Noob Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid as an Editor

Being a noob doesn’t mean you have to make noob mistakes.

Learning the craft of editing is a real challenge with so many opportunities to look like a complete and utter noob. For those of us who have ever worked professionally as an editor, we can all collectively wince as we think back unfondly at the countless mistakes we made in our early days, but for those of you who are new to editing, well, you just get to learn from our green-eyed blunders.

In this video, Vee from Aputure lists five common mistakes new editors make that you should definitely try to avoid, especially if the project you’re working on is for a paying client.

Before we get into it, let me clear some things up first. Yes, the host of the video is named Vee. Yes, Vee and I have the same name. Yes, I love f**king love that.

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