huge help in tracking them, even as she has been getting her MFA in screenwriting from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. So once again… thanks, Wendy!

Reading movie screenplays is absolutely critical to your development as a screenwriter. Along with watching movies and writing pages, it is a fundamental practice you should put into place. Make it a goal to read at least one movie script per week.

Where can you go to get access to many of the top movie scripts from 2017? Right here at Go Into The Story! And to learn when they first come online, follow me on Twitter: @GoIntoTheStory.

Reminder: These scripts are for educational purposes only.

NOTE: These links are temporary so my advice: Download the scripts NOW!!!

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