Zero Draft Thirty 2017 September Challenge: Day 13

One month. FADE IN to FADE OUT. Creativity meets Productivity.

Zero Draft Thirty: Day 13.

Write an entire draft of a script in September — FADE IN. FADE OUT. Or any sort of creative goal you have in front of you.

Feature length movie screenplay. Original TV pilot. Rewrite a current project. Break a story in prep. Generate a month’s worth of story concepts.

Whatever you feel will ratchet your creative ambitions into overdrive…


To download your very own Zero Draft Thirty calendar — created by Trish Curtin — and track your daily progress, click here.

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Today’s Writing Quote

“What does this character want and more importantly why do they want it? Those are what I look at as I’m writing dialogue.”

— Brad Ingelsby

Today’s Inspirational Video

Woodstock. 1969. Ten Years After. Alvin Lee. Rock out!

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Come back later to find out who is today’s Trumbo Award winner.

For background on how the Zero Draft Challenge came into being and what it is, go here, here, and here.

Now Zeronauts, Scamperers, Word Warriors, and Outlaws…


UPDATE: This goes out to every writer with a messy kitchen!

For that piece of wisdom, today’s Trumbo Award recipient is Rebecca Maslen Sapolsky!


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