2017 Austin Film Festival: Scott Frank

A 3-part series of reflections on observations made by top Hollywood writer.

One of the panels I attended at the recent Austin Film Festival featured Scott Frank. Moderated by Craig Mazin, Frank — whose screenwriting credits include Dead Again, Little Man Tate, Malice, Out of Sight, Minority Report, Marley & Me, and Logan — delved deep into his creative and writing process. I thumbed my way through copious notes on my iPhone notes app. Over the past few days, I’ve done a series of reflections based on comments made by Frank during the talk.

Scott Frank

Part 1: “The first paragraph of a screenplay can tell you if they can write.
The first five pages can tell you if they have a voice.”

Part 2: “It has to come from character. I’m always going back to the people.”

Part 3: “You can’t be a writer if you’re not a reader.”

Twitter: @scottfrank.

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