Watch: Breathtaking Short Film Dance Tribute to ‘Moonlight,’ Performed By Alvin Ailey

Alvin Ailey dancers have recreated the mise en scène of ‘Moonlight’ onstage.

Without question, Moonlight was one of our favorite films of 2016. Barry Jenkins’ sensitive direction, paired with nuanced portrayals by three different actors of the protagonist, Chiron, was a sight to behold. To say that Moonlight is an emotional journey is almost to undermine its power; Jenkins renders Chiron’s inner struggles cinematically in a manner almost unparalleled.

Now, Alvin Ailey has taken that emotion to the stage. Artistic director Robert Battle worked with Anna Rose Holmer, who directed last year’s The Fits, a stirring film about a school dance troupe, to bring the mise en scène of Moonlight to the stage. The three dancers, Jamar Roberts, Christopher Taylor, and Jeremy T. Villas, embody Chiron’s passage through time with evocative, poetic motion. Bathed in the film’s signature blue and purple hues, the dancers bring Moonlight‘s score, composed by Nicholas Britell, to life.

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