Filmmaking Utility Belt: What Kinds of Supplies Should You Carry With You On Set?

Superheroes aren’t the only ones that have super sweet utility belts.

What is that one thing, and we all have that one thing, that you always need on set but never have (other than a bigger budget and another week of shooting)? It’s always some random tool or supply that easily gets overlooked when packing up the essentials, like a camera, tripod, and lights, but instead of getting frustrated about not having what you need on set, take a look at this video. In it, the team at The Film Look have listed a hodgepodge of supplies that you never think you need until you damn do. (They also show you a pretty cool and definitely not AV Club nerd utility belt setup in which to store all of your precious treasures.

The video lists a ton of essential supplies that you’ll want to keep on hand when working on set (especially if you’re a 1st AC) all of which can be kept in the handy-dandy OneTigris pouch mentioned in the video, which retails at about $ 17. You can fill that thing with the following items. (If you’re interested, the links to everything is listed in the video’s description.)

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